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“I will comfort you,” says The LORD. “I AM your God, and I see your tears.”

Source: The LORD Will Comfort You by June Sheltrown Reinke

Dec 3, 2021

Daughter write My words,

My precious Army of Warriors, rise from your ashes. Rise from your heartache, rise from your sorrows. This is your time to shine. No more hiding, no more being invisible, no more being trampled on, no more being rejected. No more being told you are doing, and are, nothing, for they don’t realize, no, they don’t believe that you have been under My employment. In training, you have been in great testing even by and through those around you. I have used all situations to build you, to train and raise you up into the great army that you are. Your deliverance is here. Your portion is poured out, you’re going forward in greatness unlike anything the world has ever witnessed in all its days. My Remnant you are My Chosen, First Fruits of My harvest and you are the leaders that will harvest what remains. Come, dry your tears, receive of Me My peace for My anointing is upon you and from that day to the day I raise you up to come home, will be the best days of your existence. You have all labored, though to the world you seem like nothing but a wasted life. They don’t know you the way I know you. You have been obedient to only Me, they don’t understand you, they cannot relate to you but that’s because you are not of this world. They didn’t recognize or receive Me. They hated, persecuted and even crucified Me. A servant is not greater than his Master. But in resurrection, when you rise, this is when the Glory comes for you. So lift your weary heads, do not feel any shame, remorse or fear, for you are Mine. Hear Me My Remnant, I chose you. I built you up for such a time as this. Get ready!


Source: When You Rise – Terri Hennessy

The LORD says, “Beloved. Think not that the enemy has the upper hand. Oh no, Dear One. I AM still seated upon The Throne.”

Source: Great Pressure? — Even Greater Release! by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: This is a limited time offer – Roxanne

Yes daughter write My words,

I share My glory with those who are Minefor My glory will pour out like the finest wine over all who love and seek for My will. To all who are feeling the heaviness of the hour, let this be an edification and encouragement to all of you. Your Lord is coming! Your Lord is coming! Your King has risen and is ready to bring down His glory, pouring forth from the Throne unto all who shall go for Him, to all who will work the harvest. I say pray, in anticipation of receiving the greatest blessing that could ever be given you, My anointing. My gift of Agape Love for you will feel and be blessed by the pouring forth. It will take every pain, heartache, anxiety, some of you have been bearing for years, and will give, in its place, a love like you have never known. It will make you feel like you are soaring, floating and will enable each of you to rise above and bring to forgetfulness all that has hindered you for so long. Get ready My fierce and courageous warriors. Ready your hearts, your spirits. Come, drink from Me, My living water and be strengthened for the next leg of your journey, for it comes sooner than you think. I love you My children; you will know just how much, upon receiving that anointing and not one of you will be able to find words to express what you will feel. But you will jump, leap, fly, and rise for the love you will feel will make you feel like you can do ANYTHING! Nothing will be impossible to you because I AM in you. I love you and await with great excitement to see the reactions of those who will suddenly go from mourning into dancing. Hallelujah!

Your Papa
ABBA Father

Source: Nothing will be impossible to you – Terri Hennessey

Dream 538

Source: PROPHETIC MESSAGE: The Great Snatching Away!! (The Rapture!!) – Elizabeth Marie

The LORD says, “Beloved. The Word was made flesh, and tabernacled among you. I sent My Spirit to dwell in your heart. ”

Source: Always on the Outside, Looking In? by Deborah Waldron Fry

The LORD says, “For now I AM even propelling and accelerating My People into places of radical Faith and expectation for Kingdom Advancement!”

Source: Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into His Glory Zone by Veronika West