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Source: Visitation to Heaven : The Lamb’s Book of Life – Belle Beurano


Source: Christians Who Ended up in Hell Because of Willful Sin thought they were going to Holy Heaven

By Dr. Maurice Sklar:
 Nearly every day since I have arrived in Jerusalem this year, I have received something from God. Yesterday, as I was brushing my teeth in the bathroom, Connie Wilson, who was in her kitchen preparing a brunch, and who is flowing so strong in the prophetic, began to quote the old praise and worship song from Joel:” Blow the Trumpet in ZION, ZION…for the day of the LORD is….and she paused for a second…it’s HERE!”.
As soon as she spoke the word…HERE…I was caught up in a prophetic experience/vision which lasted several hours. Though I could still function in “the natural” somewhat, I was overwhelmed in my spirit. This is what I experienced:
First, I saw I was in what looked like a Cathedral, and a courtroom at the same time. There were two rows of twelve angels. One to the left and one to the right in parallel columns facing each other. They had long golden trumpets in their right hands. They simultaneously put them to their mouths and blew a long blast. It grew louder and louder until the building itself began to shake and I could not bear the sound and fell on my face. Then, after I was helped up to my feet again by my angel, I saw a majestic throne. I could see the Outline of our Heavenly Father, but I could not see his face. It was just blinding light that I could not look at for very long. Under him stood Michael the Archangel. He was a giant warrior, clothed in glorious armor and stood like a statue almost, with his arms folded. A great sword was in a sheath at his right hip. He had a bronze-like color to his face, and a grim, but noble and exalted expression. He was standing right under God’s throne and in the middle between the two columns of angels who blew the trumpets. Then, I was allowed to look around, and I saw other thrones that were grouped in a semi circle around and above them. They had black robes on, and looked like they were judges. I knew that this must be like the Supreme Court of Heaven. As my eyes seemed to adjust to the brightness, then I could recognize some of those who were Judges in this great meeting. They were some from the Bible, and others who were from both Jewish and Christian history that were Overcomers. They were seated with crowns on their heads of stunning glory and majesty. It was clear that this meeting was extremely important and there was a great awesome holiness in the giant room. The Angels that blasted their trumpets seemed to exit to the sides of the room. Michael stood like a statue in the same place. Then, Gabriel stepped forward next to him and cried out, “THE DAY OF THE LORD IS HERE!!” Then, in absolute unison, every one on their thrones dropped to their knees and began to worship. Then, an Angel that I could not recognize, came forward with a scroll in his hand. It had an old fashioned type of wax-like seals on it that held it closed. There were seven big wax-like seals on it that were bright red. He gave it to the Ancient of Days who took it. Then the LORD spoke, “WHO IS WORTHY TO OPEN THIS? WHO IS FOUND WORTHY TO BREAK THE SEAL?” Then, every one began to weep. Suddenly, I started weeping as well. None of those great men and women were worthy. We all could see where we had sinned and failed in our lives. None were worthy. Then, the Lord Yeshua our Messiah just appeared in front of the throne, but facing us. He was looking at each of us as if we were the only ones in the room. Then, I saw he changed! He became a Lamb…then He became the biggest and most noble Lion that I had ever seen. And every few moments, He would transform from a Man, to a Lamb, and then to a Lion, and then back to a Man. When He was in the form of His body as a Man, I could see the holes in His hands. Then, he turned around and took the scroll from the Father. There was total silence. Then, a huge shout came! It seemed that all of heaven was watching and joined in! A ROAR of PRAISE erupted. Now all the Judges were on their feet. They said in unison, “WORTHY IS THE LAMB THAT WAS SLAIN TO TAKE THE SCROLL AND LOOSE THE SEALS THEREOF!!” This proclamation, though I heard it in English, was shouted by all of heaven in every language at the same time. Yeshua then sat down on His throne next to the Father. He took the scroll, and it seemed like I zoomed in and could see it clearly. He broke the first seal, and said, as He was looking into me with His glorious eyes of fire and love, “TELL THEM ALL, THE DAY OF THE LORD IS UPON YOU NOW!”. Then the experience ended. May God have mercy on us all! Amen and AMEN.

From Source: A Watchman on the Wall – Ali Winters

Posted: 02 Jan 2018 08:23 AM PST

“In that place there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth when you see Abraham and Isaac and Jacob and all the prophets in the kingdom of God, but yourselves being thrown out.” Luke 13:28

“In these last days there will be many false prophets, hirelings and those who will lead astray the people of God. It is a sign of the times…a sign of the decay within the church. A sign that discernment has died from neglect and lack of use.

Your love has grown cold. You are like dead men walking, condemned. You have brought condemnation upon yourself by your disobedience and rebellion. My watchman cry, ‘Shake them LORD, shake them out of their stupor that they will be set free.’ But man is bound with chains of silver and gold, content in their prison they see no need for change.

“They say to God, ‘Depart from us! We do not even desire the knowledge of Your ways.” Job 21:14
Man will boast, man will brag, but God will have His way. Do not think you can continue to walk among the thrones and thistles of the world and not be cut or bruised. Your arrogance, your pride will be your downfall for repentance is not in your heart. Seek after righteousness, seek to do good, refuse to continue the life the world offers. Reject the ways of the world. Oh foolish man, hear the word of the LORD. Slumber and foolishness has come upon the church. Man rejects the gospel while he embraces Baal. Great cracks can be seen in the foundation of My church. Seen by those who will look closely for truth; for others all will appear vibrant and alive as they follow patterns set forth by the world system. Those who follow such will be rejected just as I AM is rejecting the churches who have a form of godliness but deny the power.

A strong word of warning for the church…REPENT! Do not live as the heathen of the world. If you refuse and continue to reject truth, walking in the ways of the world you will be cast into outer darkness where indeed there is weeping and gnashing of teeth.

The wrath of God is the just reward for the foolishness of man.”

“Neither their silver nor their gold Will be able to deliver them On the day of the LORD’S wrath; And all the earth will be devoured In the fire of His jealousy, For He will make a complete end, Indeed a terrifying one, Of all the inhabitants of the earth.” Zephaniah 1:18

“Let no one deceive you with empty words, for because of these things the wrath of God comes upon the sons of disobedience.” Ephesians 5:6
“But because of your stubbornness and unrepentant heart you are storing up wrath for yourself in the day of wrath and revelation of the righteous judgment of God…” Romans 2:5

Word from the Lord given on 12-30-17 at 7:50am EST

“Alright Jeff, write to My people.

I, the Lord Jesus Christ, Yahushua Hamashiach, would say to you this day that judgment has been declared upon the financial system of America and upon the world. For as I have said before, America is Babylon the great, but I AM THE GREAT I AM! YOU ARE NOT GREAT AS YOU SUPPOSE AND YOU WILL NOT BE GREAT AGAIN! DO NOT LISTEN TO THE FALSE PROPHETS OF PROSPERITY WHO WILL LEAD YOU TO HELL!

America, you once followed Me and My ways, but now you are the deepest, darkest, filthiest cesspool of the most abominable sin and blasphemous behavior ever known to man. You do what seems right in your own eyes. You murder the unborn and you have all manner of perverted sexual relations with whoever and whatever you please. Men marry men and women marry women and you call it “love” and you call it “good.” Your sins are too many to list! Yet you feel no remorse and the thought of repentance does not even cross your mind. You have another god. You do not know Me or worship Me. You worship your American Idols. I do not speak of a TV program, which is really enough of an indictment against you, but I speak of your “Almighty Dollar” and your great possessions that you love so much. Your preachers lie and say that I bless this country and it is good to have abundance and to desire more and more and more. It is the enemy that is now blessing your country, for he is the lord over the world system and he will burn you as a sacrifice in order to implement his “New World Order” without any trace of Me.

America, in your desire for “things” you have lost your desire for Me and have taken your eyes off of your Savior. The “things” you seek will bring you death, for I AM the only way to life. I have warned you over and over and over again by My true apostles, prophets, watchmen, preachers, teachers, pastors, servants, and even My handmaidens to repent, yet you do not. When I have allowed calamity to strike your land, you cry out to Me for a brief time but you do not repent and turn from your wicked ways.


Yet even then, I shall hear your cry if you turn back to Me with all of your heart! For I DO NOT desire to cast any of you into Hell or the Lake of Fire. Yet most will choose it of their own will.

I have a remnant, she is My bride and I tell her to prepare for this time to come. There will be lack and persecution and some shall be put to death for My name’s sake; this is the refiner’s fire. I tell you to purify yourselves now so this will not be necessary for you. You ask, “How shall we purify ourselves?” Draw nigh to Me and I will draw nigh to you. Renew your mind by My Spirit and walk in the Spirit so that you do not fulfill the lust of the flesh. As I have said, the whole law is fulfilled in this: “You shall love the Lord your God with all your heart, with all your soul, and with all your mind.” This is the first and great commandment and the second is like it: “You shall love your neighbor as yourself.”  On these two commandments hang all the Law and the Prophets. No man has ever fulfilled even these two commands of himself but by My Spirit YOU CAN, for all things are possible through Me by My Spirit.

Spend time alone with Me alone in My chambers and I will spread My wings over you and cover you with My feathers. Delight in Me and My ways and let My joy be your strength, for when you are weak I am strong. I whisper My words of love and direction to those who quiet themselves and take time to listen to My still, small voice. My sheep hear My voice; this is My promise! But to recognize My voice among all the others takes practice and must be learned. Time of intimacy with Me is what separates you from the rest.

When your minds and hearts are focused on Me, you shall not fear. You shall see the reward of the wicked but it shall not come nigh your dwelling. You will see darkness engulf the world around you but you will have My light. I AM your God and you are My own special people who obey My word and love Me more than life itself because you know that I AM the giver of life and without Me you are nothing. You will NOT be forsaken! For I AM in you! I provide for My own and they shall go out with Me and reap My harvest. You shall walk in My power and My protection.

Once America and then the world is humbled, many shall come into My Kingdom!


Prepare yourselves and comfort yourselves with these words.

This is not to be posted until December 31st 2017 at 12:00 am EST”

Papa Abba- Received 30 Dec 17: Papa God Yaheveh has much to say by the hand of My Faithful Servant and Daughter of the Most High.

Do you My Children truly love Me? Do you My Children truly know that you have been delivered from eternal death and devastation through My Son Yeshua HaMashiach? Have you given all of your heart and humbled yourself in the sight of My Son? Do not play around with this all important question. My People lay your wretched pride aside and acknowledge that there is an eternity. You are a sinner in your heart and in your flesh but you need My Son’s Perfect Blood Sacrifice to wash you clean and free you from the pits of Hell and demise. Let My Son Yeshua wrap His Holy Arms around you and all will be well with you. Father pleads with your cold and hard-hearted hearts that you shall bend your stubborn will toward the One who will give you eternal happiness in His True Riches. My Son gave all of Himself and left nothing undone for My Children. He did it all for Love Love Love. God Jehovah Yaheveh is Pure Love. While you cannot put your finger on My Love, I let you experience it through My Son. It is impossible for you to experience in any other way. My Son Yeshua is My Way. Know this uncircumcised world, I am the Key to your joy and peace in your eternal life. My Son unlocks your heart with My Key. Once you have My Key you cannot lose My Key but you must allow My Son entry into your very heart. My Chldren you live in your flesh but My Word says you must die daily. Let go and lay everything at My Son Yeshua’s feet. God Jehovah will lead the way. God Jehovah will be your eyes. God Jehovah has a place reserved for you in My Kingdom through My Only Begotten Son Yeshua. Woe to the evil who says that it doesn’t matter what path you take. Woe to those who accept man’s foolish opinions, they only lead to destruction. Do not fall into the enemy’s tactics. Do not embrace another gospel My Children. Many are being deceived, even My Very Elect. Do you think My Son could have offered Himself if He had any blemish within Him? Realize this My Foolish Children. Stay in My Holy Word. Father has warned not to put your faith in any other. My Word is Holy and Pure, Only Book that I put My Name to none other. Though there be other writers throughout My Biblical History. Do not follow their words ! It is of man and not written by My Ruach HaKodesh. Believe not vain babblings or mens philosophies. Father would not mention this if it were not so. As I tell My Daughter follow My Son. He will lead you to Me your Everlasting Papa and Abba Father. Love endlessly Papa God Yaheveh.

King Yeshua Received 30 Dec 17: My Babies, My Loves, My Hearts. How Your Lowly and Meek in Heart Savior loves you. Some of you will see Me soon, others who do not care for who I AM, though you have given Me your heart you have been swept away from Me by the enemy. You will be in My Heavenlies after severe refinement, but the enemy cannot take you away from My Perfect Hands and he will destroy your flesh but for a short time. I AM yours and you are Mine and in ignorance you stray away from Me. You believe all that you are told from everyone but what I, My Word says. My Word blesses those who read and you and I are so close together each and every time. No you will not experience Me until I allow you to and I have perfect timing. Put all your trust In Me as I AM the Rock who follows and protects My Own. I died for you My Child. I drew My Very Last Breath here on earth for you My Child before I committed My Spirit unto My Father. Accept Me freely in your heart and I promise you I will never let you down and you will belong to me forever. King Yeshua loves you and My Holy Hug awaits each of you who Love Me and accept Me your eternity and your heaven. King Yeshua has given My Words to the One whom I trust. Can I trust you My Child? Transcribed from

Source: My People lay your wretched pride aside…Do not embrace another gospel..Many are deceived..Some of you will see Me soon – Wendi Lee

December 29, 2017

My Daughter, My Child, write these words down.

My children have forgotten who their Creator is, who breathed life into them. They have all but turned away from Me, desiring nothing of the heavenly and consumed with materialism, sexual immorality, lusting everything and anything of the world. They think nothing of where their eternal home will be, with some believing that when you die you simply vanish, as if they never came to be. They have no concept of eternity, they do not believe there is a hell, they embrace the occult, they believe in “good witches” as if anything from the dark and evil side could ever be perceived as good.

Everything is askew due to the wicked ones teaching against Me in the secular sense as well as the wolves in sheep’s clothing teaching My flock that living in sin without any need to repent is acceptable in My eyes. As My eyes roam throughout the earth man has embraced all the false gods, false doctrines, false Christianity. I have been put on a shelf as a trinket of some past era. In other words, I AM is a thing of the past, no longer needed, man can make their own destiny, their own way. Man is convinced they can travel on many roads; this false belief that they are in charge simply living in the moment for the moment in their self-absorbed, selfish, self-serving ways. It is a world full of ME, ME, ME AND I, I, I.

Children, your proud, arrogant and haughty ways do not sit well with Me. I detest your prideful ways. You care solely about yourselves. You live in falsehoods, you believe your own lies you tell yourselves, you act as if the world owes you a living, you expect to receive and give nothing back; you are superficial and I see right through you!

Do you think you will have noone to answer to? Many of you that do believe there is a God think you are going to receive the prize of everlasting life yet can live in your filthy ways. There is NO REWARD for these if they do not repent. You are nothing but dirty rags, your garments are stained. Being washed in the blood was for past sins if you had at one time confessed to Me and received My Spirit. Most of you that profess My Name are in a backslidden state yet you don’t realize it because you bought into the false manmade doctrine.

Your spiritual houses are filthy and I AM is coming back for a pure, blemish free, spotless Bride! What part of this do you not understand children? How can you believe you will enter in when you live in immorality, against My commands and have not made even the slightest attempt to come before Me after your initial time. I said “spotless”, I said “pure”, I said “no sin enters in”, I said “you must come before Me daily”, I said “you must separate yourselves from the world”.

You believe the wolf in sheep’s clothing over My Holy Word! Not only have you deceived yourselves but you have convinced yourselves that all you need to do is say “I have it written on my heart”. How, child, how is it written on your heart when you are in adulterous marriages, watching disgusting movies, playing violent games, in fornication, chasing mammon, spewing vulgarity out of your mouths and in all the ways of the world which are NOT of Me! Tell Me child, how is My Word written on your heart? I am not in your heart whatsoever. You are deceived and in rebellion and in disobedience.

You children must change your attitudes, your lives and return to your First Love! There is NO other way. I Am the Only Way, the Only Truth, the Only life. Your eternal rest will be far from the peace and joy you so think you will receive if you do not turn around!!!

There is NO peace in hell, NO joy, NO happiness, NO light. Heaven is real; hell is real. Children, in hell, there is NO hope of ever getting out, NO mercy, NO beauty. It is a vast expanse of endless torment, burning and screams that never end. There is NO water to drink, NO food to eat. If I am not there, just endless torture awaits you as Satan and all fallen ones torture you and laugh and mock you. I, THE Great I AM, have given many dreams depicting the truth of hell and this was to warn you and show you I love you and desire you not to end up there.

Children, I AM the Living Water, I AM the “manna” from heaven, your daily bread, I AM the Light of the World, I AM the Prince of Peace, I AM the joy and the song in your heart, I AM the greatest love given to mankind. If you desire to enter into My kingdom where I shall reign forever YOU MUST , YOU MUST return to your First Love!! You MUST turn from your wicked ways, desire to obey Me, to follow My path to righteousness! Without Me, you can do nothing!

The road most of you are on is the broad road to destruction. There is a huge separation happening now, many changes in this nation on the horizon, many lives soon to be lost forever.

I AM THE NAME ABOVE ALL NAMES, I AM PURE LOVE BUT I AM A LION FROM THE TRIBE OF JUDAH. Who can stand before the presence of The Great I AM on that fearful day? I am to be feared, to be reverenced, to be praised!

It is NOT all about you and you were NOT born and put in this world for it to be all about you, your desires, your wants. I poured My blood out for you to save you from eternal torment. I laid My life down so that you would have a way to the Father. I made a way where there was no way. I gave My all for you. What else must I do to prove My love for you? Was this not enough?

Would another big screen TV do it for you; another smart phone; another car? You pray for things and wonder why you do not receive. Why do you not pray for the lost, the downtrodden, the homeless, the captives to be set free? These are the prayers you are to pray. It is NOT all about you. You were created to love Me with your whole heart, soul and mind and to love your neighbor as yourself. Your neighbor is the homeless, is the orphan, is the neglected child, is the elderly widow. You are My friends when you love as I have loved, when you obey My commands, when you have desired to be set apart for My Kingdom work.

Which will it be? Are you one of My sheep or one of the goats? My Sheep hear My voice and follow Me. They removed their adulterous ways, they seek Me, they hunger and thirst for More of Me, they pray for their hearts to be changed, they desire Holiness, they die to self daily, they start to hate sin and the ways of the world as I purify them. You cannot walk this life alone children as you will soon see.

Darkness is over this world, this nation, evil is considered good in a nation where its people have forgotten Me, the One True Righteous King. I warn and warn and warn. Who is listening to the call of repentance? Who is returning to their First Love? There is very little faith that I AM WHO I AM and that I do what I say I will do. Without faith, it is impossible to please Me. Will I find faith on this earth when I return? If you are NOT for Me, you are against Me! You must either stand with Me or you will fall in the end. You must NOT compromise My Word to suit your lifestyles.

I AM THE ALEPH AND THE TAU, I AM THE FIRST AND THE LAST, I AM THE BEGINNING AND THE END. Do NOT put Me in your little box. I DO NOT conform to your ways. I am NOT your fake Jesus. Put this out of your minds now once and for all because you are about to see how I am going to purge this nation and bring it to its knees and you, My children, will suffer greater persecution.

Prepare for the changes coming. Prepare your spiritual houses. A clean sweep is coming! Most of you ARE NOT ready for My return. There is NO OIL in your lamps! DO NOT forfeit your salvation to satisfy your flesh as Esau did. I hated Esau. Esau sold his birthright for a morsel of food but most of My children are willingly selling their souls to feed their flesh. This will cost you dearly for all eternity. Get off this doomed road before it is too late for you! Many lives will be lost soon and it could be yours.

Turn back now to your First Love, Yahuah Elohim

My Father and I await your return,

Yahusha HaMasiach

To My Bride—Your time to go forth to reap in the last great harvest is soon. You are My soldiers, My warriors. I am with you every step of the way. You are protected.

(Given to Ms. Sophie on 12/28/2017 to be put out on 12/29/2017 at 1:11 pm)