6 Year anniversary of my bride translation experience to glorified body on 6/23/11+ “I See the Weary Bride of Christ” † His Kingdom Prophecy

Posted: June 22, 2017 in People who follow the Lord - Biographies, Books and Websites = Holy Spirit's Fire of Truth, Warrior Bride of Jesus: Instructions

6 years ago tomorrow, God in his grace and mercy, allowed me to experience what will be the bride’s translation experience to a glorified body, on my son’s 5th birthday. He will turn 11 tomorrow….5/11….grace and the prophetic. I thought I was awake, but was instead dreaming on my prayer couch. Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, I was like a white/shimmering person and rose up through the ceiling, pausing upstairs in bedroom before continuing up through the ceiling and into the heavenlies. I have awaited the actual event since then.

From Deborah Waldron Fry: I see the weary Bride of Christ.  She has sunk down to the floor in despair.  Her tears won’t stop flowing.

Suddenly, there is a stirring in the atmosphere. A Glorious Presence has come and the enemy has fled. The Bride opens her eyes. The floor she is laying on is like transparent gold.

A nail scarred Hand is taking her by the hand and lifting her up. She did not realize that she had gone beyond the Veil. The New and Living Way has been opened up to her.

The Bridegroom Himself has carried her here. God has raised her up with Him and seated her beside Him in heavenly places. The veil has been removed from her eyes.

She is now seeing with eyes of the Spirit. She sees she is clothed with the Brightness of His Glory. A Righteous Robe of brilliant Pure White. Like her Beloved, there is now Fire in her eyes.

Never again shall the evil one steal her joy. She knows now that she is loved without limits. She is her Beloved’s and He is hers. Never again shall she agree with anyone but Her Great Love and His Word.

Source: I See the Weary Bride of Christ † His Kingdom Prophecy


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