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Source: America you will be Saved – Trupti Desai

“There are those who call themselves “worshipful master” but I AM the only MASTER you shall worship!” says The LORD.

Source: Distinct Difference ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

For a while, there has been indifference towards My Word. I have heard the cries of My Children for Holiness and Purity to flood My House,” says The LORD.

Source: Conversion Will Happen in The LORD’s House! ~by Pastor Debra Lowe

While on a twenty-one day fast that The LORD led my husband and I to go on, I was shown a portion of hell.

The LORD wanted me to see where those who profess Christ yet are caught up in perversion go.

I was shown men, women, and teens, along with leaders (pastors) and everyday people who were in hell, because they did not give up their secret sins.

Many in the Church are bound by the spirit of perversion (i.e. fornication, pornography, anal/ oral sex, masturbation, adultery, incest, homosexuality, pedophilia) and are not repenting (turning away), nor seeking to be delivered from these things. Instead, many are justifying their actions, and turning a blind eye and a deaf ear to their own sins as well as the sins of those in their congregation (for leaders) and those in their household.

The LORD wants me to remind you that judgment first begins in The House of The LORD.

Listen and share with your family members, friends, church members, and leadership.

There is nothing hidden from God. He is a HOLY God, and requires us to live holy.

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My Vision of Hell: Those Living a Double Life (Bound by Perversion)

In this audio podcast, Prophetess Mena Lee Jones shares her visitation to hell during a twenty-one day fast.

The LORD allowed her to see a part of hell where those who are living double lives go. This was specifically revealed for those who profess Christ but have not dealt with the hidden sins of perversion. Jesus Christ came to set the captive free, and He does not desire that we perish.

We must repent of our sins and turn from wickedness before it is too late!

Source: My Vision of Hell: Those Living a Double Life (Bound by Perversion) ~by Mena Lee Jones (formerly Grebin)

The LORD said, “At the stroke of midnight the bell tolls for whom it tolls. Time is of the essence, the time is short. The time is short, for deception is coming.”

Source: Time Is of the Essence! ~by Heidi Bryden

Source: LAST CALL: REPENT! – My Hiding Place


Source: BEWARE OF DECEPTION! – Brother Moses