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America, America, watch and pray in this hour of great awakening, for you have now entered into a season of extraordinary signs and wonders.

Source: America: Four Spiritual Tidal Waves and Floods


The LORD says, “I AM WHO I AM. I will do My works, My way. Trust Me.”

Source: Rainbows: Promises Made, Promises Kept! ~ by Mary B Dovie

Source: Robe Changer – Brad Medd

Source: IT TOOK A GENTILE – Byron Searle

On Sunday 4-7-19 the Lord began to give me a revelation in the scripture about the transformation of His remnant/bride that I was to share with the small group that meets in my home on Monday night…

Source: The Three Days of Darkness and the Transformation of the Remnant/Bride

Source: Rejoice For Soon My Glory, Even My Radiant Glory, Will Fall Upon You – Warrior Princess

Feb. 16, 2019

“I AM your wonderful, accurate counselor,” says the LORD.

“I will direct you in the path of righteousness, and give you the direction that you need, as you ask.

“For I know the future, and I will lead and guide you continually. What you do no know, I know.

“What you do not understand, I do! For My understanding is infinite. I never have to guess, and I never have a plan B in case plan A does not work!

“I do things right the first time, and you can be confident in the Way that I show you to go,” says the LORD.

“I will MAKE A WAY for you out of the wilderness of your life,” says the LORD.

“You will have my light that will brighten the path before you, so that you will not stumble nor fall.

“I will also hold you in My hands and give you the support and assurance that you need, when you feel wobbly on your feet. You will not fall nor fail.

“Do not fear the unknown, that is known by Me. For I have prepared every place for you that you will be, and you never need to fear what lies ahead, because I have already been there.

“Trust that I will guide you continually, and you are safe and secure in Me,” says the LORD.

Source: I Will Lead and Guide You Continually