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The Holy Spirit has reminded me to get this out. I don’t believe this darkness is anything like we have ever experienced upon this Earth. Almost like it is alive.

The darkness that will prevail is unlike any darkness that has been felt on this Earth. It is alive, awake, deep, dark, lonely and is an entity on its own. Candles will not hold a candle to this darkness. When the light has left, all will know they are no longer in Kansas. Focus on me, focus on my word, my love, my presents which cuts thru the darkness.
Those who need the darkness will experience it, so they can truly know what the Abyss is like. They have not taken warnings seriously of what my prophets, visionists and dreamers have warned about. It is important that those who have not heeded these warning, see what a future in darkness is truly about. Their jokes of “Hell” will no longer be so funny. I give this experience for those who have not followed my rules. Those who think they are good enough. Those who think they are headed to Heaven but are sorely wrong.
Use this darkness as a learning tool to make it into my Kingdom. There is much you do not know about but need to be taught. Pay attention to these lessons, because I love you too much to lose you.

Source: Candlelight – LynL

Source: Auroras Fill the Daylight Sky / Your Source of Life – LynL

When you see the darkness prevail, do not be concerned unless you are not of me. As you know I will take care of my own when darkness hits the Earth. All have been warned, but few have heeded those warnings. The darkness will be prevalent, and its thickness will be all consuming. It is important for all to pray, sing and glorify the most high. This will cut the darkness and lighten its load. Read Psalms and bible passages, speak of my time on Earth. All these practices will help with the heaviness that will be felt by all.

I will be with those who are of the light, and they will only feel minorly the effects of the evil that will be felt by others. The chosen who have made me their savior will give off my light (possibly to read in darkness)? In groups without these individuals, it will be a totally different and more horrifying experience. This will waken those who have not headed my calls. They will have a much more vivid experience of what true darkness is. They will be more apt to choose light over dark when given the opportunity to see what darkness is (feels like). Most have no idea of its effect in the human soul.

Source: The Night is Long and Dark – Lynl

Source: They have unleashed the plague – Asha B

Source: Rachel Weeps in the Darkness – Vicki Goforth Parnell