The Year Ahead- Celestial @ the-Masters-voice – January 4, 2020 (Includes prayer of repentance/salvation at the end for those who are ready to commit to the narrow way of holiness and Jesus Christ this year.)

Posted: January 4, 2020 in 2020: Crossing into Victory on God's Narrow Path, Choosing righteousness over worldliness is a CHOICE!, Hell and Heaven are both real places, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!

Hell is real no matter how many programs, interviews and articles you see claiming it is not. There are consequences for human actions and they will be repaid fully, either in Heaven or Hell at the end of our lives. It is absolute foolery to believe there can be an amazing reward beyond the skies for a life well lived, yet “Nothing happens, there is no Hell, we die and that’s it” is the only outcome for a bad life. Nope, there is more to it than that. Such statements are the outcome of years of carefully nurtured lies leaked into our society to destroy reverence for God; it is the desperate refusal of people who don’t want to serve God, who believe there are no consequences for rebellion. Brothers and sisters… curious visitors to The Master’s Voice- it is time to recalibrate and think deeper in this new decade. There is cause and effect built into the very mechanism of the transient universe, so please rest assured that the God who saw fit to make sure that science can faithfully track a cause and its consequence? ALSO HAS CONSEQUENCES BUILT INTO HIS ETERNAL DESIGN (Yes, that needed caps.)

God has delayed the fulfilment of many hard prophecies over the decades of my life (and long before me!), not because the prophets spoke lies but because HE IS MERCIFUL. He doesn’t want anyone to die in their sins and go to Hell if He suddenly wipes the earth’s face with the towel of judgement. In the simple language of the Bible it says in 2 Peter 3:9:

‘But the Lord is not slow about fulfilling his promise, as some people count slowness, but is being patient with you. He does not want anyone to perish, but wants everyone to repent.’

That tells us right there the core nature of God- Merciful, with massive self control, holding back from punishing our collective sins on earth NOT BECAUSE we are so holy (we are not; even Christians fall short many times a day and need God’s mercy and forgiveness through repentance)- but because He is seeking the most efficient way for the maximum number of souls on earth to live a set apart, righteous life before He makes His glorious return. God shows mercy to His creation and not judgement; He wants us to do the same.

For judgment without mercy will be unto the one who does not show mercy. Mercy triumphs over judgment. – (James 2:13)

Therefore let us be joyful that we made it to 2020! We are still here and alive. Many lost loved ones in 2019… I know my family was visited shockingly often with tragedy but I give thanks to the Lord for those of us who’re still here.

The Master's Voice

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It was 8:31 a.m. New York Time when I started this note. They take a while to write.

First of all, I want to wish everyone on The Master’s Voice a Happy New Year. Thank you for using this online resource and for your participation [those who comment and share dreams or experiences relevantly]. I appreciate people taking the time to visit my blog and I hope you get the most out of it in the year ahead. Most of all GOD BLESS YOU if you found convincing evidence of Christ Jesus here and it got you to think twice about life, or submit your future to Christ. He is the Way, the Truth and the Life, and no one can find God without Him (John 14:6).

Jesus is the way of ascendancy- for all those seeking “higher” knowledge, wisdom and revelation without God-centred truth I assure you that all…

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