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I have warned and warned and warned and warned again … Repent. Man is blind and deaf. Fallen. It is very dark. Severe darkness has fallen yet very few understand. Very few comprehend. My people perish from a lack of understanding. Wisdom has departed. Pearls cast before swine. Trampled. I have called all men to repent. I have called and called and called. Destruction. Violence. The Chaos and noise of the world is loud. How men love it so. The beast System. Lovers of self. Boastful. Arrogant. Full of pride. Blasphemers. Unthankful. UnHoly. The noise and your love for the world has deafened you to my call. This generation is full of lawlessness. Sin abounds. Soaked in sin to overflowing and how few see. Filth. Absolute filth. I weep with fiery indignation. I have had my fill. I AM full of wrath. My pain has turned to fury. I AM so very very very grieved at the way I have been rejected a second time. I mourned and wept. I wept a flood of tears. I extended my mercy and called men back to me.

All things have changed. It is now. The hour is now. Fire comes. Much fire. Who can stand before me? Many have fallen and are falling away. Who can endure my coming? Who? Fullers soap. Fire and brimstone. Weighed in the balance and found wanting. Your house has left you desolate. This wounded and grieved heart that bleeds has turned to wrath. Where is there room for me? Am I even desired? How deep my sorrow and indignation burn. Great shaking and mass destruction. Total destruction. Very few walk in my spirit and in my truth. I AM forsaken. How forsaken and dismissed I AM. Enough. All nations that forget me, GOD are turned into hell. America has forgotten me. America is so full of all that is in enmity with me. How few can see. Lights have gone out. Many lampstands removed. It is dark indeed. I AM not the author of confusion but of peace. So many are deceived and confused. Deception abounds. Godless generation. The end has come. The end of all things has come. I come. I come with fire and great GLORY. I come in the clouds . Thick darkness. Marvelous light. Eternity. How my heart bleeds. Enough. All things new. Destruction of a nation that recrucified me.

Look up my little flock there is good for all who love me. I will dwell in your midst. I have loved you always and will always love you. My good pleasure to give you the kingdom. Lean not on your own understanding. Trust me. Faith. Not sight. It is the end. The beginning. The Return. Changed.


Source: Fire and Brimstone – Krystal Beall

Source: THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE, IT IS IN ME ALONE – Handmaid of the Most High

The LORD told me that some leaders have been preaching a different “I AM” than the God who flooded the earth in the days of Noah.

Source: The False Priesthood ~by Ty Unruh

Dream 661

“My dear child: There are many hidden in plain sight in Christian congregational meetings who are like the Pharisees of old,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD’s The Threshing Floor ~by Mary B. Dovie

In many of The Churches I have ministered in over the last few years, I have seen very little preparation for the coming great Harvest of souls that God is preparing to Harvest.

Source: Preparing For The Harvest ~by Neville Johnson

Source: Desolation is coming! Thine End Has Come! Be Ready Bride! – Justin Adkinson

We’ve watched as many leaders with great voices and great gifts, have come on the scene and quickly rise to power [popularity].

Source: Another Great Test, Shaking and Separation is Coming! ~by Mena Lee Jones

Source: DRUNKARD WOMAN – Daniel Masika