Dream today by B. Juelsguaard Fischer: The Celebration † His Kingdom Prophecy. This is a good picture of the enemy being willing to stop at nothing to destroy all those who oppose him and his plans to overthrow the Kingdom of God through deception and every other tool he possesses. God is warning us to the possibilities and giving us examples of the extremes the enemy will go to. Deception abounds. Warning!

Posted: April 1, 2017 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Bride of Jesus Instructions: An "Event" Approaches, God's Power Breaks Chains, Hell and Heaven are both real places, Holy Spirit speaks truth today, People who follow the Lord - Biographies, Books and Websites = Holy Spirit's Fire of Truth, Prophetic Dreams, Revelations and Prophecy

I had a dream this morning regarding the Church, what is in it, and our relationship with the LORD. Source: Dream: The Celebration † His Kingdom Prophecy –

Scene 1

I’m looking at a vast meadow in front of an enormous castle that’s in the background.  There are many people there for a huge celebration.  They are divided into two groups.  It looks like there is a wide area like a path or aisle going down the middle between the two groups.

There are poles with colorful flags / banners and people walking about in gowns and other clothes, most of the men are covered by cloaks, all very colorful.  Small tents are towards the back of the meadow with people gathered about them as well and a gigantic forest beyond the tents.

It is as if I’m at a medieval event of games such as jousting or sword fighting.  I can hear people laughing, talking and joking.  I can feel the expectancy in the air.  I’m expecting a knight to come out of a tent in the back at any moment and get on his horse to come entertain the gathering.

It gets quiet and a group of women and men come into the back of the area from the forest.  All of these men and women are also wearing cloaks, and I can hear the music getting ready to play for them.

Suddenly the cloaks are cast off.  What appears underneath for all to see is that every person is dressed in black.  They have on masks, and the women put on tall pointy hats that are also black, with black veils.

These men and women begin to dance up through the middle of the two groups.  First the dance is nameless and faceless, but then it becomes perverted in its words, music, and actions.

The area between the groups widens even more.  On the “dark” side, some of the people are standing quietly, as if in a stupor or state of confusion about what is going on before them.  Some of the others in this same group begin to quietly, sway with the music.

Then as the music becomes louder they begin to clap and cheer for the performance they are seeing before them, as they are pulled into it by the music, cheering, dancing, and encouragement of the others in the group.  Then some of those who had been standing in a stupor on that half of the celebration begin to be lured into the cheering and dancing as well.

At first the group on the other half of the division in the meadow, see the group from the forest, come in to perform.

But when the cloaks come off and the black garb and veils appear I can hear people shrieking and screaming, horrified at what they see before them.  Some of the men begin to draw swords and others stand ready to do, whatever needs to be done, to stop what they are seeing.

Scene 2

I can see people lined up in front of the two groups with a man dressed as someone who would lead a large group.  He’s wearing a long white garment, with a tall hat.  Both have gold embroidery on them.  He is older, with stringy short white hair peeking out beneath his hat in disarray.  He is just standing there waiting.

Then a woman comes up between the two groups dressed in a beautiful white gown.  Her face is radiantly shining and she appears to be so happy, as she literally glides forward.  She is the bride.

She gets to the front and waits as she and the leader are the only two standing there.  The leader moves closer to her.  From underneath the folds of the garment he is wearing he pulls out a knife and stabs the bride twice on her right side.

The first stab is high near her collar bone and then another, about three inches directly underneath it.  He then drops the knife and runs.

The crowd that is watching on the “dark” half of the meadow cheers and shouts, like they think this is part of a game.  The crowd on the other side gasps and loud screams are heard over the horror they are watching unfold before them.

Suddenly the groom comes forward and catches the bride before she falls to the ground.  He speaks, “LIFE” to her and pulls the knife out of its last attempt to kill her.  The bride immediately stands and all is well for her.

Those who were cheering begin to run willy-nilly in confusion and some are bumping into each other.  Fear is rampant on this half of the meadow, as they try to escape.

The groom’s cloak comes off and he is shining like the Son.  Cloaks of the other men in the group also come off and the radiance that beams from the Son and their armor is so bright, many are blinded on the opposite side.

There is further chaos as those from the “dark” side, who are trying to leave. (continues in link)


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