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Source: I set up Kings and I remove Kings – Barbara Francis

Babylon, you have not learned from your past. I set up Kings and I remove Kings. People of Babylon, you have listened to False Prophets and ear ticklers instead of humbling yourself before me in repentance. You will reap what you have sown. When you do not learn from me you will repeat the lesson again and again. You have seen empires fall throughout history and you have not understood. War drums are beating. A nation that murders their children is an abomination in my sight. Still, you have not learned. Your land is soaked in innocent blood. You have appointed enemies of my laws to your pathetic dark nation’s government — enemies of the people. Enemies of I AM. YOU WILL NOT BE A GREAT NATION AGAIN. I AM handing you over to your enemies. You were once a nation of the light.

Now your DAYS WILL GROW DARKER AND DARKER. You are a poor wretched people bowing to other Gods and celebrating Sodomy and perversion. I WILL PUNISH YOU SEVERELY. I will burn everything that I HATE. Your enemies will rule over you. I will remove the children and the righteous few. The land will be in chaos. You see the BEAST is with you. Now you have, in your ignorance, given him an OPEN DOOR to rise to POWER AGAIN. He who has an ear listen to what the SPIRIT says.

Source: Repent And I Will Give You New Wine – Alan Carrico

“Thankfully the Holy Father KNEW that perilous times were coming and has sent His spirit to testify through His servants and messengers- repent, be baptized, and make a path in your heart for the coming of the Lord Jesus. Now is the time for the true Bride of Christ to arise and manifest God’s power in this severe time of crisis- as we wait on God in prayer and Bible study He will speak to EACH OF US and tell us what He wants us to do.”

The Master's Voice

eagle 4American bald eagle: credit artist ‘Royce’

But know this, that in the last days perilous times will come. – (2 Timothy 3:1)

To continue where I left off in The State Of Things Part 1, I think it’s very necessary for the Church of Jesus Christ to continue arming herself with wisdom and understanding in these last days. I’m referring to earthly wisdom and awareness of what’s going on around us as as well as the wisdom that comes from God. Spiritual wisdom is rooted in Bible knowledge, because reading the Bible is the basic enrichment of soul and spirit that God commands us to pursue above everything else. The Lord wants us to be skilful in the Word, able to teach others as we show ourselves to be “workmen who need not be ashamed”. Deepening our communion with the Holy Spirit by learning Scripture will make us  steadfast…

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