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In a dream an angel said, “The strategies are in the Word,” then said one word, “Yanod!” (I’ve just learned the word means January in Hebrew).

Source: Psalm 91 is the Key! ~ by Heidi Bryden

The lord gave me great rest last night wonderful sleep. When my eyes opened first thing this morning, he began speaking to me words of encouragement🙌🔥❤ Fire shall come out of the mouths of mine own, mine ANNOINTED ones!! Whom shall we fear, says mine own David’s to Goliath? For now I say such an hour has come, I shall pour out my Annointing to my beloved who have entrusted their lives to me, and have become as gold, these who have come through the fires, mine ANNOINTED ones I have hidden in the dust of the earth, treasures hidden in my fields, the Potters field. I have formed these, and have scourged and burned away their iniquities and idols, all things not of me.

Come I say to my beloved, mine army, come, for I now say I have hidden you for such a time as this. Firewalls shall surround these. Fear and trembling shall now come unto those who are not of me but of the kingdom of darkness, for the Lord God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob shall come as a suddenly and enter into MY HABITATION, a people who has sought after me and desired me, their God above all things of this worlds kingdom, those who’s hearts are like David’s. Rejoice oh Israel, for the Lion of JUDAH THE KING OF KINGS over all nations and tribes shall reap the harvest and bring into my barn my sheaves. Rejoice oh mankind, for the Shepherd shall come and deliver mine imprisoned ones.

Source: My ANNOINTED Ones – Patti Young

Daughter the end of days is here surely. Everything I have told My messengers is coming to pass. The Great Harvest awaits! Prepare, My church – to receive the lost for they WILL be knocking at your door. When the judgments …

Source: The Great Harvest Is Coming! – Cryptic1

The essence of God’s ultimate purpose in this age is very simple — it is to establish His Kingdom on earth.

Source: The Battle to Reign ~ by Derek Prince Ministries

There are 4 things that Elijah took with him up to Mount Carmel and I believe that they are the ingredients for passion and power.

Source: There is No Power in Neutral ~ by Dana Jarvis

I saw a map of the earth and saw flashes of Light all over it in various places.

Source: Light Has Come to Illuminate ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

I AM THAT I AM. Daughter the end is at hand. The world is crumbling, falling. Panic has infiltrated the masses. Everywhere you look there is despair and hopelessness on the faces of many. I AM …

Source: Choose Life! Choose Me – Your Savior Yeshua! – Cryptic1