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There are those in your world who speak of being enlightened, but they are teaching only darkness. I am the Light of the World. Only those who know Me can be truly enlightened. My Light fills you from the inside out.  Be careful that you are not deceived, My Children, for there is much that appears as light in your world that contains only darkness. Keep your walk pure. Seek only My Light to light your way or you will be misled.

There are many who claim to speak in My Name who are not speaking My Words. They do not speak for Me, yet many who do not truly know Me believe them. You are called to know Me. My sheep hear My Voice and another voice they will not follow.

I have warned you many will come in My Name who are not Me, but you must discern, My Children. If you know Me, you will know My Voice. Be careful you are not deceived in this time. Do not dwell in darkness. I have told you how to overcome.

I have told you how to know Me.

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This is what the Father spoke in my spirit:
Human DNA has been corrupted.  Woe to you who have transgressed humanity that I created by mixing plants, animals and demonic technology with those whom I knitted in their mother’s womb.  You act as gods, relying on your own strength to undo that which I called good.  You have been propelled by demonic spirits from Satan himself who wants to destroy all humanity before I return.  Woe to you who did not inquire of Me for direction, but gathered together in your foolish circles of science trying to undo what I have allowed.
Woe to you who have tried to reach Me in the highest Heavens by transversing the dimensions of time and space, which I placed there for your protection.  Do you not know you are being used as puppets of Satan to bring destruction to your planet?  No, for you seek accolades and mammon to boost your self-esteem.  Woe to you and again I say woe to you, for you shall be destroyed as you set the stage for Satan.
Woe to the earth, for the hybrid monstrosity will be unleashed upon you, as in the days of Noah.
Forgotten are my warnings to repent within the “church”.  I will bring you to your knees as you cry out for mercy, yet I will not hear you as the rod of discipline whirls around you.  You must repent, or you will go into the lake of fire with Satan whom you serve with your rituals, forgotten morals and destruction of truth.
Woe to those who call on my name out of ritualistic words, yet your heart is far from me.  Repent and again I say repent, or you will be swept up in the deluding influence I will send for those who do not want the truth.
Woe to the science community of evil, who will bear the brunt of evil when it is unleashed upon humanity, yet you will call it good.  Your judgement will be harsh for you will be tried as harshly as fallen angels whom you serve in your pride.  Do you think I do not see what you are doing?  Do you think you will succeed in your endeavours to recreate all that I created?  I AM coming back and you will cry out for the rocks to fall on you as my sword of righteousness swings with fire.  Seek Me and repent.  Turn from the evil you are doing and I will bless you, yet few will hear and turn; woe to you and again I say woe to you.
The judgement of fire will hit this planet to awaken all who will call on my name.  The rest will curse my name as they perish and head into hell.  The science community brings destruction.  The false ‘church’ brings worse destruction, for it leads people astray.  Woe to both, for the day of retribution is at hand.”
Isaiah 5:20-21 ~
“Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil;
Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!
Woe to those who are wise in their own eyes
And clever in their own sight!”


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WORD from the Lord: “I weep” May 6, 2018

I weep for all of My people who lean away from My gentle urgings…

I weep for all of My people who are content in this world, who do not acknowledge that everything good they have ever received, is from Me!

I weep for those whose hearts I designed to be giving, but they sow their seed into Babylon and all of its glitter, instead of to the widow, the orphan, or the poor.

I weep for those who see themselves as clean; even as they roll in the muck and mire!

I weep when I see My sheep, My children, doing the things I hate; the daggers of pride being thrust into the backs of My remnant!

These are outright assaults against Me, by My own! Many of whom wield or even throw these daggers of division, from their contentious high positions; yet they know not how far they’ve already fallen!

To those I say, examine yourself, repent! If it’s not love it’s not Me!

These are the same who know not that they are the dry bones of dead religion, and the spirit of the Pharisee has made them nothing but a clanging cymbal, the blind tail, thinking they are the head!

Great will be the fall of vain imaginations, idolatry, bitterness, contention, rage and murder! Even greater still, the fall of the king of all children of pride!

Soon, I will dine in heaven with those who lay not with the cunning serpent!

My sheep, My children, all who have been sealed until the day of redemption; I AM coming soon! Keep My joy in your heart, for the seed of it was planted there to help you endure until the end; until and unto the time of the great harvest…

That time is at hand! Do not fear, for I AM is with you. Those who love Me above all else, all of you who truly surrendered your hearts to Me, My laborers, let your light and love shine forth!

Let My salt follow your foot steps and forget not that every one of them is ordered by Me, for a time such as this! As you shine in the gross darkness, as My pure love pours out from you, finally, many of the blind will finally see, Me, in and through you!

As they cry out unto My holy name to be saved, I will weep, with Joy!

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