Prophetic Warning: Economy & approaching Technology Crash & Severe Drought & Storms from Ken Dewey @ † His Kingdom Prophecy

Posted: September 2, 2017 in Disasters foretold as Jesus' return approaches, People who follow the Lord - Biographies, Books and Websites, Technology misused for evil; censoring truth, EMP revelations

Read about “technology failing see the worthless junk. Piles of worthless junk….. Technology that will not deliver them…. from the wind and dust. Dry windswept landscape, see their ruin. They once thought: Who is greater than I? Now stripped down to nothing, holding worthless technology devices [that will not work for lack of power]!” word from God to Ken Dewey. Continue reading full warning @

Source: Economy & Technology Crash & Severe Drought & Storms † His Kingdom Prophecy

Note: Prophets have been receiving warnings from God all-merciful that technological devices will fail due to coming power outages, war and judgment. As a teacher, working with children for 30 years, I have noticed that technology is highly addictive like alcohol and nicotine, yet no one seems to talk about this. I go to church and people are not participating in praise and worship; they are on their devices as if the God of the universe does not see them and view their hearts towards Him. People are acting foolish and deceived…wasting so much time that cannot be recovered..not working for God’s kingdom and the harvest of souls. Oh will we all be humbled when cars do not work, the lights go out and we return to “unenlightened” times. God will not be mocked. Our technology has become like idol worship of old. We love our toys more than God.

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