From Carol – update12/25/21: 444ProphecyNews curated by Jonathan Thieben was censored/shut down effectively cancelling the link to many timely and important prophetic voices but he is back, for now. Pray for him that this important Holy Spirit inspired gathering website will be protected. My advice: Spend time in the quiet place with Jesus. Learn to hear the voice of your shepherd for yourself. He will lead you home.

Posted: December 23, 2021 in 2021...Hope arises as Jesus Saves!, a dreadful day indeed when all that is holy and good is considered evil, Witnesses, martyrs and Tribulation - end of days, Your enemy -satan- is a counterfeiter who mimics the things of God = DANGER!, Your Prayers AND God's Word are ALIVE!

Enclosed you will find, archived with 7zip, the 444 prophecies from the last 2 years, in html format.

I’m still working on getting the website moved to a new server, Jonathan

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