Giants, as mentioned in the Bible, will be returning as part of tribulation and woe. Turn to Jesus NOW, do not delay sojourner here on earth. Join King David and prophet Jeremiah and all the saints with God, Jesus and Holy Spirit in your true home: heaven.

The Prophetic Bride

Vision #235 July 19/20 Sun evg 

Please keep in mind as you read this vision that I don’t get to pick and choose what I see!

I was praising and worshiping in the Throne room as I always do. I read scripture and sang. There were others in the Throne room praising as well but I didn’t really see them much. I just knew they were present. The only ones I recognized more clearly were King David and Prophet Jeremiah who, as always, are up high to my right and standing next to their seats or thrones. They seem to always be there singing along with me. I’m not sure why Jesus allows me to only see them and not others.

When I came to the time to pray and to proclaim Ps 91, I found myself with my eagle taking a dive off the mtn top and traveling over…

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