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“My Goodness and Mercy will follow you ALL the days of your life, as you allow Me to Shepherd you,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD’s Goodness and Mercy by June Sheltrown Reinke

“I have unfailing compassion for you,” says The LORD.

“It is abundant, inexhaustible, unimpeachable and renewable daily. I said, It does NOT fail. My love for you does NOT FAIL.

“I cannot fail and I cannot and will not fail you. My ways and My thoughts and My plans and My purposes for you do not change with situations.

“I AM not threatened by them, and you should not be intimidated by them either. They do not dictate to Me. DO not let them dictate to you either.

“They cannot distract or deter Me, and they have no power over you either. They do not limit ME, and you are not limited either, for I AM able to do all things, and I will enable you to do all things through ME despite your circumstances,” says The LORD.

“When could anything or anyone overpower Me? For there is no authority that can dictate to ME,” says The LORD.

“Trust that I did not call you to lag behind or be defeated by the enemy. I have made you a mighty conqueror in ME.

“I have fully equipped you to be a Victor always. Nothing surprises Me, so I AM never unprepared. I have prepared you for every situation that comes your way ahead of time and you are COMPLETE in ME always.

“Trust in Me at all times and remember that I have empowered you for life that is now and forever. It is not some day that you are to defeat the enemy, destroy his works and triumph over him, but NOW,” says The LORD.

Source: Our Ultimate Victory by June Sheltrown Reinke

The LORD said, “You are entering a very special, set apart time to hear God more clearly, experience deeper intimacy with Jesus….”

Source: A Three Fold Cord, A Chosen Generation, A Royal Priesthood by Sandi Holman

The Lord spoke to me this morning, I was awakened at 5. The Lord said ” There is a full authority and power coming soon, authority I AM giving to my people, an over flow of what they have not known exists in the earth. I keep my word, for have I not said greater works than what I have done you shall do? Great mercy shall be shown and given unto my people during tribulation in the earth. For was I not with Shadrach, Meshack and Abendego in their fiery trial? How much more shall I be with my people in the end. Tracers and traps are now being set, these seek to devour the many among who oppose them. But, yea I have set a trap for them, a trap that is filled with my power and my might to destroy the enemy who comes against my own. A snare I shall set and shall no longer delay, for I see ahead the plans of the enemy. I shall call my people forth, bring them out of the flames of their afflictions. Oh ye of little faith, those who have fallen by the wayside, those who doubted and have not kept my word. I say unto all mankind, your end is nearing, for what shall it profit any man to gain this world and lose your soul at the end. Come out of her my people, come out and away, for soon the devourer cometh who seeks to kill and destroy in the land. Your nation shall be torn and ripped asunder, but I who have not forgotten my own have a plan, a plan of hope and redemption and salvation for all mankind throughout all eternity. My time has come, my time has come, come unto me for I AM the way of escape.

Source: TRAP – Patti Young

“What in the world is God doing with California and #45? God has made it loud and clear that He’s working on Forty-Five’s heart — let’s watch it happen. As we’re looking and searching for HOPE, God always come through for us. This time, with words of encouragement, and direction from God, we can rest assure that God is working behind the scenes.”

Source: America: This Is Your Mount Carmel Moment! by Veronika West

Source: A TSUNAMI IS COMING – Barbara Francis

This morning The LORD showed me Race Horses standing at a gate ready to run a race.

Source: Running With Endurance by Elaine Tavolacci

So many of us are facing really hard times. This is a time like no other. We are carrying burdens for ourselves and our families.

Source: Many of Us Are Facing Really Hard Times by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: Your Eternity is at Stake so Choose Wisely – Lynne Johnson

“My Favor and Grace for you is always the same, even as I cannot change,” says The LORD.

“It is your faith in Me that pleases Me. Let your faith be unwavering and unchanging with all your times and seasons as well. Maintain your trust in Me at all times.

“Do not let fear grip you or invade your life. It is not My Will that you would be fearful and cowering. Stand up and declare that you are a child of My Favor and Grace, for you are!

“Say what I AM saying and believe. TRUST that nothing is impossible with Me. NOTHING! NOTHING! I created you! I kept you all the days of your life! I have provisioned you in the past!

“Will I not continue to do so, I ask? I will! I cannot go back on My WORD. I will keep you night and day.

“I will take care of you in the good and bad times, for all times are in My Control, and I Have you! I AM in charge of the heavens and the earth that I created for My Pleasure, Purpose and Glory, and can take care of you,” says The LORD.

“I kept you in the womb of your mother when you had no ability to control anything,” says The LORD.

“You could not feed yourself and you were not free to go anywhere. There were no decisions to make, and you could not secure yourself. You were completely vulnerable then.

“I want you to become vulnerable in My Presence. Lose control and give Me the reins of your life. Be open to Me and My Will!

“Trust Me with everything concerning you. Listen to My heart and and let Me Breathe deeply into you My Spirit of Love and Life and Light. There is no hate or death or darkness in Me at all.

“I will keep you at all times as you abandon yourself to Me and place your entire life and destiny in My hands.

“WILL YOU LET GO of the reins? I will not force you to let go and let ME take over if you insist on doing this yourself.

“But KNOW that as you relinquish more to My Care, I will take what you release to Me. I will fully provision you and take care of you as you cast your entire self upon Me and trust ME with your life at all times,” says The LORD.

Source: Favor and Grace! Favor and Grace! by June Sheltrown Reinke