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Dream 497 – SparrowCloud9

The Lord brought me into an encounter on 6-6-21 in Massachusetts, and an angel came that was made of blue lightning bolts. His whole being was flashing flowing lightning. He had white hair that was blowing backwards as he watched me. His facial features were chiseled and yet they were not fierce. He had what looked to me like little white arrows swirling within the lightning, but upon further inspection, they were not arrows at all but swirling wind within his lightning. He patiently waited till I was finished looking him over, which seemed to amuse him greatly. Then He said, “My name is Acceleration.”

He then said, “Many of Gods people have been crying out for help, for breakthroughs, for healing, and for their promises and purposes to be fulfilled by the Lord. I have been sent to many to bring an acceleration into their lives so that they can arrive at the place where these things can come to pass. You are not just in a Shift, or a New Level or Season. You are in a Great Acceleration which will propel you all forwards to where you need to be, so that when we agree, it can come forth as it has been written for you.”

“The Winds of Change blow to bring a cleansing and a rearranging of everything that is no longer needed in a a specific season and it also shatters the hinderances that resist all of you so that the new can come forth for your lives. The Light and the Lightnings of God also bring change. The Lightnings of God are flashing in the earth, and you must see that the greater changes are now becoming more evident as the momentum of Transformation grows. I bring the Wind and the Lightning which accelerates your process of change and I bring to birth the New Heavenly Realities that you are called to walk in. Get ready for more changes and new directions. Cast your cares and your fears upon Him and yield to the Turbulences that will certainly grow. I am here to help you know so that you all can stay yourselves upon Him in complete trust and let the Rearranging Winds and the Lightnings of Acceleration bring you all fully in to the things about to begin!”

“You have positioned yourselves in prayer in agreement with the will of the Father in the heavens and upon the earth and because of that agreement that you have made I have been sent to you to bring the needed acceleration for the full manifestation of your prayer transactions, so that you all can walk in them and fulfill them! Get ready for a greater thrust of Faith that will be needed to go forwards and position yourself to yield to Him in deeper ways in the coming days. The deeper your trust in Him- it will empower the thrust that you will encounter, and this will bring the acceleration into your manifestation of the destinations that He has written for each of you. Do not be afraid of the shakings in the earth, get your eyes upon Him! Join your faith to Him! The Greater Accelerations will now begin!”

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“I do not just lift you once, but it is a continual process of lifting higher and higher than the circumstances that you face.”

Source: You Are Continually Being Lifted Higher! ~ by Pastor Debra Lowe

It’s time for the believers to understand supernatural things. A lukewarm Church with unbelief will never survive in this season.

Source: Standing Strong in a Tug of War ~ by Elaine Tavolacci

I began worshiping and praising the Lord in His Throne Room as I always do but found myself before God- He appeared as a cloud of fire, which is beyond a grand set of white steps. I recognized the room as it’s where I received that scroll that I couldn’t read. I read scripture back to God and worshipped Him with a number of songs. I began to pray and when I came to proclaiming Ps 91, I went from the mountain top with my eagle speaking the Psalm and found myself looking at a white square building. I recognized the building as the Knesset of Israel. I saw the Israeli flag. I began to declare over it, speaking from Isaiah 1:18 “Come now, let us reason together, says the Lord: though your sins are like scarlet, they shall be as white as snow; though they are red like crimson, they shall become like wool.”  I also declared that Almighty God is in charge of the set times and seasons, not the enemy! The enemy is trying to change that with pushing his agenda. I asked God to open the flood gates of heaven and let it rain down on the Knesset and Israel to cleanse them, to open their eyes to the truth and set them free. I blessed Israel.

Then on my left I saw an angel. I asked him if he was the protector of PM Netanyahu? He said to come with him and he showed me a mighty angel watching over the PM. I was grateful for that. Then he said that “Dark days are coming for Israel.” Sigh. My perspective changed and I looked above the Knesset building.  I saw an angel on a white horse in golden armour with a red sash across his breastplate. I knew he was the commander. I asked Jesus if this was the archangel Michael and Jesus replied: “Yes, daughter.”  I saw it from a bit of a distance away as it was a panoramic view. Michael was facing me in the air above the Knesset. And next to him on his left, which was on my right, was a host of heavenly angels. There was a gap or space between Michael and the angelic hosts, so it was clear that he was in charge.

 Back at the white bench, I was given understanding that the angels are there to fight back until the time set that they will have to stand down. They will continue to battle against the enemies agenda that is trying to change God’s set times of fulfillment of prophecy. It will look dark and bleak in the coming days, but God is in charge!  We need to continue to pray that Israel will wake up! Let the lies be exposed and the truth revealed! Pray against deception!

I looked down from the top of the stairs to the vision area but for some reason I had no urge to go down. I left it as I was tired and my head was full of what I had all seen and understood. So I went to bed and decided to continue the next day.

Mar 10/21 Wed am.

 This am I went to worship before God as a cloud of fire. I was bowed low at the base of the white steps. I worshiped and interceded for Israel; I wept for her and the world because of the deception regarding the vaccinations and the agenda of the evil one.

 I asked God if there was a vision to see. I looked up. I saw a street with businesses on either side and it looked empty but there were people lying on the sidewalks because they were sick. I knew they were dying or dead. Then I saw a park and a man sitting alone on a park bench, dying. Then my perspective changed. I was looking at a hospital scene. A medical person, who was completely covered in protective gear, was pushing a stretcher with a person laying on it, covered in white down a hallway. Everyone was wearing protective gear. I understood that the person on the stretcher was dead. Many people in the hospital were dying or were dead. I asked what was going on. I heard Jesus say:

“Another virus is coming-one that presents like covid but it is worse and many people will die. The vaccination that you get now will not help. More vaccinations will be produced but do not take them. They are part of the beast system. Look back at your previous visions I showed you.” The previous visions are #239, #251,#253

I understood that the next pandemic will produce the next wave of vaccinations but these are not regular vaccinations. They are designed with artificial intelligence and chemicals that with subsequent inoculations will eventually alter DNA. I asked Jesus if this is correct and He replied: “Yes, daughter.”

 What is the message? “Listen to My warning! See, I have told you ahead of time. I am using calamities to bring people back to Me. Repent and return to Me! Do not fear. Abide in Me and I in you and you will be at peace.”

“I will under gird you, overshadow you, surround you and indwell you,” says The LORD.

“Why are you troubled within? You cannot lose and the enemy cannot win. I will give you ultimate victory, and you will be undefeated as you place your confidence in Me.

“I will stand, faithfully by your side, to hold you up and keep you steady on your feet. Resistance forces are no match or ME, and you will not be a victim of circumstances or a captive of the enemy.

“I have set you free, set you on high, and positioned you in Me, far above the enemies, that are under MY FEET, and under yours as well,” says The LORD.

“You too shall tread upon the vipers, that will not be able to inject their venom into you. You are shielded by ME, impenetrable, covered and protected by Me,” says The LORD.

“You are not a door mat, nor can the weapons of the enemy destroy or defeat you. I have sent My Angelic Reinforcements to fight with My Army of ready trained Warriors, and you will not only overcome, but you will triumph over the evil, the evil doers, and do great feats for Me.

“I will cause you to shout the victory as you win the battles, win the war, and possess your personal land of promise, even as I have declared that you would do from the beginning,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD Has Sent His Angelic Reinforcements ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

It is 5:00 a.M. and I hear The LORD say, “Do not give up! But continue your prayers!”

Source: Breakthrough and Victory ~ by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Dream 472 – SparrowCloud9

Dream 465 – SparrowCloud9

Although much is happening in the world, most people are dealing with personal issues, feeling hopeless, helpless, and alone.

Source: A Wall of Fire and a Battery of Angels! ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry