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Source: You Are The Sum Total Of All The Generations That Have Lived Before – Pollox

Remember! Remember the lush meadows and the open valleys. How we ran through the thick grass. Remember the times when we fed the animals. When we played together in the morning dew. Remember Paradise. I remember you all and I miss you. I miss your voices and your laughter. I miss my favored white bunny with the long ears. I miss Paradise.

Remember the river of living waters and next to it the path on which we walked so many times with Jesus. Remember the small bridge that we need to cross to come to the white house where the Father sits on his throne. Many times we were sitting in the grass before the house and counted the angels who flew in and out when we listened to the beautiful music, the songs and the harper’s sounds that came from within. What a wonderful time it was in Paradise.

Remember the days when our Father came to visit us just to have a look if we are alright. The times when we sat in a circle and Jesus taught us about the Kingdom. Or the hours we lay in the meadows covered with the Holy Spirit who nourished us like a Mother. When we were hungry the angels came to serve us Manna. How delightful it tastes. I miss Paradise.

Then came the day when the Father summoned us and told us that we have a task to fulfill for his Kingdom. We were young and eager to please and so we all volunteered. If we would have only known then what would await us. The time of departure came and I remember the last instructions of the Father to stay on the path always and the last touch of Jesus on my shoulder and then Paradise faded in the distance and I was born into this fallen World. I miss Paradise.

I am now a pilgrim in this world but at least I remember. Do you remember? Do you remember from where you came and where you are heading to. Do you remember the feel of the grass on your feet? I know my destiny and that I was sent to wake you up to remember and to guide you back to Paradise. Father, I will not fail you! Just guide my steps to the lost souls that need directions.

I have grown from a small child into a warrior of the Kingdom. Into a true ambassador of God here on earth. He allowed me to keep my memories so that I can speak about it and take you out of the World, Babylon and the sleeping Churches. My Paradise is not lost. Just delayed until I fulfill the task that I have volunteered to in the presence of the Father. Then the day will come when he will take me out of this world back into my true home. I have not forgotten.

Triple Grace

Source: Have you forgotten? – Is Paradise lost? – Michael Triple Grace

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“As you sing My Praises and worship Me from the depths of your heart, do you realize that I AM singing your praises?

“You are the work of My Hands, and I AM PLEASED with MY WORK, and have declared that it is GOOD.

“The heavenly host sing unto Me praises, and they also sing yours, for they see the good works that you do that glorify ME,” says The LORD.

“Even as I said of old, “Have you considered My servant, Job,” Do you not know that your name has been mentioned before the Father?

“Angels know your name. Devils know. I AM your Creator, and YOUR GOD, and have designed you and built you meticulously and wonderfully.

“You are in My thoughts, always in My sight, and I will sing about you, and give you great grace and glory as you glorify Me, honor Me, and obey My Voice and follow Me.

“This pleases Me, and you will be a vessel of honor that I will use mightily for My Glory, as you abandon yourself to Me, make Me The LORD of your life, and faithfully serve Me,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD is Singing Over You! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

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Source: Be Ready for the Things that I Have Told You Will Take Place Suddenly, Without Notice – Holy Spirit Wind

Source: The Day is Upon Us – Marie Fair

Come close my daughter, and i will tell you of things to come. I will put my words in your mouth that you may speak truth and be not afraid of these things to come. Come wash yourself in my Blood for I come for a bride that is without spot or wrinkle. Children of the most High God, listen intently like weaned children from the breasts of their mothers, the time is here, the time is now. when unspeakable joy will come to my children, my bride, my faithful ones.  But woe unto that stand in judgment, those who will feel the wrath of my Fathers fury that burns up all those who refuse me, who mock me, who raise their swords in defiance, you will come to a heap of rubble, all the while feeling the pain of the serpents bite that will bring you down to hell a place of everlasting torment, as you will feel each and every flame that will burn your flesh for each cry that you have put on my sons and my daughters. Your arrogance will come to nothing. Yes this is the time for all these things, look up my children! I come quickly to sweep you away to a place flowing with milk and honey, a place with everlasting peace, and beauty, streets of Gold, and mansions so indescribable and i will be the light there where praise and glory is mine, and shall it be evermore,. No more suffering my children! I come quickly and my reward is with me, look up i say, look up your redemption draweth nigh,


Job 4:9   /   Romans 1:18  / Ezekiel 21:31 /  Exodus 15:7/  Jerimiah 32:29/  LUKE 21:28/  Rev. 19:7-9/  2nd Corn. 11:2

Given to Marie Fair from Yeshua  Hamashiach