Wednesday, June 22, 2016

You are the Ones that I will use in the Last Harvest

6-21 and 6-22-16

My bride that is reading and listening to this very message are the ones that I will use in the last harvest.
Are you not the ones seeking Me?
Are you not the ones longing for Me?
Are you not the ones watching for My return?
Are you not the ones that I have chosen for this hour?
Yes there are others who will not read or hear this message who I will use in the last harvest also.
Please understand what I AM saying. ALL of My bride reading or hearing this message WILL be used!
This is surprising some of you, others know, for I have already revealed it to them. Some would say “Who am I?” but I would ask them ” Do you know who I AM?” I AM strong in your weakness. It is when you are broken and humble that I become mighty among you. I tell you that you all will be broken and humbled when “the event” comes.
You will believe what I say for there will be no other way but Mine to live. I will open doors that no man can shut and close doors that no man can open. In My name you will walk through the fire and not be burned and rescue those in need. You will heal those infected by incurable diseases. You will walk through the aftermath of tremendous destruction in catastrophic conditions and I will speak to you to raise some from the dead out of the rubble. You will drive out demons and take authority over the fallen ones that are called aliens. They will submit in My name (Jesus) for My name is the highest of all names. You will speak in My name and before your eyes I will grow new limbs, the blind will see, the deaf will hear and the lame will walk. All of your own sicknesses and ailments will be cured also. When there is no food or water you will pray to Me and I will provide abundantly for all who are in need. When there is no means of transportation, I will provide that too, it may be in a vehicle and it may not. You will perform miracles never before seen on this earth as you will need them for this very late and very dark hour. My hedge of protection encompasses you and My holy angels surround your dwelling. My blood has taken away your sin and you are holy, spotless and without wrinkle, for you have put off the sinful deeds and desires of this world.
The results of My bride’s work is beyond the comprehension of your fleshly mind. Soon that will be changed too, and you will have a glorified mind to go along with your glorified body. It is occurring even now, have you noticed?
The more time that you spend in the holy place and especially the holy of holies with me, the more you will be transformed. Press in through the veil.
I do not wait for the enemy before I start My work, he reacts to Me always. I AM always one step ahead of the kingdom of darkness. Have I not revealed these things to My servants the prophets? All who have My Holy Spirit will know that these words are truth.
There are only three things that can keep all of this from manifesting in your lives.
These are fear, doubt and unbelief.
Pray to Me and I will give you My supernatural faith so that you will believe.
Once again My bride, after the final harvest I come for you!
Your beloved Jesus

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