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Source: ARE YOU READY? – Lynne Johnson

Source: The Time is HERE! REPENT! – Justin Adkinson

Source: Heed These Warnings – Terri Hennessy

Source: This is a limited time offer – Roxanne

Source: 4:44 = WAR – Justin Adkinson

They have puffed themselves up. They are arrogant and prideful. They worship themselves and their money. They don’t help the needy and the poor. They want to eliminate them. They believe in their heart that they are Gods and should be worshiped. Pride always comes before the fall. I will strip them of worldly idols. I will humble them and bring them down. They worship Baal in secret, but I see them trying to hide. Every hidden deed will be exposed.  Every high tower thrown down. I will destroy mans polluted church. At the time of my destruction and judgement they will hide in their mountain caves. I will seek them out and destroy them with my power and might as they curse and mock me, for I never knew thee. They belong to their father, the Devil. Some will say I prayed in your name, spare me. I will say depart from me evildoers. On this day there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. They have led both the simple and the elect away from my truth. They are your leaders. They are your counselors. They are your church elders. They are your celebrities. They are your news broadcasters. They hide under a cloak of evil. The light does not shine in them. Rebuke them. Flee from them. I AM the truth. Come to me I will give you my peace and you will be comforted and can rest with me. I love you my children.

Source: I will destroy mans polluted church – Barbara Francis

Some who would say the phrase, ‘Touch not My Anointed,’ refers only to prophets, but if you believe that, you are not remembering David.

Source: The LORD says, “Touch Not My Anointed!” by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

I have through the years, had many Christians asking me about Yoga.

Source: Christians & Yoga by Neville Johnson

I have sent my messengers before me They have prepared the way for my return. My angels stand in readiness waiting for my commands. It is appointed to man to die once. Elijah comes again to restore all things. As judgements fall on an unrepentant earth, “THE DAY OF THE LORD” approaches and is at your door. Violence, murder, corruption and sin is rampant in all nations. The plague and pestilence did not turn mens’ hearts to the Father. I have given man free will and every opportunity to REPENT and turn from sin and come to me yet he remains in darkness. My two witnesses will stand in the street and prophesy 1260 days in sackcloth. Pray for wisdom. Soon the great and final battle will begin.

Source: Soon the great and final battle will begin – Barbara Francis

Source: Focus – Roxanne