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“So the last will be first, and the first last.  For many are called, but few chosen.”  Matthew 20: 16

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You might ask me why I also help him financially, since he does not have a 501 (c) (3) designation and the contributions are not tax deductible?  The answer is that I know the great eternal rewards that Jonathan will receive in Heaven, and I want to participate in a small way.

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In Christ,

Brian Lake

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Prayer Request – Daniel Masika

How are You Doing Today!!! I want to Take This Time and Thank all the Team and Families , Friends With Partners on 444 Prophecy news Be Blessed and the Shower of Blessing Come on You and Your Families. All the Children and Our Team in the Orphanage with Our Family sent Our Love, Hugs and Love to You and we are Humbled with the Love, Support and Encouragement, Big Big Thank You, Each day we are Making a Progress step by Step

-It Took us Five Years Building The Orphanage and Primary School, which we Now have ,Im a Brick maker i made all Bricks which we used, But we Completed Both Primary school and Dormitories where Boys and Girls Sleep, Most of Our Children were Young and in Primary school ,Right Now their are Grown up and From This April Most of them Will be in Highschool But we Dont have enough Class Room Now for High School, Since we have enough Land to Build on High School We have started a foundation on Build a high school and we have 30,000 Bricks Now we Can Build Our High School, We need This Things to Complete the Highschool (1.) Stone (2.) Sand. (3.) Metal.(4) Cement. (5.) Concrete. (6) Wood (Timber) (7) Glass (8)Roofing sheets with (9) Nails we will do 8 Class Rooms Big Size, 4 Offices Rooms, One Kitchen room and Eight Rest rooms for Both Boys and Girls.

We need to Raise $32,000 That will Complete the High school Urgently Before April as we Cant handle to Pay for Over 120 Children school Fee in Highschool in Public School for Each Child, In Public school average fee is $120 per Term which is 3 Months But we Can Cut the Cost by Having Our Own School in Place, We Humble Convert Your Prayers If Ruach hakodesh(Holy Spirit) Leads you to Help Please Click here to Donate

Our website Click here
Much Love

Source: Prayer Request – Daniel Masika


I’m in the heavenlies with The LORD. We are in a large room. In the room are LOTS OF CHILDREN and some adults, who are talking and playing with them.

I’m just watching them as we continue to walk into room after room, each filled with children and a few adults.

The LORD is delighted in seeing the children in each room we walk into. I can see how His eyes are twinkling and He’s grinning from ear to ear. At times, it’s like He can hardly contain His excitement for the children, for what they are saying and doing.

We continue going from room to room, each with more children and some adults. Some of the adults I recognize as people who I knew that loved children greatly.

They were teachers, counselors, foster parents, adoptive parents, biological moms and dads, grandparents, policemen and women, soldiers, social workers, coaches, mentors, doctors and nurses, and others.

The LORD talked about His love for the children and that they are the future of every nation and the key to the survival of the nations.

Then He said, “The children are the ones who carry the future with them. That’s why it’s so important to teach them of their past, so they don’t repeat mistakes made by their forefathers.

But it’s also important to encourage their creativity and to teach them My ways, over the ways of man.” (Psalm 127:3-5)

Continue reading @ Source: Children — The Keys to the Future of Nations ~ by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you give a goat to charity? Learn how a Ugandan family’s entire livelihood was transformed by livestock given through Compassion’s Gift Catalog.

A girl in a white dress stands next to a black and white goat.

When you give a goat through the Compassion Gift Catalog, how exactly does a goat get to a child in need? And, more important, how does it really help?

It’s a common question from gift catalog shoppers — and not just about goats. Whether you donate a mosquito net, water well, Bibles or any other catalog gifts that help people in need, the actual gifts are bought and distributed by the local church workers who serve kids in Compassion-assisted child development centers. These staff and volunteers live and work in the same communities as sponsored children. They get to know each child on a personal level and understand what would best help the children’s families.

Goats are a powerful (and cute) example of how giving through the Compassion Gift Catalog can change the story for a family living in poverty.

Like Patience’s family.

A girl in a white dress stands in front of a wood and mud thatched house.
The 10-year-old girl lives in a rural area of Uganda with her parents and siblings. She goes to a Compassion center based at a church down a long dirt road from her home. The meals she eats there have always been a big relief for her parents, especially since a drought in Uganda has made crops much harder to grow in recent years. Patience’s parents couldn’t even grow enough food to feed themselves — let alone extra to sell for income.

“We didn’t have a lot in terms of harvests, in terms of clothing, in terms of medical care,” says Patience’s mom, Dinah. “We basically didn’t have anything. But when they took on Patience [in Compassion’s program], we got relief.”

To make the family’s situation more pressing, Dinah had newborn twins.

“I gave birth to them during the drought, which was all over the media — a very difficult time with no food, with a lot of sunshine,” she says. “It was a very difficult Caesarean.”

Dinah’s recovery from the birth was slow. She wasn’t getting the nutrients she needed, and she wasn’t producing enough breastmilk to feed her baby girls. “Initially, I would buy milk if I had money,” she says. “But if I did not have money, I’d just give them porridge without any milk, which was very difficult for them.”

Dinah despaired as her husband searched for work in their village.

But one day the director of Patience’s Compassion center visited with joyful news.

Give a goat: a girl stands outside a wood animal pen with two goats.

Using donations given through Compassion’s Gift Catalog, he was able to buy goats for their family and others in their community who had the greatest need. And to make sure the animals made the biggest possible impact, the church would provide training to all goat recipients.

Patience’s family received four pregnant goats, and Dinah began going to the training course and passing along all she learned to the rest of her family.

“I learned quite a number of things,” Dinah recalls. “I learned to feed them well. I learned to vaccinate them so that the ticks do not make them sick. I learned to give them salt, because it is valuable for their health. And I also learned we need to keep washing them so that they keep healthy.”

With the help of church workers, the family built a wooden pen for the goats, dug a compost pit where goat manure would be used to make fertilizer, and started grazing the animals on a schedule. Soon each goat gave birth to one kid.

Patience helps care for the growing herd. “If we are going to leave home for the whole day, we leave them with peelings for them to eat,” she says. “We get manure from the goats. We apply the manure in our coffee plantations, and then when the coffee grows well, we sell the coffee.”

But the goats produced so much more than a great fertilizer. With their milk, Dinah was able to supplement her breast milk to feed the twins. As the goat herd grew stronger, so did the twins — now healthy toddlers. Their father tends to the flourishing banana and coffee crops, which he now sells for a steady income.

“I want to thank the people who gave us the goats,” Dinah says. “We have looked after the goats, and we have gotten a huge relief. I believe if other families get goats, they would also be as relieved as we are.”

That’s the power of giving a goat.

Whether you give a goat or another gift through Compassion’s Gift Catalog, you can trust that the church workers who partner with Compassion will know exactly how to use it to best serve children. Giving a gift without seeing the actual receiving of the gift requires an act of faith, but that faith generates limitless possibilities in the lives of the families Compassion serves. Is there any better gift than that?

Read more @

(Carol’s note: If you want your goat to go to a certain child, you would first have to choose and sponsor them for $38/month, then send a family gift of money so a goat could be purchased for that specific family. That is what I do. There is great joy in hearing the links of poverty’s chains breaking because of small acts of kindness!)

Are you ready for some good-news stories as we celebrate the ultimate Good News of Jesus’ birth? The news headlines can get us down, but so many acts of kindness and inspirational stories are unfolding each day. You won’t want to miss these beautiful snapshots of the amazing work God is doing through sponsors and the local church around the world. Here are 25 good-news stories from each country where Compassion serves. Watch a video at the end of this article for a highlight of the year!

These feel-good stories will make you smile, praise God and shout, “Amen!”

Jump to:Africa:Burkina Faso | Ethiopia | Ghana | Kenya | Rwanda | Tanzania | Togo | UgandaAsia:Bangladesh | Indonesia | Philippines | Thailand | Sri Lanka Central America and the Caribbean: Dominican Republic | El Salvador | Guatemala | Haiti | Honduras | Mexico | Nicaragua South America: Bolivia | BrazilColombiaEcuador | Peru

We praise God for all He did through His people around the world in 2019! Enjoy this video with a few highlights from 2019.

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You must come out of the Traditions of Man. COME OUT OF THE THINGS OF THIS WORLD FOR ONE DAY THEY WILL ALL BE TAKEN AWAY! I have told you to separate yourself from the world for the world does not …


A child on this planet waits for you to choose them to break their cycle of poverty. You can write to them, pray for them and show the love of Jesus Christ in a real, meaningful way to someone in need. Poverty is overwhelming on a worldwide basis, but God does not despise small beginnings. If everyone just “adopted” one child, we WOULD MAKE A DIFFERENCE, as God’s hands, feet (and wallet). How strong is the love of money in your life truly? Could you give some of it away to someone less fortunate than yourself?

Write to me and share which child you chose and why their story spoke to your heart. I’d love to hear from you! (Yes, I do have children from both sites.)

“Test yourselves and find out if you really are true to your faith. If you pass the test, you will discover that Christ is living in you. But if Christ isn’t living in you, you have failed.” (2 Corinthians 13:5)