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“New strategies will be revealed to you as I bring you into your higher purpose and new vision,” says The LORD.

“What worked for the past is not sufficient for the future, for what is ahead is not going to be a repeat of what was. The new is better, more powerful, and requires much more for fulfillment.

“I have it for you, as you come up higher, so I can share with you My vision and download unto you new wisdom, knowledge, counsel and understanding for the times and seasons that I have set forth before the foundation of the World.

“I will equip and prepare you to lunge forward into the future with fresh fire and empower you to move forward, productively into your destiny purpose,” says The LORD.

“The fearful and unbelieving will always wallow in their past mistakes, the past failures, the past difficulties they have encountered, and they will refuse to come out of that defeatist mentality that will paralyze them with fear.

“I cannot use them in these times. Perils will not be greater than the power that I will give those who will learn from Me, as they come up higher and receive what I have prepared for them.

“The training has been on the battlefield, not in war games, and even my faithful wounded soldiers will be healed.

“They will not whine and complain about their past pain, but will be ready and willing to move ahead and do great feats for My Kingdom, by My Power, and for My Glory, while believing Me for absolute victory that is ahead, and attainable in Me,” says The LORD.

Source: New Strategies for a New Season ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

Over the last good few weeks, I’ve had a repeated vision & picture of people dressed like prophets of old in flowing garments, girding up their loins and being transported with great power and great energy on something akin to a fiery whirlwind from Heaven.

The whirlwind, comes under their feet and at their back and pushes them on, transporting them wherever the Holy Spirit of God wishes.  These prophets, people, sent ones will move faster then before with greater power and authority, leaping from place to place across the earth.

These are the KING’S MESSENGERS, running for the King. They will move as though weightless, yet  carry a weightiness of what they bring at the same time. The weight of truth, but in the weight great release of captives.
For the systems of man have made people captive, yet God is coming to break the barriers and these are people who will be used as His hammers to break down the barriers that men have set up to keep people from God. They will rescue those caught in the systems, yet desperate to get out. They have a cry of ‘#FREEDOM’ on their lips and destruction of the religious systems in their steps

. They will move in righteousness, bringing people back to the truth of God’s ways.

There is a time coming says the LORD, when I will move with such power and might in My children that they will be astounded and astound those around them. They will hold back no longer and My glory will surround them. They are being prepared, they are in training and have been on small reconnaissance missions, but soon they will go in force, from different directions meeting in perfect formation over nations to take back the land and the people for my name sake.  Great names will bow their knees to Me in awe and wonder, turning the nations Me.  For the later Glory of My House shall be greater than the former.

It is time for the Eagles, to take full flight!

I declare you will have your wings, you will ride on the thermals by the full thrusting power of the Holy Spirit to fulfil your calling in the days ahead for the Glory of God and salvation of precious souls trapped in systems giving a form of Godliness, but in truth are far from God.

You know who you are and what God has been saying to you by the Holy Spirit who has called you according to His good purposes.

Source: The Time Of Living A Normal Life Has Run Out – Hisforgiven1

Source: Don’t Settle For Anything Less Than Jesus – Cryptic1

Source: Prophetic Message: Never Been a Time Like This!// Rivers of Living Water – Elizabeth Marie

“There will indeed be a first wave (of those willingly taking the Covid vaccine)… No matter what you hear or see, even if your sister or husband takes it, do not join that wave. I’ve said nothing about this until now. Don’t be a supporter, don’t be curious, stay away from this. Do not be deceived.

The Great Reset is a crocodile. They’re in the water waiting for whoever is so unwise as to go down there to them. They know seeing the end result of mass vaccinations will send people haywire but you know what? They don’t care. IT WILL BE TOO LATE FOR THE FIRST WAVE. God said no matter what the other waves do the first wave’s decision can never be reversed, and to the architects of the New World Order the harm that will be caused to that group will surely be viewed as a BIG SUCCESS.

I’ll say no more. This is what the Lord has shown me, therefore I say honor God in all your decisions.”

Do not lean on your own mindset but trust Him and He will order your steps (Proverbs 3:5-6)

The Master's Voice

“Take the quotation marks off the title. Leave it as a statement. Survival of the Fittest is not a quotation, it’s a fact.” – (The Lord Jesus Christ)

“Tell them that this vaccine will kill them and that I said so. This is a social experiment.” (- The Lord Jesus Christ)

I want to record what the Lord showed me. I want to be faithful. I’ve been wanting to write it down for several days now but the timing just hasn’t been right. This is a a faithful record of things the Heavenly Father told me recently, new revelations in a conversation I’ve been having with Him the whole year. I’ve not spoken about this virus unless it was specific to prophecy but now, I’m sharing a portion of this ongoing conversation I’ve been recording. We are on a New World order timeline.  

Several days ago, maybe Dec. 22nd…

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Source: The Church and The State Dream – Dana Coverstone

Source: Stand at the Ready, Be Ready! – Cryptic1

Dream 460 – SparrowCloud9

God is about to leap off the page and be the pillar of fire in your heart. He will change your traditional thinking so much, it will completely turn you around. You will no longer know Him on your terms, you will know Him on His. He will no longer be who you read about and prayed to, He will be the One who burns in your heart as He burns everything else down. Your life will no longer be what you say, what you do, and what you think, your life will be your response to Him. He will be so powerfully evident, you will be powerfully changed by Him. You will know Him intimately as His thoughts flow through your mind. He is leaping off the page, a place He never belonged. Knowing Him will become your reality of Life. The Lord said, “Welcome to the last days, and welcome to the war. We are going to take the Earth by storm.”