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I heard, “Stop spinning your wheels, My Child, for GRACE and The Holy Spirit have come to RELEASE you from your own efforts.”

Source: Stop Spinning Your Wheels! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

I heard, “I AM pouring out the Oil of Gladness! The Infusion and Infilling of JOY shall HEAL you, mind, body and soul!”

Source: The LORD is Pouring Out The Oil of Gladness! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

The LORD said, “Beloved, you are on the verge of Increase and Expansion will soon be knocking at your door.”

Source: “I AM Your Assurance to Increase and Expand!” ~by Sandi Holman

An odd thing to hear, isn’t it? Yet there it was again, “You have waited long enough!”

Source: You Have Waited Long Enough! ~by Chris G. Bennett

In a Vision, I saw the Bride of Christ. Jesus was bringing to her a beautiful White Horse. The name of the Horse was FAITH.

Source: Your Horse Named Faith ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Dream 697

“When you catch the scent of My Latter Rain, then you will know to expect to feel the weight of My Glory!” says The LORD!

Source: The Smell of Rain — The Weight of The Glory Cloud ~by Chris G. Bennett

Source: Stay Ready!! – Victoria Ang

The Holy Spirit is about to bring us into a higher level of His presence, and take us beyond what we’ve known in the past.

Source: Take Me into Your Throne Room! ~by Elaine Tavolacci

Jesus is putting on my heart that many will experience a new adventure soon, such as:

  • New place to live, or
  • A new direction in your life, or
  • A new desire, or
  • A new experience in how you receive more of Jesus.

Ask Jesus what this new thing may be for you.

The Holy Spirit says: “Tell that I AM ready.

Just as Moses embarked on a new adventure, so will they.

There is a shift happening and My People need to be ready for changes will occur.

I will put My Spirit into many more people and the Earth will be filled with My Glory.

It is time to rise up and get ready to move.”

Source: Get Ready! A New Adventure! ~by Travis Coffey