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Source: Prosperity Gospel? Message to the Church – Caroline Diadem


December 21, 2018

In Vain they use My Name for their own glory and benefit. They believe that I Am pleased with them, while I Am not. There will be no mercy without true remorseful repentance for those who use My Name in Vain also. They must repent or it will be all in vain. That is why I will say to many in that Day, go away I never knew you, you who work iniquity. I Am The only Righteous Judge, I Judge Fairly and Justly. I Know every heart, all motives and thoughts. I will Repay everyone according to their deeds, good or evil. Vengeance is Mine. I Am Love but I Am also A Consuming Fire to My adversaries. It will be a terrible thing for them to fall into My Hands unless they repent and turn from their wrongful ways.

Many in the world use My Name in Vain. They only use My Name to swear, to curse, to mock and to scoff at Me. Many use My Name in Vain for their pagan holidays, to enrich themselves and for their celebrations. Many of them also profess that they Know Me but they are also foolish because they have no true knowledge of Me. They profess Me with their mouths only but their hearts are far from Me. That is why many perish. They love darkness more than Light and that is why their deeds are evil and not good. All the things that are an abomination to Me, they do not only approve of those things but many do them themselves also. They are in enmity with Me and unless they repent, it will be all in vain.

There will come a Day when every knee will bow before Me and every tongue will confess that I Am Lord with no exclusion. Those who used My Name in Vain also and they will be all very disappointed. I will decide the fate of all and no one else.

It is not My Will that anyone perish but that all repent. Now is mercy time, tomorrow is not promised. Repent and seek Life not death. Live your lives worthy of Me to be found worthy to Inherit My Everlasting Kingdom, or it will be all in vain.

“You shall not take The Name of The LORD your God in Vain, for The LORD will not leave him unpunished who takes His Name in Vain.” Deuteronomy 5:11


From Source: In Vain – Lasttrumpet08

Dear Lord Jesus do you have a message for us today ?

Yes daughter I do. Yea I confess Jesus Christ has come in the flesh. This is Yahushua Hamasiach speaking. Today I have a message for my people. Children time is short what are you doing with the present life I have given to you? Are you wasting your life on the things of this world or is your focus on me and my everlasting kingdom? Life has two eternal paths. Darkness and Light. Me or Satan. Eternal Life or Eternal torment. Broad wide road that leads to hell and the narrow way that has lots of sorrows, trials, tests, bumps, pains, suffering etc. Children which path are you on? I want you to ask me and yourselves that. What kind of fruit are you bearing? Are you bearing my fruits of the spirit or are you bearing corrupted fruit? Time is quickly drawing to a close on your Earth. I will not strive with man forever but in my great Mercy I will remove those who truly love me and obey me and walk in my ways. America is under judgement not Grace. Only my remnant bride pleases me. America has mostly kicked me out of everything!!! Your lying king is NOT going to make America great again. I make nations and kingdoms rise and fall and America which is modern day Babylon shall fall!! My children my bride continue to pray repent worship read the Holy Word and tell others of my coming. My people there is not much time left before I come. Remember your timing is not the same as mine. My return for you is imminent. All of heaven is awaiting your arrival but first you have work to do and a harvest to bring in with me before I can bring you home. I know the weariness of my people. I have not left you. I will NEVER leave or forsake my own. Those who are mine know this well. Children Eternity is at stake souls are at stake spread the gospel NOW yell REPENT!!! That is the true message of the gospel Holiness and Repentance not money and prosperity!!!! Woe be unto prosperity gospel preachers you will have your fill in the lake of fire. As I have said before I will never give messages to tickle ears or deliver feel good messages. I AM A HOLY AND JUST GOD AND I DO NOT TOLERATE SIN!!!! My children the time to prepare for my coming is NOW not later “later could be too late for you!!” Do not put your salvation off until tomorrow as you are not promised another day. You do not know when I will take you from this Earth and have you give an account of your life to me. Daughter tell my people to make me their solid rock and foundation. My people your focus should be on me, eternity and your relationship with me, not this world. I came the first time as the lamb slain for all the world’s sins. This time I am coming as the bridegroom bringing destruction and wrath with me to an unrepentant, rebellious, disobedient, unholy, and anti-GOD world. Life has two eternal paths — heaven or hell. Which path are you on? If you are not sure at this point in time come to me on your knees and I will tell you. You are accountable to everything you say and do in this life. Be careful of the choices you make. Choose me over this wicked world and all will be well with you. Follow the path of holiness repentance and truth. Without Holiness no one will see me or the father. Live a holy life set apart from this wicked world. You are to be in the world but not of it. My people take this seriously. Your eternity and the eternity of your loved ones and friends is at stake. Pray for your lost loved ones and friends. My Remnant, choose the Eternal path that leads to heaven. All of you will have to account for this life whether you have done good or evil. It is your responsibility to seek me directly on your knees and to have a relationship with me. Seek me with your heart and you will find me. BEHOLD I COME QUICKLY.


From Source: Life and it’s two eternal paths – Tess Ann Macallister

Source: I FIND NO PLEASURE IN ANIMAL OFFERING – Barbara Francis (Godshealer7)

My note: Jesus was God’s last and perfect sacrifice for sins, freely giving up his blood on Calvary’s cross. In 70 a.d. Romans destroyed the Jewish temple and genealogical records bringing an end to animal sacrifice. At Jesus’ death, the curtain before the Holy of Holies in the inner temple ripped supernaturally signifying an end to the era of a Jewish High Priest annually sacrificing an animal for the sins of the nation. God had provided His own perfect lamb –– born in King David’s city of Bethlehem, raised in the Galilee area of Nazareth — all as foretold in God’s inspired Old Testament. That is why God is so angry with the stubborn who refuse to accept HIS salvation plan.

Amos 5: 21-24  “I, the LORD, hate and despise your religious celebrations and your times of worship. I won’t accept your offerings or animal sacrifice — not even your very best. No more of your noisy songs. I won’t listen when you play your harps But let justice and fairness flow like a river that never runs dry.”

Source: My Starving Sheep – Glynda Lomax