(Carol’s note: Let us all join in prayer and supplication that our brothers and sisters in AUSTRALIA will heed the Lord Almighty’s offer and turn from idols, rebellion, arrogance and worldly choices, witchcraft and wickedness to receive the Lord’s promises for restoration after repentance. Then let us, the rest of the world, follow suit in choosing to follow the Lord. Amen. The smoke cloud over their nation is visible from space and larger than the USA. God have mercy on us all.) Read: A Word of The LORD for Australia, Veronika West, 1/6/20

Posted: January 7, 2020 in Be humble and repent and not stubborn with an unrepentant hardened heart. That is an abomination, Disasters foretold as Jesus' return approaches, Earthquake revelation dreams, IF you sound the alarm of God's prophetic clock - God will remember this service you performed for Him

This morning The Spirit of The LORD gave me a Word for the nation of Australia.

Please continue to pray for the land…!

A Word for Australia; “You shall become a sign and a wonder among the nations of the earth!”

Australia hear the Word of The LORD, “I shall make you a sign and a wonder among the nations, a sign of My Divine Judgement and Retribution poured out upon the nations that offer their unborn to the idols of Molech and Baal.

And yet I will make you a wonder of My Divine Restoration and Redemption poured out upon the nations who will humble themselves, repent and turn away from the works of witchcraft and wickedness.

Australia… If you will hear and obey, repent and turn away from your idol worship and ungodly practices.  I will have mercy on you and I will show you My Glory.

I shall cause you to rise from the ash heap in greater power and prosperity.

Truly I tell you Australia, this land has been marked for a visitation of My Glory and My Goodness, a nation set apart for My Kingdom purposes in the earth.

But watch and pray, listen and heed the warnings I speak to you this day, as the blood of the innocent has long cried out.

For truly I tell you, My Spirit of Righteousness and Justice shall not relent or be held back any longer, but this land shall be shaken to its very core and the ground which you stand upon shall be split in two, and you will hear many cry out, “there are earthquakes on one side and consuming fires on the other!”

Australia… My Heart is turned towards you, My Ear attentive to your cries, My Hand is not too short to save those that call upon My Name!

Therefore humble yourselves in this hour, return to your first love, and seek Me while I can be found and I shall show you great and mighty things in the days to come!”


Source: A Word of The LORD for Australia

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