3 Powerful dreams where Vicki Goforth Parnell is translated to 1) secret meeting crowning antichrist, and 2 & 3) interview with a powerful tech mogul and rise of end time government regarding beast system evil plans – Nov. 11/14-27/22

Posted: November 28, 2022 in Be humble! Repent & change your stubborn unrepentant hardened heart. Pure in heart will see God!, Behavior that shows holiness and consecration to Jesus, BEWARE Masons, Mysticism, New Age... Cults. True undefiled power is through JESUS, God and Holy Spirit ONLY., CERN news. Dark Matter. 3 Days of Darkness plague will return again., Consider $$motives in plagues "needing" new "vax antidotes." Satanic Depopulation agendas., DANGER from satan: your soul's enemy...counterfeit mimicry of Creator God, Desecration of human body (temple)/impurity @ DNA level/genetics tampering, God's prophetic clock preset before the foundations of earth. Choose Jesus today. This minute!, JESUS is your LIFEBOAT! Run to Him for safety!, Pray for unsaved loved ones NOW -- Do not delay!, Pride in Sins & Idol Worship. You have agreed to be satan's slave. Change direction!!, Prophetic 2022: Overcomers love Jesus, follow God, hear Holy Spirit to Victory, Science that despises God as Creator of Life/Designer of Universe & Natural Laws, Sexual sins & unclean choices need to stop. Purity matters people! God sees all your hidden filth. Uh oh., Technology misused for evil; censoring truth, EMP revelations, Witnesses, martyrs, Tribulation prophecies. Antichrist & false prophet arising as Age of Grace ends.


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