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Source: Evil is Everywhere! – Lynne Johnson

Dream 527

Today in the Spirit I saw a vast battlefield, very bleak. It was a land of chaos and barrenness. I feel like this is the world system we live in today.

Source: A Land of Chaos and Barrenness by Deborah Waldron Fry

A prophetic word from the Lord, who came to me two nights ago. It follows:

The Lord’s Abortion Prophecy:

Awakened during the night, I heard the Lord calling.

“What, Lord? What do you want?” I sleepily asked.

“You have been faithful in praying concerning abortion,” the Lord said.

And He continued,

“The world’s children’s blood has reached ankle deep in my throne room. Abortion is like a train that cannot be stopped.

[Rom 12:19 KJVDearly beloved, avenge not yourselves, but [rather] give place unto wrath: for it is written, Vengeance is mine; I will repay, saith the Lord.

[Psa 127:3 KJV] Lo, children are an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb is his reward.

[Psa 127:4 KJV] As arrows are in the hand of a mighty man; so are children of the youth.

[Psa 127:5 KJVHappy is the man that hath his quiver full of them: they shall not be ashamed, but they shall speak with the enemies in the gate.


Indeed, people are sacrificing their children to false gods, hopes, and selfishness, as in ancient Israel. Yes. Sacrificing is the same as abortion. The similarity is like squeezing a grape in your left hand versus your right. Abortion and sacrificing are the same. Therefore, people of America, and the whole world, are barbaric, uncivilized, and as heathen as any people that have lived before them.

I have had enough. The blood of nearly seventy million souls from America cries out in my throne room. And I hear nearly two-billion children crying for me to take revenge.

I form every baby in their mother’s womb, and I have known each baby – yes, even tomorrow’s babies and those helpless souls to be today’s abortions – since before I founded the world. Each child formed is in my plan to be a unique person. See… see how many children will never know the joy of their mother’s warm caring, to have the blessing of having and knowing a friend, writing their name, coloring with crayons, hearing music, and to experience the wonderful joy of knowing Me! Shame on you, my people. Shame on you.

I will soon send revenge and vengeance.

You stiff-necked, lawless beasts! I will bring My revenge upon you all. You who think I am nothing but invisible air, of the seventy million babies aborted in America, I will slay an equal number of people, indiscriminately from the young to the old. And I will do the same with the rest of the world. I founded America. You were once a Christian nation, the light of the world. Now you are a nation that chases the wind. I am your Creator, the children’s Creator. With the covid vaccine, I will use it to slay you. For you have destroyed a field of beautiful children to satisfy your selfishness, greed, ignorance, and foolishness.

Ed Gaulden
Anderson, SC

Source: Abortion Prophecy – Ed Gaulden

The LORD says to America and California, “Get ready for your life to change for once the first judgment falls, all will be significantly different.”

“My Children, it is time for events to begin.

Get ready for your life to change for once the first judgment falls, all will be significantly different.

The first event in California will send shock waves throughout the United States and the world.

The destruction will be immense and many lives will be lost.  This will be a time of great pain and anguish for the many involved in this event.

For many will go to their eternal destination.  For those who are left behind, they will suffer the loss of loved ones, of the loss of homes, of jobs, of everything they had in this world.

Many will struggle greatly over this.  For those who go to their eternal destination, many will come to Me to be in glory for eternity, while many more will go to their eternal destination of Hell, to suffer torment for eternity.

For there are only two places; Heaven with Me or Hell without Me where you go when you pass through the veil.

There are no other options.  It is Heaven or Hell.

Those that believed that there are other choices are sadly mistaken.  They will find this out to their eternal regret.  Do not make this mistake.

Choose wisely, for this is your eternity that you are choosing, your eternal destination.  Again understand, this decision is for your eternal destination.  Choose wisely.  For many, this decision will soon come about.

Understand also that this decision of where you will go after death is made upon earth while you are alive, not after passing through the veil.

If you did not choose Me in life then do not expect to be with Me in Heaven.  It is that simple.  All decisions are final and will not be altered because you do not like where you ended up.

So once again, choose your destination wisely.  I AM does not force any to follow Me.  It is your choice as to where you end up, not Mine.

No one will be able to claim that they did not know Me or not believe that I AM existed for the information about Me has been available for all.

It has also been written on your hearts.  There will be no excuses for those who end up in eternal torment, in Hell. 

Reflect on this and again, choose wisely.

Your King Yeshua, Redeemer, Messiah.

Choose your destination wisely, for there is no going back!”


“But this people has a defiant and rebellious heart; they have revolted and departed.”   Jeremiah 5:23 NKJV.

“Professing to be wise, they became fools,”   Romans 1:22 NKJV

“For this is the covenant that I will make with the house of Israel after those days, says the Lord: I will put My laws in their mind and write them on their hearts; and I will be their God, and they shall be My people.”  Hebrews 8:10 NKJV.

“Woe to them! For they have gone the way of Cain, have run greedily in the error of Balaam for profit, and perished in the rebellion of Korah.”   Jude 1:11 NKJV.

“Whose end is destruction, whose god is their belly, and whose glory is in their shame — who set their mind on earthly things.”   Philippians 3:19 NKJV.

Source: Choose Your Destination Wisely, for There Is No Going Back by Lynne Johnson

Source: My Remnant In mystery babylon Prepare For Your Time Is At Hand – The Messenger

In My Book of Life
There are many names
Written in Blood
None of them the same
Unique, Blessed people
Who strived to please Me
They were not perfect
They just had a chance to see
I AM the Source
Of All Good Things
And they were drawn to Me
Like moths to a flame
And even in the heat of fire
The threat of singed wings
They would not leave My Light
To follow dark kings
The ones who catch you in the night
Dull your sense of wrong and right
The ones who do not know your names
Are only concerned with their own fame
The ones who live in vast estates
Behind high walls and guarded gates
In castles strong with many rooms
Overlooking all they rule
Believe their serfs are simple fools
These ones need to hesitate
And take a look at history
All the kings before them
Are laying in their graves
Same as the knaves
The peasants and chattel
The ones they looked down on
Are at the same level
As them
Yet they pretend they are great
Do you think their names
Are written in My Book?
There are many in My Bible
Their stories told
How did they fare
Those kings of old?
Power does corrupt
Men were not made to handle it
Or wield it on their fellow men
They were created
To Worship Me
Or come to a tragic end
I AM speaking of My Book of Life
The one where I paint
My Family Tree
Filling in the branches
With names of ones who did
Worship Me
And there are names of kings there
Though few and far between
But most of them are commoners
Who suffered poverty
Poor in a world
That glorifies wealth
Sick in a world
That strives for health
Flawed in a world
That admires the beautiful
Rebellious in a world
That insists the dutiful
Blindly obey the rulers
Of the day
But they
Obeyed Me
The King of Eternity
They are the ones
Who will observe
My Book of Life
Perpetually preserved
In My Heavenly Home
And when all the stories
Are said and done
The deeds and motives
Of everyone
That received the chance
To prove themselves
As to where their allegiance lay
The only thing that will Truly matter
Is that Book full of names
For all the other tomes and homes
Are going down in flames

Ecclesiastes Chapter 12
Isaiah Chapter 14
Revelation Chapter 20

Source: Going Down in Flames – Ruth Johnson


Source: WARNING! HELL will be unleashed on earth! – Elizabeth Marie