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Love lights the way

Trees abound now with lights in the home

But I tell you in Heaven there is no need

Trees light up with no lights

Inside or out

Due to the Light of God!

Come for a visit and stay forever!



Somewhere over the rainbow

I will meet you

I will whisk you off

To My hideaway in the sky

And we will be together forever



For the world is Mine and everything in it

All above and below earth are Mine

My love extends in all directions

East, West, North, South

I Am here for eternity

Join Me



There is plenty to be joyful about

Look to the left and right

Thy neighbor is still here

Thy family is still safe

Pray for them now!

Pray for their very soul!

For tonight it may be taken from them

For you do not know

The hour for which I come



My darling, what a joy you are to have

I Am in your life all the time

You don’t see Me in the physical

But I touch you

You don’t hear Me but I sing to you

Follow after Me all the days of your life

And I will follow you

To the ends of the earth



I Am that I Am

Without one plea

My grace was shed for thee

My children, My loves

I would do it all again

Dying for you, you live for Me

And I cannot WAIT until you get Home!

11-18-17 – One year ago…

My people, to all of you who call yourselves by My Name, I am observing your walk before My eyes. What are you doing? You are to be walking uprightly before Me yet you are submerging yourselves back into the ways of the world. You cannot follow the ways of the world if you desire to enter into My Kingdom. My kingdom is not of this world and I have called you out of the world yet you are following the world. You are NOT to engage with the darkness therein. You were to remove all that is not of Me, you were to remove anything of Babylon for it is not to be seen amongst you, you were to resist temptation, remove sin from your lives, die to self coming before Me seeking after righteousness.

Instead you are falling away and I am also referring to My elect; those that have been with Me for many years. You cannot call yourselves by My Name if you desire not the things of heaven. Is this walk too hard for you? Did I have it easy while I was with you? Did I not tell you in My Word that you would suffer with Me in order that you may be glorified when you came home to Me?

I am not pleased with what I see you are getting yourselves involved with. It is true I will never leave you but it is you leaving Me. Many of you are willingly walking away. You should hate sin as I hate sin yet you are returning to your sins. My people, you have left your posts, you are letting your guard down, you are opening your hearts up to the wrong ways and giving *asatan a foothold over you. If you willingly walk away, you can fall away and you will die in your sins. Have you forgotten your First Love? Have you forgotten the path you need to stay on to righteousness? Many are in danger and in a backslidden state and very close to falling away completely.

I have had enough of your excuses. I AM THE LION FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH and when I return I bring My reward with Me—some to everlasting life; some to everlasting torment. It is then too late for you.

Just because your name was written in the Book of Life at one time does not mean it will never be removed. Again I say, it is you that is willingly walking away. You can fall away forever and your name is then written out of the Book of Life. Don’t let yourselves fall away. To the backslidden I say “turn around now”. To the “unchanged ones” I say: “you are lost and need to be found”. REPENT, REPENT, REPENT.

Continue reading @ Source: I REMAIN: THE LION FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH – MsSophie

Let the beautiful, blessed scriptures of salvation he quotes reach deep down inside you. God is calling out for you to surrender to his son, Savior of the world, hope for mankind. God says our works without Jesus are like filthy rags to him. God’s love can’t be bought. He instead offers us a free gift through childlike faith that his Son is the way, the truth and the life. No one, not anyone, comes to the Father except through Jesus. Then once we accept this incredible, marvelous, stupendous gift, we want to thank him by leaving our old sinful natures, habits and filthy living behind and choose the narrow road of holiness. Giving of our lives to him in order to follow step-by-step where Holy Spirit leads to increase more and more towards true holiness and service out of love. Join God’s family today. Do not wait. Run towards the God who created you for love and fellowship.



My children, I want you to stop striving in your flesh, because your fleshly  efforts amount to nothing without My Spirit. Begin to enter into My rest at all times now, even in the midst of chaos and death that you will see. My peace and life overcomes anything the enemy can throw at you! I know this goes against everything that your human mind tells you but you must listen to what the Holy Spirit whispers to you. My perfect peace passes all understanding for those that keep their hearts and minds fixed on Me always!


Nothing catches Me by surprise! I am here with you in the midst of all of it as well. Do not believe the lies of the enemy, he wants you to fear, so that he can have an open door to do his will in your life, stealing, killing and destroying. I know the next thing that will happen in your life and in everyone’s lives across the globe and I will work all things to the good of those who love Me and are obedient to My ways. These are the ones who walk by My Spirit and not after the flesh, they are the called according to My purpose. For whom I foreknew, I also predestined to be conformed into My image, that I might be the firstborn among many brethren. You are My brothers and sisters! Rejoice for the time of your transformation is nigh at the door! The enemy’s attacks are increasing now and will increase even more but the power that raised Me from the dead lives within your being and you have the power to overcome even as I did! Draw from that power not from the power of your flesh. I know your flesh is tired, but when you are weak I AM STRONG!

Yes My children, you are in the time of great change even now but you will see even more drastic change in the blink of an eye, very soon. My children, I do not want you to be running to and fro in the chaos after the kick-off event takes place. This is why I tell you of these things beforehand. It is written that cataclysmic events, man-made/fallen angel destruction, war, economic collapse, famine, disease, persecution even unto death, great earthquakes, floods and many other things shall take place before My coming. What is written shall NEVER pass away! Heaven and earth shall pass away but MY WORD SHALL NOT PASS AWAY! Behold, I make all things new, that is what I do! I never stop!

My Children, seek Me now and learn of the mysteries that I long to tell you. What has been hidden is now being revealed for it is the appointed time, the time of the end and they have been sealed until now. My Word has many treasures hidden in it that are yet to be discovered. It is My glory to conceal a matter, but the glory of kings is to search out a matter. I have made you kings and priests; Yes! a chosen generation, a royal priesthood, a holy nation, My own special people, that you may proclaim My praises for I have called you out of darkness into My marvelous light. For there is nothing covered that will not be revealed, and hidden that will not be known. Whatever I tell you in the dark, speak in the light; and what you hear in the ear, preach on the housetops. My remnant/bride shall be revealed all in the coming days, though no single man will be revealed everything. These things can only be revealed in the Spirit, so the enemy cannot know them. These revelations will not be written in documents, books, blogs or websites; they will be written upon the hearts of My remnant/bride. I shall reveal these things in the secret, intimate, inner chamber: the very core of your beings, in the most holy place, where only you and I can be. My truth is unveiled to you My bride!

Let My words give you hope and strength, even though the time of shaking is upon you! All that can be shaken will be; spiritually and physically.

I will do all that I have said and all that which is hidden!

I am coming and My rewards are with Me!

I do not delay!


Jesus Christ

Yahushua ha Mashiach


Scripture given also from Source: Rest in Me, Walk in the Spirit, Hidden Treasures in My Word are Being Revealed