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Yahushua [Jesus],

We come boldly before Your throne to ask for grace and Your strength in our time of desperate need. The enemy seeks to destroy us and he and his dark kingdom watch us from every angle. Those he controls have created horrific and deadly weapons that are used against us every day and we petition now for You to supernaturally protect us from this onslaught of evil. We know that You are our only Source of help, You are our Defense, and our Refuge in these last days, as everything in Your Word is being fulfilled at terrible speed now.

We pray for You to place us in Your supernatural wall of fire, shielding us from attacks of every form. We place Your blood on the inside of every cell within our bodies, so that the demonic weapons of warfare will not harm us in any way as we are Your temples. We bind, crush and send to You for judgment all weaponized electromagnetic energy and frequencies. Yahushua, protect us from all cyber attacks- attacks that originate from satellites, computers, wi-fi signals, electromagnetic warfare, 5G technology and radiation or wave forms of any kind.

Protect us from every single substance being sprayed in our atmosphere that is intended to cause harm and sickness. Protect us from all unnatural substances, vaccines, and things added to foods or drinks that are meant to cause illness, defects, or to alter our DNA.

Protect our water supply from chemicals, pesticides, poisons, and diseases of every kind. Protect us from every airborne particle in our atmosphere that is not healthy or natural.

Seal our minds and cover them with Your Holy and precious blood. Insulate and close our minds from the constant bombardment by television, entertainment, computers and media, predictive programming, brainwashing, indoctrinating and subliminal messages that bombard us in every aspect of life as we know it, so that all assaults by demonic programming and mind manipulation in any form or coming from any portal will be rendered ineffectual and harmless to us altogether.

Close our ears to the whispers of all demons and members of the dark kingdom that seeks to distract us and deceive us at every turn. Shield our eyes from all evil things that we have no choice but to be exposed to, in a world gone mad, a world that is spiraling into utter darkness without You.

We pray that in this moment now, we would become completely invisible to the enemy and his dark kingdom and all the powers that be would not know of our existence, as we walk out our purposes here on the earth. Make invisible your places of refuge all over the world, and all the resources You have provided therein, where believers are now dwelling and where more will be gathering as well in the very near future, all across the earth. Erase our locations, our identities, our places of work and dwelling, our travel, our financial situations, our resources and all You have given to us, and do not allow the enemy to have any further information or access to us whatsoever. Please remove our names Yahushua from any data bases or suggested red or blue lists that have been created wherein the powers that be would come for us to capture us as times become increasingly dangerous.

Cause us to breathe only Your Holy breath, hear only Your sweet voice in the secret place of Your heart, as we commune with You. Allow our eyes to see only the Holy, beautiful and undefiled fulfillment of all Your promises, as we hold fast to Your Word and wait for our reunion with You in Your Kingdom. We trust You with all that we have precious Yahushua and believe with our hearts in all faith that You hear our prayers and answer them according to Your perfect will. Thank you for Your faithfulness and for Your incredible love for those who love You. We adore You and we praise You forevermore.

Amen and amen.


Yahuah, we humbly come before you this day to pray for those who are our enemies and for all those who have come against us in this life. We pray that all those who mistreat us, use us for their own motives, tell lies about us, slander us and gossip about us be brought to your feet for judgment. We ask You to seal their lips permanently so that the poison they spew is silenced, as well as the demonic strongholds that hold them captive.

Wall them in with a hedge of thorns around about them that they cannot find their path until You become their first love. All those we have ever known or are currently in relationship with and who have hurled unjustified accusations against us, all those who may have misrepresented themselves as to their heart intentions in our lives, we lift up to You this moment.

We ask You to sever all soul ties and relationships that are not entirely of You and ordained by You. We pray that the scales would fall from the eyes of those who are spiritually blinded and Your truths would be revealed. We pray that their ears would be open to Your voice, the voice of the True Shepherd, and sealed permanently to the voice of the evil one whispering to them as the false holy spirit- (kundalini spirit).

We cover them with Your holy and precious blood Yahushua and forgive them for their assaults against us, as they know not what they do. We pray that you would hold them accountable for their words, deeds and actions and that You would bring recompense where it is due.

Please give them understanding and expose the wickedness in their lives that has opened the door for the evil ones to come in and use them against us. Expose satan’s plots and schemes against us and flood these with Your light. Please cancel the enemy’s assignments and petitions against us and our loved ones and isolate each demonic spirit from each other, rendering them useless and ineffectual.

We pray for greater discernment in our own lives and that of our loved ones, and ask that You continue to station Your warrior angels around us that we may be supernaturally protected from the enemy and all his strongholds and all that he desires for our destruction. Thank you for Your Sword of the Spirit, Your Word as we declare our victory in You and that no weapon formed against us will be permitted to prosper.

Amen and amen.


I decree and declare I DESIRE TO GIVE without limit, without boundaries.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: God is Able to Do Exceedingly Abundantly More! ~ by Dawn Flores

I decree and declare the Lord has given His ANGELS charge over me, to GUARD ME in all my ways.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: God’s Angels Are With You to Guard You! ~ by Dawn Flores

What an awesome God we serve, He changes not, He is the same today, yesterday and forever!

Decree with me:

In this hour, I am standing firm and staying focused!

I will not shrink back nor retreat, even as I find myself walking in the midst of a strong and violent wind, a contrary wind that has blown in to derail and sabotage my progress.

I will fear not, for an even greater and mightier wind will now come, the whirlwinds of his peace, and protection and divine intervention, these supernatural winds will counteract and reverse the power and curse of every opposing and demonic wind that has come against me in this season.

I will be still, I will be calm, for the empowering whirlwinds of his spirit will lift and carry me, pushing and propelling me forward into the land of promise, abundance and inheritance.

I decree, I will not be passed by, but I will stand strong, for this is the season of my breakthrough and prayed for miracles.

Look!  I see my Father in Heaven is now rebuilding what has been torn down, and replanting what has been uprooted in this hour, and The Holy Spirit in me is strengthening, reestablishing, redirecting and reordering my steps.

Now I see the pathways of glory are rising up to meet me in the midst of chaos and confusion that are seeking to rob, kill and destroy.

I declare, I shall remain steadfast for he is the divine architect and the master builder in my life.

I am being fully restored, revived and reenergised, for surely I know my God is reassembling my life brick by brick and where the winds and storms have come and causing displacement and discouragement I shall not be moved to doubt or unbelief for I have the assurance of a mighty deliverer working on my behalf.

I shall rejoice for every seeming set back has been worked for my good.

Now I will see the manifestation of his mighty power at work in my life.

I receive His Grace that will reinforce and renew my hope and expectation.  Even now I hear the sound of a new door opening, and I see a new way forming in front of me.

In this season I will choose to stand still!  Stand firm, and watch The Salvation of The LORD.

I will testify of His Mercy as He brings back and brings together the fragmented pieces and broken places of every area of my life!

He is the great creator and the great redeemer, and in this hour, I see His Hand and Spirit move to relay and expand my foundations.

He is taking me deeper, and rebuilding in me foundations that cannot be shifted or shaken in the midst of any and every storm.

I prophesy, He is even rebuilding my faith in this hour, and restoring to me sight.

I will dream again, new and greater vision is now before me.

I will watch as He unrolls and uncovers fresh blueprints for my life, and I will watch as He brings together all the puzzles pieces of my life.

Clarity, new strategy and new patterns are now forming.  I will receive, receive, receive all that my Father is releasing to me, yes!

There are new dimensions and new plans being given to me through His Word.

I am being taken deeper and deeper.  He is building higher and higher and that which has been hidden and wrapped up in the realms of mystery in the last season will now become my new reality.

Behold, things will now become clearer and more transparent in my life as my trust is restored.

The joy of expectancy is rising up within me!  He is strengthening me to keep moving and advancing forward in faith and hope for an expected end

Source: I Am Being Fully Restored, Revived & Re-energized! ~ by Veronika West

I decree and declare Jesus Christ/ Yeshua the Messiah is the TRUE VINE and His Father/ Abba is the GARDENER.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: By Bearing Much Fruit You Prove to Be Christ’s Disciples! ~ by Dawn Flores

I decree and declare I will WALK to HELP and BUILD UP for the GOOD of my neighbor.

Source: Declarations & Decrees: My Life is to Glorify God! ~ by Dawn Flores