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Child, I have a new word for you to write.

My children, how many times must you be forewarned to seek My counsel instead of man? You believe in science and modern medicine and not Me, the Great I Am.

Pay attention children! There are multiple plagues coming. You now have monkeypox. Listen to Me, how do these so-called professionals in the field of medicine and science already have a vaccine for this? Do you not see the bigger picture here? These plagues are created in a lab; then they will profess they have a cure, like they did with Covid 19 through a vaccine. The vaccine will carry the virus.

You must realize they are lying to the public and it is all about their Eugenics plan, following their Georgia Guidestones outline that in order to sustain themselves they must eliminate billions and reduce the population to 500 million.

My people perish for lack of knowledge. It is easier to believe the lies than to seek the truth by coming to Me, the Omnipresent God who sees it all!

They have an even greater, more effective plague: it is a Viral Hemorrhagic Fever (VHF). I have had my scribe research this and it is currently in Iraq and with people travelling around the world it will be in America shortly.

Children, Children, Children DO NOT TAKE ANYMORE VACCINATIONS!! Many of you are already on a slippery slope by taking the Covid 19 vaccination and then taking the booster. You are putting more and more poison into your bodies. You MUST REPENT for not consulting Me first about this! Do you not yet see how fast they are pushing now for this New World Order (NWO) worldwide extermination plan?

You must NEVER AND I REPEAT NEVER take what they say at face value anymore when government and CDC claim they are on your side concerned about your well-being. THESE ARE LIES, I tell you! Many pockets have been filled with mammon to promote all the untruths! Millions will lose their lives as they put out new and improved plagues. Satan is on a rampage to take as many souls as he can. The 8th king is already behind closed doors advising his flock to advance his agenda.

Those who seek Me daily I have led to the truth. To the lukewarm and yet unsaved ones you must make it a priority to return to Me! Did not the Son come to demonstrate that all must call upon His name to be saved? There is Only One who can save – He is the way, the truth and the life (John 14:6). The other, the 8th king, soon coming Anti-christ, will deceive millions and say he is the Savior and those who follow after him will be sheeple to the slaughter. He is out to steal, kill and destroy (John 10:10). DO NOT FOLLOW HIM to your own demise!

You ask “Why would a loving God allow this?” My children, this nation has fallen from grace because of sin: everything under the sun has been allowed in; everything abominable, unclean, foul, vile, despicable and detestable has been accepted. What once was good is now considered evil; what is evil is now called good.

The time is so very short. The earth is groaning, My babies cry day and night and ask when will I avenge them? This time has come as judgments continue on a larger scale. Most have refused to listen and heed the warnings given and you will see how fast this door shall be shut. Procrastination will only give satan a foothold to take you with him. Life can change in an instant and you are about to see just how fast it is going to change!

Prepare your hearts! Repent! Return! That is your only option if you desire to receive everlasting life. I desire this to be so. Don’t forfeit your salvation for a temporary pleasure. Your eternity depends on it. Who will it be, Me or satan? Put your hope in Me, not man. Since I AM is a loving and merciful God, I am about to shake all that can be shaken and send My Chosen Vessels out. All will see My Power through them – the darker it gets the brighter they will shine. I will do what mankind has never witnessed before.

That is all my child. I love you My children! I am the Lord God Almighty, Omnipresent, Omnipotent and Omniscient.

He said for me to tell the people to start going to these sites and learn. Time is of the essence now.

Following are the sites and scroll down if need be: Repentance prayer go to:

also watch video by World Health Organization, the latest one. Look up Georgia Guidestones they follow, known as America’s Stonehenge. Watch film Endgame 2007.

Note: Covid 19 killed 1 pct. of pop., Monkeypox can kill up to 1 out of every 10 people. That would be 10 pct. of pop. And VHF will kill even more. Also, from what I read it appears that about 250,000 that died from Covid were vaccinated individuals from 1/21 to 3/22. Please do some reading to understand more.

Source: WHEN WILL YOU LISTEN? – Anonymous One

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Source: WATCH THE WATER – Dr. Bryan Ardis Interview with Stew Peters

Source: Jesus’ Blood Type, The Serpent’s Venom Plus Related Dreams – Michelle Katherine Orts

The Satanic Link: “Can you think of anything more evil than en.venom.ating the entire world with snake venom?”~ Dr. Ardis


As COVID-19 is rampant in China, the whole country is undergoing lockdown and PCR tests for everybody, leaving ordinary Chinese people suffering unspeakably. With grief in my heart, I asked the Lord, “Lord, would you like to say something about what’s going to happen?”

“My daughter, this world will soon pass away, My kingdom will come, a new heaven and a new earth is just around the corner.

The epidemic and PCR tests for everybody that are happening in your country are man-made, is a preview of mandatory vaccination that will be coming soon, to see how far and to what limits you can be controlled by them, so that they can better control you in the future, not only your personal freedom, but also the control and manipulation of everything that belongs to you.

As mandatory vaccinations become legal, the mark of the beast will then make its appearance. Many of My sons and daughters do not believe that the vaccines and the mark of the beast are in one. They believe that the vaccines are the vaccines, and the mark of the beast is the mark of the beast, which are completely separate and unrelated.

They are wrong, they are totally wrong! Without vaccines, there would be no the mark of beast which mentions in the book of Revelation, just as there would be no second, third and higher floors of a building without the first floor.

Pray for them, My children, that if they would only repent before Me with their grief and contrite hearts, I would forgive them, for there is no sin for Me that I cannot forgive, except the blasphemy against My Holy Spirit. But they must bear the consequences for defiling My temple, their bodies, and I will give their bodies to Satan, but their souls must be saved.

For those who have not yet accepted Me, Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, although they have received the vaccines once, twice, or even three times, I will still give them the opportunity to come to know Me and repent before Me, but this opportunity is only one time deal.

For those who are already My believers and have already received one time vaccine, I will still forgive them as long as they can repent before Me with a contrite heart.

But for those who have already received 2 times vaccines, without My special grace and mercy, they can no longer repent and their fate is sealed, which is the eternal punishment of hell and the lake of fire.

Pray for the mercy I can still give them. I would like all men to be saved, not one to perish. Watching them fall into the pit of hell one after another, batch after batch, My heart breaks, My tears flow for them, but I can do nothing, it is their choice, it is their decision.

I Am an almighty God, but I cannot interfere with anyone’s choice and decision which made out of their free will that I have given them.

Pray for your families and friends who have not yet believed in Me, pray for those church members who are lukewarm and still are slumber.

The day of My coming is near, very near. The four horses of the book of Revelation are coming out one after another, running all over the whole earth.

Wars, famines, pestilences, and deaths. None of you could spare from these plagues if you do not abide in Me and are hidden by My mighty wings.

Listen, the trumpet is about to sound, and the dead in Me will rise, and you who are alive and believe in Me will come up to Me, and we will go together to the wedding feast of the Lamb; and behold, the wedding feast is ready, and is waiting for you to be seated.

Rejoice and joy, My children, the day of your redemption is near and is right at hand!”

“Lord, do you have anything to add?”

“The COVID-19 epidemic will soon be over, but a greater plague is coming, a plague spreads by the air, those infected people will bleed to death.

A great panic will come to the whole earth, the streets will be full of bodies that died suddenly and fell to the ground, no one dares to bury them; because the number of deaths is increasing by the day, it is almost impossible to find people to bury these dead bodies.

My children, you must dwell in the secret place of the Most High, hidden yourselves under the shadow of the Almighty, and though a thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand shall fall at your right hand, this plague shall not come near you.

Do not choose to step out of My protection, but cling to Me, and then I will hide you under My mighty wings, and no plague, no pestilence, no disaster or evil shall come near you.

I love you, My precious children, and the day of your return home is near!”

God richly Bless, Ruth

Source: A Greater Plague Is Coming – BRIDEOFYESHUA-RS