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I saw a Believer in a bedroom. (Place of rest and preparation).  A GOLD SASH was being placed over his head.  A Key was being given to him.

Source: Beloved, There Has Been A Shift! † His Kingdom Prophecy

God’s outpouring to connect the ages– the synergy of the ages; Increase and restoration are yours; The enemy is being destroyed; The Sword is released in the

Source: Declarations & Decrees: God’s Outpouring † His Kingdom Prophecy

Declarations and Decrees: New strategies from Heaven; Renewed power of Holy Spirit for the days ahead; Your heart’s cry is to serve God – He is sending you out!

Source: Declarations & Decrees: New Strategies From Heaven † His Kingdom Prophecy

Jesus asks: What are your objectives, purposes and attitudes? Are they the same as mine?

Source: Some Reasons Jesus Said He Came † His Kingdom Prophecy

The Chain Breaker is in your midst. The yoke shall be destroyed because of the Anointing. My Love has brought you out of the darkness and into the Light.

Source: God Wants to Break Some Chains! † His Kingdom Prophecy

All heaven’s power, wisdom, and myriads of angels await the speaking forth of the words of the Father from the living people of God on earth.

Source: The Season & the Time Have Now Come! † His Kingdom Prophecy

Do not faint, Beloved. The spirit of death has been defeated by the Spirit of LIFE. My Spirit in you is quickening your mortal body.

Source: Do Not Faint, Beloved! † His Kingdom Prophecy