23 MINUTES IN HELL – Testimony of Bill Wiese:”HELL IS REAL – TELL THEM.” I said, “Lord why did You send me to this place? Why did you send me here?” He said to me “Because people do not believe that this place exists.” He said “Even some of my own people do not believe this place is real.” I was shocked at that statement. I thought every Christian has got to believe in Hell. But not everyone believes in a literal burning Hell. I said Lord “why did you pick me?” He said to me, “Go tell them that I hate this place, that it’s not my desire for one of my creation to go to this place, not one! I never made this for man. This was made for the devil and his angels. You have to go and tell them! I’ve given you a mouth, you go and tell them.”

Posted: March 8, 2017 in Hell and Heaven are both real places. Your earthly choices determine your eternal destination!, People who follow the Lord - Biographies, Books and Websites, Prophetic Dreams, Revelations and Prophecy

Christ is Coming, Prepare to Meet the Lord

You’re going to read the experience of Hell, bill-wiese-testimony-of-hell
and you’re going to hear a vision of intimacy with Jesus Christ and the love He has for this whole world. Bill was in Hell. He wasn’t a casual observer, as so many people have been in legitimate visions, but He experienced the torments of Hell.
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Bill’s wife Annette speaking –> “It was about 3:23am when I woke up. I just remember that because I looked at our digital clock, and I noticed Bill was not next to me, and I heard screaming coming from our living room. I proceeded to go down the hallway. I found my husband in a way I’d never seen him before. If anyone gets to know Bill, he’s very conservative by nature, very calm, and a professional man. I saw him there traumatized, literally traumatized holding his skull, holding his head…

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