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What if you went to your mailbox today, and on top of the advertisements and bills lay a gleaming invitation, inscribed with your name, made from purest translucent gold to the King of Heaven’s great banquet which is now ready. You will be the special guest of Jesus Christ, the lamb of God who takes away the sins of the earth. A place has been reserved just for you. Travel arrangements have been provided for you, free of charge. A new gleaming white outfit will be provided — no need to pack. Please reply in the postage-paid envelope your choice:

_____Yes, I would love to attend your heavenly banquet. I am honored. Nothing in this world would give me more pleasure. I can’t believe this is a free gift. THANK YOU!

_____No, I cannot attend due to business and career concerns. Making money and investments takes all of my time and energy so I will be unable and unwilling to join you.

_____No, I have recently married or had a child so this time is not convenient for me. Please have the party without me.

_____No, I have never cared for your company. I prefer my own friends who also do not like you — or your son, Jesus, for that matter.  I prefer rebellion and mean-spiritedness over kindness, meekness and humility.  I will choose my own path, thank you anyway.

Believe it! This very banquet is being prepared for you in heaven. Read Luke 14:16-17:  “A man (God) once gave a great banquet and invited a lot of guests. When the banquet was ready, he sent a servant (Jesus) to tell the guests, ‘Everything is ready! Please come.'”

In verses 18-24, one guest after another started making excuses for why they could not attend. I have modernized the choices for you above. It seems ludicrous that earth dwellers would turn down the “YES” choice, but that is what happens countless times across the globe every day. People willfully turn from God and his gracious offer of a free banquet at the end of time to celebrate the marriage of the Lamb of God to his spotless bride, the true remnant Christian bride. Those who stopped their earthly business long enough to realize that eternal destinies are decided every day. Some people have one more day to choose God’s son, and others do not. Time is up. There is no reincarnation. There are no second chances.

Please come with me to God’s banquet. I’ll be looking for you there. Sit next to me. Tell me how you turned from arrogant sin and accepted Jesus’ offer to follow him to your heavenly home. Tell me your very own testimony of how God invited you and you accepted. We will have all of eternity to read each other’s biographies. They will be posted for all to see why your rewards are what they are.  God will fairly mete out honor depending on what service, time, treasures and talents you performed for God’s kingdom while still on earth. “The greatest blessing of all is to be at the banquet in God’s kingdom!” (Luke 14:15)

From the many gifts given by God, this Thanksgiving I am grateful for….colors. We know from the origins of movies and television that a plot and characters can be conveyed adequately through the medium of black and white film…but oh the glorious joy when Dorothy steps through the door of her humble house from Kansas into the land of Oz.

After a church service on June 5, 2011 in my 50th Jubilee year (there’s that 5-11 again; grace and the prophetic) where I was given a glimpse into the supernatural realm by seeing two strong, masculine angels flank me by my chair. They wear warrior orange and so do I.

Later on the way home, Holy Spirit begins to download a gift of knowledge about color meanings, and I have to pull over to hastily record everything being told in rapid succession. Are you drawn to one color more than another? This may be why…

GOLD = love, pure, God’s love, covenant

SILVER = refiner’s fire purchased by the Lamb of God

ORANGE = warrior, boldness, power through faith

YELLOW = courage, wisdom, glory of God, joy

BLUE = infinity, water, prophetic, heavenly realm, unchanging nature of God

TURQUOISE = perfect peace, calm, reflection in Jesus’ eyes

GREEN = prosperity, resurrection, life

RED = blood of Christ, atonement, protection, honoring commitment

PURPLE = royalty, redeemer, joy, incorruptibility, purchase

BROWN = swiftness, promises given

SOFT GREY = ephemeral man, striving for peace, obedient to truth,  compassionate warmth

WHITE = purity, hope, ultimate cleansing

COPPER = transition

PINK = affection, new love

PEACH = warrior in prayer — sheathed before action

Then I ask, rather hesitantly. “What about BLACK?” Answer = man without God, cast off, hopeless, despair, emptiness, heartache, deception, darkness. But also: rom the blackest clouds, water can flow. Truth is the antithesis to lies. God’s rainbow, spectrum of 7 colors, is God’s promise of salvation over all until the end of time.

Also: “I am the way, the truth and the life.” is a green statement of truth. “No man cometh to the Father except through me,” speaks of the brown swiftness of instant salvation through faith in Jesus, who hung on a brown wooden tree. “Today you will be with me in Heaven,” Jesus tells the repentant criminal hanging next to him.

Told by Holy Spirit that Trees represent permanence, covenant and life. God’s son, Jesus, hung on a “Tree of life” though evil meant it for death. So paper and wood became a vehicle for His word to be recorded, written down. People have a natural affection for wood built into our DNA by creator. We’re drawn to its spiritual meaning without even knowing why. Books, decks, wooden boats (to carry us through water), docks (to carry us over water), furniture and especially beds which have us literally climb into God’s promise for rest, renewal and life).




Ancient words from the prophet Habakkuk (2:4): “I, the Lord, REFUSE TO ACCEPT anyone who is PROUD. Only those who LIVE BY FAITH are acceptable to me.” God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so this key to our eternal destiny is so very important today in 2015. All the paths to God devised by mankind are considered as PRIDE to Him. God’s path through faith in his beloved son Jesus, the perfect Passover lamb, born as a sacrifice for sin — a substitute for the Old Testament’s practice of blood from an unblemished animal sacrifice being offered by the priests for the sins of God’s people. This year the ancient Jewish celebration of Passover coincides with Good Friday, the day God’s only son, the perfect sacrifice willingly gave his life — to be lifted up on a cross of wood as a perfect sacrifice.  While Jesus walked in the flesh amongst mankind, he asked the one most defining question one must face in their own lifetime. It can only be answered individually, not by a family or corporately: “For what shall it profit a man, if he shall gain the whole world, and lose his own soul?” (Mark 8:36) This same quote is recorded also by Jesus’ disciples Luke and Matthew…three times in the Bible = a truth so important it must not be missed.

The way is narrow — but chosen for us by our Creator — on His terms. Why not choose life this Easter season?

In 2 Chronicles, Solomon builds a temple in Jerusalem for the Lord to be worshipped. In chapter 6 he prays to dedicate that building to the Lord God of Israel. As Chapter 7 opens, we read this: “As soon as Solomon finished praying, fire came down from heaven and burned up the offerings. The Lord’s dazzling glory then filled the temple and the priests could not go in.” (2 Chron. 7:1-2). God is the same yesterday, today and tomorrow, so why do we as a modern church people settle for less than a manifest presence of God’s glory in our buildings? When Christ died for us at the cross, and rose again on the third day, we all became eligible to become God’s temple — by accepting the free gift of His Holy Spirit — so the glory of God lives in all believers — but why not in church buildings? When did we settle for less than God’s glory in our corporate houses of praise?

Continuing on, in verse 3, the people at this dedication ceremony respond to the glory cloud with this rousing affirmation: “When the crowd of people saw the fire and the Lord’s glory, they knelt down and worshiped the Lord. They prayed:

“The Lord is good, and his love never ends.”

Let’s all start praying earnestly, in faith, for the glory of the Lord to return to our churches and synagogues..that God’s Holy Spirit would be encouraged and welcomed — sought after with clean hands and pure hearts. What could we accomplish then as God’s people? Let’s not settle apathetically for less than what is available through God’s grace.

“May you, my God, be honored above the heavens; may your glory be seen everywhere on earth.” (Psalms 57:11)

If you attend a church with a neatly printed out order of service including songs and pastor’s message decided weeks before, this would be my question, “Where is the room for Holy Spirit to attend and bring the Glory cloud of God’s presence and determine what will occur that day?”  This question actually never occurred to me as a worshipper for the first 49 years of my life. I was raised in congregational Bible-believing churches…there were still hymnals and pews then…choirs and organs. We sat passively waiting for the pastor and worship team to perform. I had no idea a person could be an active worshipper.

Then I followed my newly-adult daughter at 18 to a church that is part of the River movement…where they ran a School of Supernatural Ministry. “What in the world is that?” I wondered. Well, I was soon to find out as JM began her two year schooling and we both now attended a church that focused on Holy Spirit — no order of service, worship/songs that go on until it is time in the Spirit to move on — services that last two hours.  You could feel the presence of God almighty when you entered. Banners are waving…worshippers are raising hands at the front by the alter. Prophetic words are given. Worshippers who need healing, or jobs, or… are asked to raise their hands. Other believers lay hands on them to pray in accordance with a three strand cord that is hard to break. When did we as worshippers ever buy in to the polite sit-quietly-in-our-chairs order of service?  This beloved church transitioned through bankruptcy, moved to a Roseville, CA storefront location and continued on.  Leadership passed to Matthew Oliver, Richard Oliver’s son. Holy Spirit is still very much present when I visit. But…we live far from there in another county. I still love my “Family” there.

The search for a new church home leads back to a traditional building in El Dorado Hills. Programs are printed. Stadium seats duly fill up twice a day on Sundays. I rarely feel the weeping that comes to me with discernment of Holy Spirit’s strong presence. I am often reminded of the dreams I have had where I sit in a large stadium church with padded seats and listen to the message then say, “The Holy Spirit is not here, I need to leave.” I get up and walk over and around all the people who proceed to get angry at me saying, “Can’t you see this is a fine building with fine chairs and fine people?” I am firm about needing a Spirit-filled church and leave over their objections.

This January1st — new year — new destiny —  feel led to start this blog to accommodate…what? Holy Spirit whispers that something will begin..change… progress…beginning 2/4 (February of 2015) and a place is needed for the testimonies of healing, deliverance, salvations, prophetic words. I have not idea how to start a blog or what it would look like. I am reading a book about a praying paramedic who has a blog. You can’t just heal someone in conjunction with Holy Spirit then just walk away. God’s healings demonstrate His Glory and goodness and should lead to further contact opportunities/mentoring/discipling. I decide to follow his lead to same site. Then there are many blog-site appearances…which one would you like Holy Spirit? I scroll through many options. This present Gray-grunge-urban red scrawl with a chain-link fence like my Pomegranates and Chains blog catches my eye and won’t let go. “Not really my style, but okay” I think and begin with first testimony.

“I am a link in a chain, a bond of connection between persons. HE has not created me for naught.”

– John Henry Newman