January 23, 2018

Daughter, write these words down.

“Are you ready now to believe I will do what I said I would do? You have mocked Me far too long. I am a God who vindicates My children. Each time you mocked and scoffed that the warnings My prophets, watchmen, servants and messengers put out you were mocking Me!!! YOU WILL MOCK AND LAUGH NO MORE!!!

“I WILL NO LONGER BE MOCKED nor will they call me a “MYTH”. I am alive, I live, I breathe and Besides Me, there is NO other! Pray that you are counted worthy to escape what is coming to the earth. The clock struck twelve and down she fell. The great shaking has begun. Like a house of cards, she will fall—one event after the other. O’sleeper wipe the salve off your eyes!


This is only the beginning of what is in store as I bring you to your knees. Children, you are defiant and in enmity with Me. You have left Me no choice so now I will break you in two and force you to see you are nothing without Me.

I will allow the enemy to go forth against you and I will also bring forth more of My judgments not manipulated by man. You forgot, children, that the beginning of wisdom is to Fear Me. Do you think I AM will sit idly by as you commit more evil, more spiritual sins, allow more of My little ones, My babies to be slaughtered?

The church has NO POWER in and of itself. You go to buildings built on sand, never truly seeking Me. Those who are true to Me do not frequent your entertainment, your banquet halls, your false worship, your false doctrinal teachings.

I have a few smaller churches that are assigned to carry out My Will. They will be places of refuge but the others I will put asunder. You pay homage to sensationalism; idolizing men that have picked your pockets and taught you to go against living by My commands. The time is coming and you will watch as you see them fall. Many of your smaller churches that man established were NOT called by Me to do so. Your days of idolizing men over Me are soon to be a thing of the past. It is only then you will see I am the way to everlasting life. They are the way to everlasting torment. EVERYTHING NOT OF ME I am about to destroy and tear down once and for all. Tell me child now, where will you run? Do you think your charlatans will save you? Do you think they will feed you? Children, famine is coming! These charlatans never fed My flock so do you really believe they will care for you in the darkest times ever that are coming upon this nation?

The places of refuge I have assigned are there to welcome you in and you will know they were called and chosen by Me. I AM is merciful and have placed them in strategic areas for this time. There will be homes also that have been prepared as sanctuaries.

I tell you now children, there is much more coming in the near future. You are UNPREPARED because you didn’t keep watch, didn’t heed the warnings. You enjoyed laughing at My Words. Now I will laugh at your calamity!

As your Father, I must “chasten” those I love and I have always loved My creation. Most of My children have decided they do not need Me, that they are in charge of their lives. YOU ARE FOOLS CHILDREN. YOU ARE FOOLS I SAY!!! My Son paid the price! You are bought with a price; your life is NOT your own!! HE IS NOT A MYTH!!! Free will was given BUT NOT as a tool to think you could become “gods.” The worship of “self” is prevalent in society—the elevation of “self” to unprecedented levels. Each of you I have put your unique DNA in. Do you not know no two persons will ever have the same fingerprints? I CREATED YOU! I AM SOVEREIGN OVER ALL!! All of nature and all creatures bow to Me. You are as one grain of sand. The hairs on your head are numbered. I placed you here—you DID NOT CREATE yourselves!! Your love of “self” is merely PRIDE and pride only brings with it destruction.

This nation runs on “self-love”, Pride. Asatan has you deceived thinking you can overtake Me, you will become “gods”, one with the universe as he gets you to willingly drink blood and modify your DNA through various means. How many of My children have already willingly taken the RFID chip? Now asatan is pushing you to accept “chips” to be placed into your minds. You WILL NO LONGER BE MINE as you allow these into your bodies. Your body is My Temple-You are not to alter it or defile it in any way; so many of you have already sealed yourselves to torment for all eternity. Again, it is because you “disbelieve” (unbelief) of what so many warned about.

Children, hell is real, demons are real, asatan is real and is not god Lucifer; modifying yourself DOES put you in hell, drinking blood WILL NOT keep you young or give you supernatural abilities, giants are real and it was why I destroyed Sodom &Gomorrah. The great flood was real! You will soon see and believe as the portals of hell open and giants roam the face of the earth. Those who are still alive after the mega quakes and other judgments will see these creatures. Many will die from fear. They will terrify and they will kill with no mercy.

Children, ALIENS ARE NOT REAL-another asatan lie—oh he has so many—lies, lies and more lies. These are demons children; they can manifest themselves as anything they like. The fallen ones (The Watchers) have given man the technology to deceive the masses. This IS NOT man’s wisdom—these men and women are being taught and led by the fallen ones. You can remain in unbelief but soon you will be forced to see and believe.

You see, My children, asatan has taken over your churches, your land, your minds, controls media (he was Lucifer at one time and the director of music and most beautiful).Now, he is hideous, evil, half man/half woman seeking whom he may devour. He is the “Goat head” you are NOT to follow.

My church people are weak, do not know how to overcome the enemy, only listening to a man on a pulpit rather than truly searching out truth. I AM is truth- THE ONLY TRUTH. Only My select remnant knows some of the mysteries yet no man knows all of the mysteries. I, Yahuah Elohim, is always many steps ahead of asatan. I, Yahushua HaMasiach, has already won this war! The victory is Mine! You are entering into the time of the end that will be like nothing ever seen before in the history of mankind.

My Fury is upon you America for you were the nation most blessed to teach MY TRUE WORD yet you taught falsely; false doctrine indoctrination at its finest and you have even taught this to My people in other nations and for this you will be destroyed. You chose money, big numbers of filled seats, buying yourselves nice vehicles, homes, taking wonderful vacations, building your kingdoms on earth which ARE NOT My Ways. My true church DOES NOT LIVE LAVISHLY, feasting themselves off of feeding their flesh.

You reap what you have sown and you will be rewarded accordingly when I come and I am coming to give each man according to his deeds. I SHALL RULE OVER ALL NATIONS AND MY KINGDOM SHALL HAVE NO END! I AM THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, YAHUSHUA HAMASIACH-I AM A FIERCE WARRIOR AND THE ROARING LION OF JUDAH! Who can stand before Me on that day? Repent of all the lies you believe, of all your false doctrines, of all your idols, of all your sexual perversions, of all your sins.

This is the hour! The catastrophes, weather events, enemy planned attacks, redemptive judgments, war are in the works. Tomorrow for you may never be nigh!

This is the hour! The weeping and wailing will be great! This will be a year of sorrows for your rejection of Me.

Once again, out of great love, I will show My Power in other ways never seen before through My end time Army. Miracles, healings, blind eyes will see, lame will leap, deaf ears will hear, and the dumb will speak again. I will put on display My Power. This is to show you that even though I MUST PUNISH AND DESTROY, I will show the nation and around the world My goodness, My heart of love and mercy. In this way, many will return and fall to their knees; even the atheist and agnostic will no longer be able to deny that I am He, The Almighty, The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.


Yahuah Elohim Yahushua HaMasiach



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