“Sex outside marriage is the gateway for demons to afflict you and destroy your life, the more you indulge in it the more entrenched their strongholds become. The worst part is you’ll never know how tightly bound you are until the day you try to get free. That’s when you will see your bondage in its true colours, that’s when you’ll need God the most. But if you have no relationship with Him and no access to the power that drives demonic spirits away then, what are you going to do?”

The Master's Voice

hydrant 2

I continue with the adult themes but I don’t discourage even teens from reading this- we are living in a fallen world with very twisted values (and many excuses for those twists). Young people are not safe from the effects of those values. There is a strong wave of sexual temptation on earth today, endless forms of corruption waiting to destroy our walk with God and young people aren’t exempt from it. So let all eyes be here and share with others are you’re led. I run this blog as carefully as I can, the Lord’s messages are to alert us and ignite a return to prayer and repentance in order to mitigate the judgement on America.

This dream has teaching and is tied to the post about dead eagles: A Very Messy Dream.

On May 31, 2020 I dreamt I left home for a destination. I needed…

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