Prophetic Dream of a Spiritually Dead Church = Warning to All

Posted: February 2, 2016 in Prophetic Dreams, Revelations and Prophecy

11-15-15 Prophetic Dream:

I’m the guest speaker/pastor of a church needed for 3 services. 8:00 and 9:30 go well. I’m preaching the Word of God. Crowd listens and receives. There is praise music and prayer.

Then the 11:00 crowd files in. They are loud and restless. At a church service but not focused on God, just themselves. Loud, thumpy music has crowd out of their seats and gyrating. I’m puzzled. What I going on here? Why? I even call a young man to the front and gently chide him for doing 3 double backflips to a cheering crowd. It is clear he wants all the attention to be focused on him. Me: “You’re here to honor God, not show of your own skills, okay?” He doesn’t listen.

I wait to preach God’s word, but so much else is in the service. I keep waiting and waiting for them to want the word o God. I even have time to leave the service and go outside the sanctuary and chat awhile since I’m just waiting. I know time is slipping by, but when I go back in, there is now questions and answers about jobs and making money.

This thought at wakeup from Holy Spirit: “There’s no worship here. Only people gathered in a church building. No opportunity is given to preach.” I am broken-hearted for them — their worldliness. Their bodies are present, but that’s all.


I believe the earlier church services represent the earlier times of worship in America where the word of God was preached in power and truth and God’s people ran to meet with him in his house of prayer and gospel.

The 11:00 service represents the modern worship experience where much worldliness has replaced a holy, reverent worship of the Lord. The Laodician church of Revelation who does not even realize that they are poor, blind and naked spiritually since they are so focused on the thing of this earth.

My note: If you are not at a church focused on Jesus’s atonement on the cross, God the father and Holy Spirit’s working today, then RUN FOR THE EXITS! God is coming for a spotless bride within the church body for his beloved son, Jesus…very soon. Don’t let any church body or religious spirit get in the way of right relationship with the lover of your soul: Yeshua/Jesus. If alter calls for salvation are not being made…LEAVE. If bringing souls into God’s kingdom is not of utmost importance: FLEE. One day soon, we must all stand in front of Father God individually and account for how we spent our time on this earth to further his son’s kingdom. It won’t matter which church building you attended or who your pastor was at that point. YOU WILL GIVE ACCOUNT. I pray you will stay very, very close to Jesus in these perilous times.


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