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I saw the Lion of Judah rising up and roaring back with a mighty roar that shakes the heavens and the earth. and heard, “The Lion has been roused!”

Source: The Lion Has Been Roused! ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry


Received 10-19 and 10-20-18 My son, I want to give you and my people a deeper understanding of the differences between knowing in the mind, soul or brain verses knowing  in your heart, spirit or be…

Source: Do You Know Me in Your Head or in Your Heart?

Source: My Greatness – Lastrumpet08

“I AM sounding My trump throughout the land. The sound has sent shock waves resonating causing a great shaking!”

Source: The Volume of HIS Rising ~ by Sherry Edwards Mackey

Source: My Church is not a building! – Cheryl

Beloved. Do you know there is a Lion who sings over you? Do not lose hope. What I have done in the past, I will do again.

Source: Do Not Lose Hope!

“Beloved. It may look like you are surrounded, but you are surrounded by Me.

So having done all, stand.  Stand until you SEE.  You are a Warrior in the Spirit.

Despite all “odds”, and even if you have to stand all alone, do not back down. Do not let your faith get shipwrecked by a bad report.

Do not let fear enter your heart through “feelings.” Oh no, My Child.  You keep standing and believing.

Those who believe shall receive.  I AM not a man that I would lie.  I have placed your feet upon the Rock and I declare to you,

NO ONE or NOTHING can move you. You shall not be shaken.  You are NOT weak; I AM your strength.  You are not blind; I have given you eyes to see.  You are not deaf; I have given you ears to hear.

You are not hopeless; I AM your Hope. You are not alone; I AM with you always. Keep hanging on, Beloved. Keep clinging to Me. He who promises you is faithful. A new FIRE I AM igniting in you, My Warrior Bride. The baptism of FIRE. You walk by the Spirit and not the flesh. It is MY SPIRIT that will cause you to triumph! Rise up My Warrior Bride. You are covered in My Glory. Those who hope in Me shall not be disappointed.”

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