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“I AM going to require words from My Prophets that will take great faith and courage to write in the days ahead! Will I find faith in the Earth?”

Source: I AM Requiring Words That Take Courage and Prophetic Action! ~ by Jo Ellen Stevens


If you claim to be in His service as a pastor, are you leading a holy, humble, righteous life? Are you warning the sheep in your flock of the coming turbulence and need to turn from sin? Are you fully submitted to the leading of Holy Spirit for soul winning? The following is a chilling warning from God to check your motives and what your church allows in God’s house. “Church of the Living God: Bow Down.”

Source: Video: TO THE PASTORS OF AMERICA – Prophetess Ella Green

Source: your righteousness or MY RIGHTEOUSNESS – 278pikelk

Source: Message/Dreams: Sound the Alarm for the Lukewarm Church – Elizabeth Marie

Source: The Storm is Here – I AM the Storm ( Updated ) – Julie Whedbee

Source: SEP-TIIMMBBERRRR!!! – Byron Searle

Source: I SPEAK – Byron Searle