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Dream 636

Why are you surprised by the destruction you see? You were told to prepare; it was coming. Worshipers of gold and silver and idols hear the word of the Lord:  ”I will make the land desolate and uninhabitable. You will not parade your perversions before me and continue to murder babes in the womb. You will not defy me and my words. My wrath is kindled against the ungodly. They have not responded to the cries of the watchmen and messengers. Amend your ways and REPENT. Hearts have not changed. My words will be followed by my action. You will know I AM THE LORD.”

Source: Why are you surprised by the destruction you see? – Barbara Francis

Excerpt: The war I have warned you about is just before you. America will no longer be sheltered from battle. Your land will no longer be untouchable by your enemies – fore your leaders have let in your enemy and they are amongst you. They were hidden but they will come out of hiding to attack.

Watch Miami. Watch San Francisco. Watch Chicago. As I said to you years ago, all the planning and scheming has led to this.

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Source: LISTEN TO ME – Pamela G.


Source: The Sin of Justification – Cherrie Archer

Source: What is coming next Father? – Tracy Lee Jones

Source: DO NOT BE AFRAID – Tracy Lee King

Source: The battle is on for mans soul – Cherrie Archer

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