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Dream 518

The LORD says, “I have seen the weariness in body and soul, but I sustained you, your seed, seeds seed and your many generations of times gone by.”

Source: Regional Take-Back Recovery! by Sherry Edwards Mackey

I heard, “The Fire of God is revealing the sons and daughters, the Burning Ones! The New Breed of Warriors fueled by Love.”

Source: The New Breed of Warriors — Fueled by Love by Deborah Waldron Fry

To Love Him is to obey Him — you must yield yourself into It. The Gift of Repentance leads to The Gift of Obedience.

Source: Yes! To Love Him Is to Obey Him! by Thomas Downes

Source: Hell Is Real. Woe To Pastors/Those Who Teach ‘There Is No Hell.’ – Sharlene Reimer

Source: SETTING THE CAPTIVES FREE – Averine Pennington

The LORD says, “The time to prepare is almost over. Get your spiritual house in order for you do not know tomorrow may bring. ”

Source: Wickedness Will Be Removed by Lynne Johnson

“Even though this is the end of The Age, many believe that they have much time left in order to prepare for what is to come.”

Source: Vessels of His Honor by Yolanda Ballard

Source: The COVID Agenda & Mark of the Beast Technology – Gary H. Kah

I heard, “God is sending you a Word to accomplish a Quantum Leap into all that He has prepared for you! Suddenly, it shall happen!”

Source: Prepared for a Quantum Leap? by Deborah Waldron Fry