God’s spirit says, “Know that your choices in the short days ahead will forge your destiny to either everlasting life with Me, or everlasting shame and contempt. Therefore, choose wisely My little ones.”

Posted: November 11, 2017 in Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, Prophetic Dreams, Revelations and Prophecy, Watch always. "Keep your lamp full of oil and wick trimmed."

On America’s Veterans Day, 11/11, I would like to remind all peoples of the earth of the spoken word of God’s Holy Spirit to me: “Fill your lamps with oil and keep your wick trimmed.” This speaks of continual readiness and holiness, constantly choosing God over the world. Being ready to serve him and follow Holy Spirit’s leading…turning away from the sinful distractions and activities the world claims is important.  If your wick is indeed lit, you will burn with the desire to see soul’s saved and brought into God’s kingdom, captives of the enemy set free, sicknesses healed and be hearing from Holy Spirit your directions for walking God’s highway of holiness. At the end of all things, you will have spent your time wisely on this planet if God calls you “friend” and sons and daughters of the Most High, I AM.

Here’s the prophetic word Holy Spirit gave Kevin Barret a couple of years ago about seeking His cleansing fires:

Word from the Lord:

To My chosen ones, I call you all today to come out from among ALL that is unclean. All, that is not of Me and My Spirit. Listen to Me well, My faithful ones. Soon there will be great changes in the atmospheres of both the physical and the spiritual. And, I do not want you caught up in the gross darkness that shall soon cover the earth.

Therefore, I say to you; call out to Me and get into My presence on a daily basis. Allow Me to cleanse you from all filth and corruption of flesh and the world. Oh, do you not know that these are the last days in which all must choose between either the world and its darkness, or My kingdom and its light? So I say to you, choose well this day. Choose My kingdom, and I shall do great wonders in the midst of you and through you.

I love you all, dearest ones. Therefore, come unto Me this day and cry out for my judgments. Yes, it is true that My judgments are not always pleasant. However, My judgments to you are redemptive in nature and for your own righteousness sake.

Soon, I will pour out My Spirit of cleansing, and those who do not choose to yield to my cleansing judgments shall endure great anguish. But for you, My chosen ones, this shall not be so. For your righteousness shall shine forth as the sun after you have allowed my refining fires to cleanse you and make you whole.

I love you, My faithful ones. So heed this word of Mine this day and cry out for my refining fires. Surely I will hear your heart’s cry and will gladly pour out My Spirit of burning upon you. And I shall burn all the dross and corruption from you and you shall reflect My holiness. Not the pretend holiness as taught by the false teachers and prophets. No, for in this true holiness, you shall reflect Me and My righteousness. For does not my word proclaim that you must be holy as I am holy? So then, ask of this refining fire and surely I shall not withhold it from you. For it is My desire that you be holy just as I am holy.

Now then, for those who read this word and shrink back at this; know that I will not take any pleasure in your shrinking back. And know this; those who do not choose My highway of holiness in these last days shall NOT be able to endure what is coming upon the earth. For this gross darkness is not like anything ever known to man even unto to this day. Yes, the last days will be just like the days of Noah. However, this is the last days where both evil and good have reached their climax. Therefore, both evil and good in these last days shall far surpass anything else up until this time.

So then, I cry out to you all who would shrink back at the thought of my refining fires, and I say to you; consider your ways. Is this present evil age worth forfeiting your eternal life with Me? I think not? Therefore, carefully weigh your choices in these last days. Do they lead you to repentance and righteousness unto Me, or do they pull you further into the world and its ways?

I love you all, My little ones. So choose carefully this day in whom you shall serve; Me, or your selfish ways and this world. Do not forget these words of Mine and know that your choices in the short days ahead will forge your destiny to either everlasting life with Me, or everlasting shame and contempt. Therefore, choose wisely My little ones.

End of prophetic word…

Much love to you all…

Your brother in Christ,

Kevin B.

Opportunity this season. – Kevin Barret

November 10, 2017
Dear Saints,

Out of a deep concern for all my brothers and sisters in Christ, I must share what is weighing heavily on my heart. I need to share this and pray that you all take this warning and exhortation very serious.

I understand that there are many prophetic voices out there speaking of a great move of God coming. However, very few know or will voice the importance of our response to this season we have entered. Unfortunately, the church at large is not following the true Spirit of God, and as a result, are not following the cloud by day and fire by night into our promised land. Many are following the false teachers and prophets of the last days which we have been warned about over and over in scriptures. And as a result, few are listening to and following the true Shepherd. Hence, most of the church hasn’t even heard the call to come out and meet the Bridegroom.

And so, this is what I wish to share. Don’t miss out on this call to come out (come out of heart fellowship with the world and all that is unclean) and don’t neglect your responsibility. When Jesus gave the parable of the ten virgins with five wise and five foolish, He didn’t use those numbers in order to say that half of believers will enter in. No, He used the number ten because the biblical number ten represents our responsibility. (see here: http://asis.com/users/stag/godcount.html) And the number five represents God’s grace. So, the numbers “ten” and “five” in this parable shows us that we are prepared (purified and filled with the oil of His presence/anointing) by His grace through us doing our part that we are responsible for.

Beware of the false teachings of God’s grace which claim that He does everything alone. There’s a famous quote among Christian circles that goes like this: “Grace plus anything else is not grace”. These teachings are false teachings that cause God’s people to live in only a form of Godliness, but without the power of God to be set free from sin and become truly righteous and holy. (2 Tim. 3:5)

The true grace of God can also be called “His divine empowerment”. Thus, He divinely empowers us to overcome sin and the flesh, walk uprightly, and accomplish His will for our lives. Hence, God’s grace is synergistic and interactive, not unilateral. It is true that it is only by His power and might, yet we must be in agreement, obedient, and responsive to His grace.

And so, I wish to reiterate the last two prophetic words I posted from my dear friend and pastor. The call to the ten virgins has gone out. It’s time to wake up and prepare ourselves to meet the Bridegroom. And the way we do this is by getting into the presence of God and allowing Him to purge and purify us with His cleansing fires. The season for this is NOW.

A couple of years ago I posted a word from the Lord telling us to seek His presence and ask for His refining fires. Since we have now entered that season of burning (coming out), I wish to share this word with you all again. And I share this prophetic word along with this warning to not miss out on your opportunity to come out and prepare yourself to meet the Bridegroom. Unfortunately, most will miss out because of the false teachings and misconceptions of scripture. Therefore, please, please take this warning and exhortation serious and do your part in preparing to meet the Bridegroom. You truly don’t want to be one of the foolish virgins who try to prepare while the wise go in with the Bridegroom, and then the door is shut. Now is t


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