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I decree and declare you contain the BRIGHT GLORY of Holy Spirit, it does not fade away as it did with Moses.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: You Are Anointed to Announce Good News! ~ by Dawn Flores


I decree and declare it is EVIDENT that what you are going through is to ADVANCE the GOOD NEWS of Christ Jesus/ Messiah Yeshua.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: You Wait Expectantly for His Return! ~ by Dawn Flores

I decree and declare YOU ARE BLESSED when you are INSULTED because you bear the Name of Christ/ Messiah, how BLESSED you are!

Source: Declarations & Decrees: You Are Being Refined to Reign With Christ/ Messiah!

We decree and declare God is CALLING you out; He is SEPARATING you for His Work and IMPARTATION.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: God’s Abiding Presence & Glory Are Calling You! ~ by Dawn Flores ~ HKP

We declare YOU, my Father, the Lord God, Creator of the Universe, are MY DWELLING PLACE.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: You Are Restored as You Abide in His Secret Place! ~ by Dawn Flores ~ HKP

We declare the WORD was in the BEGINNING, and the WORD was with God, and the WORD was GOD!

Source: Declarations & Decrees: The Living Word of God Lived, Died & Rose to Give Us Life! ~ by Dawn Flores ~ HKP

The enemy cannot mimic Me, and does not want to. For he hates Me. His voice is the opposite of Mine.

Source: My Voice Will Lead You!