On the eve of my 55th birthday today, when I thought perhaps a gift in the spirit would come from my loving heavenly father on Passover, I was instead led by Holy Spirit to this website where I read first person accounts from a variety of believers from Asia, Ecuador and Korea about visits to both hell and heaven. I instead sat riveted with conviction that I need to repent — of not tithing enough (stealing from the Lord), not keeping all of Sunday holy and not being completely forgiving…only partially in my own strength. Instead of going to sleep, I sat riveted and convicted…There is only a short amount of time to change course to the narrow road that leads to heaven and stay off the broad path that leads to hell. I will be posting some of these accounts here.

Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

By the special grace of God, I came across My Trip to Heaven testimony
the gospel of Jesus Christ some years back. While confessing my sins on my knees in prayers, pleading for forgiveness with faith in the BLOOD of Jesus Christ, Jesus showed me mercy and saved my soul (I became born again). I pressed forward in prayers; He sanctified my soul and later baptized me with the Holy Spirit and fire.

On Thursday, July 30, 2015, I heard an audible voice that said to me, “You will embark on a journey from which you might either return or not.” This happened right in the Tabernacle while I was praying on my knees, just immediately after the Faith Clinic by my District Superintendent (DS) during the Worker’s Conference that preceded the recently concluded annual camp meeting of The Apostolic Faith Church at Faith City, Igbesa, Ogun State, Nigeria. Thereafter, I began to have some…

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