Lust…burning for sexual activity outside of marriage

Posted: October 3, 2015 in Uncategorized

Modern life is soaked with sexual images as entertainment chosen by free will of the people…songs..movies…pornography…all self-chosen to fill time.

God spoke these words to Hosea, an Old Testament prophet, regarding His thoughts which are so applicable to today since God is the same yesterday, today and into your tomorrow.

“My people, you are foolish because of too much pleasure and too much wine… Lusting or sex at pagan shrines has made you unfaithful to me, your God.” (Hosea 4:11,12)

Interestingly enough, the men are blamed even though women are filmed and participate: “…Your own daughters and daughters-in-law sell themselves for sex. But I won’t punish them. You men are to blame, because you go to prostitutes and offer sacrifices with them at pagan shrines. Your own foolishness will lead to your ruin.” (Hosea 4: 13-14) Men are called, Biblically, to be the head of their household in faith and worship. We are seeing, in this century, the results of men abandoning their posts as loyal husbands and fathers.

Let’s made a return to purity, worship and putting God before our unclean, unacceptable desires. Let’s exchange a burning desire to please the Lord as a living sacrifice, pure and holy in His sight. Our choices will have eternal consequence. Let’s all choose wisely.

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