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“Take one step at a time,” says The LORD. “I AM with you to guide one step at a time that I order for you.”

Source: One Step at a Time ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

“Beloved. Let your mind be at peace and let your spirit fly free. Rise up on the Winds of Change. I have got you,” says The LORD..

Source: Let Your Spirit Fly Free ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“I will refresh you as I pour down fresh new oil of My Spirit upon you and in you,” says The LORD.

“I will soothe all of your wounds as I heal them. I will saturate you with the fresh anointing oil as you are filled and covered. It is not stale or stagnant, but pure and lively.

“The scent of My Presence will not only captivate your attention, but draw others. For you will not be the same again. I will renew vitality and youthfulness in you, and you will jump for unspeakable joy.

“You will surprise yourself, for you didn’t think you had it in you. You will not be speaking about the wasted years or mourn over failed the harvests of the past, but you will be joyful for the bountiful harvest that is before you.

“You will rejoice and be exceedingly glad in Me,” says The LORD.

“I will not only restore comforts onto you, but I will restore you,” says The LORD.

“I will give you new life and a whole new level of purpose will become clear to you as it unfolds. You thought you missed your opportunities. You thought it was finished. You thought you were done.

“You were heading for the showers with a feeling of dejection, disappointment, shame and defeat. But you will not get there.

“Instead, I will rain down My showers of blessing upon you right in the open field, and instead of people running away from you, they will run toward you.

“Some will be aligned with you and will run with you. But you indeed will run. You will have renewed strength, and you will not be weary or faint.

“You will be filled with more than enough and minister to all who come with an overflow of My Spirit and power as I use you for My Glory,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD’s Fresh New Oil ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

I heard, “Crazy Faith, Good Gifts, and Handsome Rewards! Beloved. Get ready to be amazed. Every day, expect a miracle.”

Source: Crazy Faith, Good Gifts, and Handsome Rewards! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Watch your words, and incline your ear to listen and obey,” instructs The LORD. “I need your full attention and your complete focus.”

Source: Consider the Lilies ~by Sandi Holman


“Why so down cast, My Beloved? As if a dark cloud of Unbelief and Fear has descended upon you,” asks The LORD.

Source: Dare to Believe That Your Greatest Days Are Before You ~by Veronika West

“I have much more for you to discover in the realm of My Spirit,” says The LORD.

“I desire to unlock mysteries to you. For I have created all things. I have formed the earth, and it is Mine. Nothing is hid that will not be revealed

“I will teach you and show you things that will broaden your understanding, just because I AM able to do so. You are curious. You are wanting to know and understand.

Let Me be your first pursuit. Let My knowledge be your greatest heart’s desire. Then I will give you an increase of knowledge and understanding of the things that I will cause you to discover.

“For I AM the All Wise God, and as you seek My Understanding, and seek My Knowledge, I will lead you into the mysteries of My Kingdom and show you My Power and Glory, that is greater than any earthly discoveries that you will find,” says The LORD.

“The treasures that are hidden are small in comparison to the vastness of the universe that I have created,” says The LORD.

“Know Me. Pursue Me! Discover what is priceless and eternal, and I will also add new things to you that will boggle your mind, jar you understanding, increase your knowledge and give you the wisdom to know what to do with that which I have revealed to you.

“The new that I create is ever before you. You will not only find what I have already done, but you will see the new that I AM doing.

“It will unfold before your very eyes, and as you desire revelation, you will receive it for the asking. Yes, ask of Me Wisdom and counsel and understanding and believe to receive it.

“I will expand your vision and give you understanding of what I show you as you open up yourself to receive what will astound you, stretch you and wow you!

“For what I do is beyond reason, as you don’t lean on what you understand and tap into the new that I create for you,” says The LORD.

Source: More for You to Discover ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

Yesterday, August 21, 2022, I heard the music from the theme song of the television show “The Monkeys”, from the mid 60’s.

The words were adapted into a children’s song yesterday, but it was that tune. The television show started like this, “Here we come, walkin’ down the street…..”

So today, I heard the same music, but once again different words as The Holy Spirit sang it to me.

I thoroughly LOVE when He sings to me! Sometimes He makes me laugh so much!

“Here I come,
Walkin’ down the way,
Signs, wonders, and miracles,
that lead My way.

Hey, Hey My Glory,
Is comin’ to you soon!
I’m not wastin’ My time,
I’m bringin’ My Kingdom too!

Pray, watch, wait, and listen,
Worship and Honor Me!
For My time is upon you,
Just wait and see!

There’ll be much to see,
Hear, do, and places to go,
Don’t you know My REVIVAL,
Is MORE than you can HOPE!

I’m going places,
That never thought I’d show up!
I’m laughin’ at the devil,
Because he doesn’t wanta give up!

But watch Me move,
And shine for the devil’s too slow!
I’ve got him fully strangled,
And I’m not lettin’ go!

For I AM the One,
There’s no other like Me,
Don’t be a fool, but come!

Come watch Me and see,
The GREATEST HERO you’ll ever know,
There’s no other like Me,
I’m stealin’ his show!

You won’t get rid of Me,
There’s nothing he can do,
I’ve already won,
REPENT NOW, before it’s done!

Be careful whose side,
You choose this day to be on,
For I’m not playing around,

God Bless You!

Source: Here I Come… ~by Beverly Juelsgaard-Fischer

“Drink, the new, fresh wine of My Spirit,” says The LORD.

“Be refreshed and filled and intoxicated with My unspeakable Joy. The cup of trembling is not your portion. I have removed that from your hand. I have given you the cup of consolation.

“The New Wine that makes your heart glad is what I have for you. I want you to be filled with My Joy.

“You have sorrowed long enough. Let My joy bubble up and out of you. Laugh at the enemy. Laugh at adversity. Let My joy overflow from you!

“The enemy will be confused and taken back when you laugh at him when he expected you to cry. Clap your hands with joy! He expected you to wring your hands and fret at the threats he is raging against you.

“Let My greater roar be in you and exude from you,” says The LORD.

“My joy is your strength,” says The LORD.

“Sing and make melody in your heart to Me. Dance and shout for joy. Let the sound of My Praise and Music come from your heart and out of your mouth.

“Let your Faith take on a joyful sound. The enemy is identified and defeated. His diabolical weapons are destroyed. His plots are foiled. His curses are nullified. His lies are exposed. His assignments against you are cancelled.

“Leap for joy, for your victory is now, and the enemy will not have access to you or partake of the blessings that I have prepared for you at My Table in My Presence, where you will rejoice and be exceedingly glad,” says The LORD.

Source: Be Refreshed! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke