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Deceivers and anti-CHRISTs such as jehovah’s witness and mormons, quote The Word of GOD, but it is to deceive and destroy.

Source: Avoid A Deceiver & An Anti-CHRIST Such As A Jehovah’s Witness, A Mormon ~by Jacob Awagah

5th May 2022 This is a word I received about a warning to Europe and France. These Nations have become Goat Nations.

Dream 601

Source: BEWARE OF DECEPTION! – Brother Moses

Audio includes visions that give more context.

“Kaleidoscope. See what you want to see. Pretty pictures abound. But, is it truth? Appearances can be deceiving. There’s evil lurking. Masons. Investigate. Dig deeper into what you see and hear. Many twists and turns put into your ears. Deception. Like braiding hair. Macrame. An art of tying knots. Its looks beautiful but is it the way? My yoke is light not heavy and burdensome. Fear is not My way. Knots are not My way. I don’t tie things into knots. The path is straight and narrow. Can you walk it? Are you on it? Do not get jumbled up, My children, in the macrame of the devil. It looks oh so pretty, deception. Many are caught in the net of macrame, many knots. Like a spider’s web, you are caught. That spider is Lucifer. His minions are many. Ones you would not think of. Ones you would not easily discern. Masons. Freemasons. Do you know who they are? They are all around. Here and there, infiltrated into all aspects of society. Clay. They break My pottery from the clay. They don’t care. They are careless. They are ruthless. Be careful, My children. Be careful, My lambs. Be careful, My sheep. For you do not know who is amongst you, the wolves amongst you in sheep’s clothing. Those you would not suspect. Pay attention. Pay attention. Not all that shimmers is gold. Not all that is pleasing to the ears is trustworthy. Discernment, you must use discernment. Holy Spirit. You must ask Holy Spirit. Diligent, you must be diligent to ask the Holy Spirit who you are to listen to. Curious. Just as there is the saying “curiosity kills the cat,” bring your curiosity to the Holy Spirit; ask the Holy Spirit. Its good to be curious but bring it to the Holy Spirit. Bring it to Me. Ask Me. Don’t go to your intellect. Do not be cowardly. Ask Holy Spirit and TRUST Holy Spirit above all. Trust ME. I am the good shepherd. I AM the good shepherd. Not all these false shepherds. (Ezekiel 34) There are many false and abusive shepherds around My sheep. I am infuriated at what is going on. At how My sheep are being corralled here and there where they’re not supposed to be. My sheep know My voice. Do you know My voice? Do you know My voice? Do you know My voice? Have you drawn close to Me to learn My voice? My children, My sheep, My lambs… So many of you have gone astray after false shepherds, masons.

Chasm. There is a chasm. There is a chasm between My people and God. They’re drinking from the wrong fountain, the wrong fount. They’re drinking from a poisonous fount because it’s pretty looking. People are drawn to that, people are attracted to what looks pretty, what is intriguing, what is fascinating, what is pleasing to the eyes and ears. But, that is not Me. That is not Me, My children. That is not Me. That is not My fount. That is not the fount of living water. That is poison. That is poison to your soul. And it ultimately leads to the lake of fire. My creation. If you want to wonder at something, if you want to awe and wonder, look. Look at the beautiful night sky with all the stars. Even in the seasons of the year when there’s no blossoming and blooming on the trees and so forth, its still beautiful to look up at the night sky through those tree branches. There is beauty all around in My creation. (Romans 1:20) Stop going, stop being drawn to the neon signs like a moth to a flame, it is your demise, it is your demise. Use wisdom. You must be wiser than that. Wisdom comes by the fear of the Lord. (proverbs 9:10) Wisdom and knowledge, seek it out. Seek out My seven spirits. (Isaiah 11:2) Intimacy with My Holy Spirit is what gets you wisdom and knowledge. That is what it means to be truly spiritual, to be in intimacy with My Holy Spirit.

Corn. GMO. Barley. Are you barley? Or are you wheat? There’s a difference. Seek Me out. Remnant is rising. Two witnesses are barley and they are rising. Expect no surprise from the enemy; its just the same old lies and tactics, manipulation, deception, poison, toxicity.

China. Communism is coming…insidiously creeping in. Be prepared. Lockdown is coming. July. Fourth Seal.

1987 Newspaper. US collides. NATO. UN Politics. Discharge. Encroaching. Dumitru Duduman. The Red Dawn Invasion is coming.

(I was born in 1982. History & politics are NOT my strongsuit. Here are some links I found when first attempting to search out this matter: )

Are you ready? Stop bickering. Stop bickering amongst yourselves, church. Offense. Pride. Arguments. Disputes. Disobedience. Rebellion. Enough! You are My church! Where is My church?! Philadelphia. Where is brotherly love?! Where is the love of Christ?! Where is My love?! You will know them by their love. (John 13:35) Where is the love, My church?! No one’s getting along! Why?! Offense. Pride. Too good for one another. Enough. True prophets are abandoned. Enough. Stop. Help. Help one another. Invitation. Who will come? Who can I send? (Isaiah 6:8) Where is that heart posture amongst My people, My church? Who is willing? Narrow is the gate. I am the gate. Who will come? Who will put down their petty differences and come for the kingdom of God for kingdom business, for your Father’s business? Who? When? When its too late? Time is slipping away, My children. WAKE UP! Nonsense. There’s too much nonsense going on. Petty bickering. Backbiting. Unity. Where is the unity? Where is the harmony? Where is My spirit among you? Love. Love is patient. Love is kind. Love is LONGSUFFERING! Where is the longsuffering? You better learn to get along. Every little thing is a reason to turn your back on someone. STOP. ENOUGH.”

Source: Love is LONGSUFFERING! – April Denise Stefko

Morning Prayers, Evening Prayers and Prayers to Overcome Satanic and Demonic Conspiracies and Confederacies.

Source: Morning & Evening Prayers ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

Dream 584

Scriptural Reference: Isaiah Chapter 15 Verse 7 (partial)
“According to the greatness of their work is there visitation also...”

The past answers for the future, but not Karma. Those that believe in Karma are deluded by a lie. It is the twisting of the truth by the snake king. Yes, everything you do has a result and is answered in your future state; as where you are now is the fruit of your past gestures, words, actions, thoughts, looks.

But Karma is a wheel that keeps turning, never ending is and there is no forgiveness in this delusion, nor considered the need thereof. No Repentance. No need for a savior because you are god, becoming one in this life or some future reincarnation. Reincarnation is another lie straight from Hell! It is given once to live and then the four last things: Death, Judgment, Heaven or Hell!

I AM in the Past, Present & Future. All is in the Now for your Father, Son Jesus The Messiah & Holy Spirit. Soon the restrictions of your Time & Space Continuum will disappear for those who choose God. Eternity never ends and with it the limitations of this world, you live in. For those who have rejected or will reject God their Creator, their sorrow will last forever. Make wise your choice for this world is being judged and your Yes or No will be final. For many have already decided and the curtain will fall shortly.


Note: For a confirmation on this Time & Space Continuum, see JULIE WHEDBEE’s February 12, 2022 Message: “ I AM COMING NOW, YOUR WAIT IS OVER” Paragraph 9 “All is in the moment of now…”

Source: The Past Answers For The Future But Not Karma! – Pollox