Prophetic Dream: There is being a room prepared for you in a heavenly Mansion even as trouble encroaches

Posted: February 7, 2016 in Prophetic Dreams, Revelations and Prophecy

This might be the time to relate another dream as I found it very hopeful personally, but believe it has a wider message for the remnant. (from 12/14/15 as Hanukkah ends)
-I am being given a ride “home” to a house at the end of a street (not my real home). We slow down as a large mansion appears to my right (I am the passenger). It has an unusual wooden arched double door like you would have seen in mansions of England long ago that caught my eye. I ask the driver if we can stop for a tour. It is huge inside with multicolor polished marble floors. I’m guided through rooms where I would exclaim, “my grandma had that sort of flocked wallpaper and golden swag lamps. Strikes me as old fashioned, but I tell the guide, “I wouldn’t change a thing!”

I met the Holy Spirit at the end who told me that Muslim persecution is coming to America, but not time to tell the rest. So I won’t here. But — he then told me that this was William Wilberforce’s mansion. That he was a man with 65 children so he needed this large house. In the dream, my response was that I have 4 children and 12 would be a lot. I wondered if he was a polygamist or something. I wake up at 5:45 a.m.

I then researched the owner since I had no idea if he was even real. Turns out he was a staunch British evangelical Christian to lived from 1759-1833. He was active in reformation of morals and opposed degeneracy, excessive drinking, blasphemy, cursing, lewdness, racial prejudice and called Hinduism “mean, licentious and cruel” especially for its caste system. Readers can help me interpret, but I believe that their is room in a mansion awaiting believers (the remnant) who are out-spoken for Jesus and on-fire for God and what matters most to His heart. p.s. Later Holy Spirit guided me to knowledge that I am the one with 65 children. I have made exactly 65 whimsical teacher jumpers over my 28 year career loving public school children, being Jesus’s hands and feet to “the least of these.” GOD KNOWS ALL THESE DETAILS OF YOUR SERVICE. ONLY HE KNOWS I COUNTED THEM ONE TIME AND WHAT THAT TOTAL WAS. HE SEES ALL OF US INDIVIDUALLY. I hope this encourages any of you who need to know how much God loves all your efforts on His behalf.


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