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“Help is on the way!” says The LORD.

“I AM sending My ministering Angels to help you. I told you that My Angels are ministering spirits to help the Saints.

“I AM dispatching them not only on your behalf, but for those you have entrusted to My Care. I will not leave them out. As I live, I assure you that I will deliver you. I will strengthen you.

“I AM standing alongside to help you, and no power can conquer you. The enemy cannot destroy those who belong to you, because I AM on task to keep them in the shelter of My Arms that are great big, and far reaching.

“It is all about My ever-present power,” says The LORD.

“I have commanded My Angelic Host to minister to you and for you,” says The LORD.

“You will see the things you thought were impossible take place in front of your own eyes. I will WOW you with the display of My Glory for all to see.

“I will put Myself on display, and My mighty works shall be manifest. Those things that you have given up on, those dreams and visions you nearly forgot will suddenly burst forth on the scene.

“I will make a spectacle of Myself and confirm that you belong to Me, I AM on your side, and I will not let the enemy overrun you, defeat My Purposes in you or destroy My Words.

“My Angelic Host is on the way in answer to the cry of your heart, and I will be The One to destroy!

“I will destroy the works of the enemy and show Myself strong on your behalf, and you will KNOW that I AM your undefeatable Help,” says The LORD.

Source: Angelic Help Is on the Way ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

Warrior of God, as we all know, the enemy has unleashed his fury against the Body of Christ in these last days.

Source: Stand Strong, Warriors! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Just as you have endured hardness as a good soldier, so shall you partake of the spoils this day,” says God.

Source: God’s Wisdom and Blessings are Bestowed Upon You, This Day! by Prophet Russell Walden

The Singing Warriors, the Angelic Messengers are coming with Announcements of Great Joy and Deliverance and Miracles in their hands!

Source: Our Angels of Deliverance by Deborah Waldron Fry

Dream 540

I have sent my messengers before me They have prepared the way for my return. My angels stand in readiness waiting for my commands. It is appointed to man to die once. Elijah comes again to restore all things. As judgements fall on an unrepentant earth, “THE DAY OF THE LORD” approaches and is at your door. Violence, murder, corruption and sin is rampant in all nations. The plague and pestilence did not turn mens’ hearts to the Father. I have given man free will and every opportunity to REPENT and turn from sin and come to me yet he remains in darkness. My two witnesses will stand in the street and prophesy 1260 days in sackcloth. Pray for wisdom. Soon the great and final battle will begin.

Source: Soon the great and final battle will begin – Barbara Francis

Dream 536

Don’t fear the Wind and the Fire; the Lion is Roaring and the Winds of Change are blowing!

Source: Don’t Fear the Wind and the Fire! by Deborah Waldron Fry

The Angelic Hedge of Protection, your supernatural Bodyguards. God has us surrounded!

Source: The Angelic Hedge of Protection by Deborah Waldron Fry