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When the wise men came to visit
I was close to two years old.
They brought Me gifts
Of frankincense and myrrh.
They were led to Me
By that infamous star.
It took them by King Herod first
Where he inquired of them,
Where were they going?
What was their mission?
Some heavy duty kingly fishing.
Oh! He cried out, when he learned
A New King had been born!
By all means, be on your way!
But come back and tell me
What you have found,
For, you see, I very much need
To pay Him homage too.
So that fateful star
Led them straight to Me
Standing by My mother’s knee.
My Heavenly Father
Sent an angel
To explain to the wise men three
Go home another way,
And they did agree.
King Herod realized
He had been duped

So sent out a posse
To hunt Me down and kill Me.
My Father in Heaven
Sent an angel to
My father on earth
Telling him to flee,
And, of course, he did,
In the night, taking My mother,
Mary and Me.
Part of your nativity is wrong,
You see, if it includes
The wise men three
And the star above the keep.
The shepherds came in
Out of the fields,
An angel told them to, saying:
Today in the town of David
A Savior has been born to you.
He is the Messiah, the Lord,
This will be a sign to you.
You will find a Baby wrapped
In cloths in a manger.
They hurried off, skipped the gifts,
Found Me with My mom and dad
And ran to tell everyone they could,
And they were all amazed!
I was born in Bethlehem,
Not far from Jerusalem,
In the province of Judah.
Caesar Augustus was taking a census
Of the entire Roman Empire,
Registering them in their hometowns,
Where many had to travel.
Would a king in his kingly mind
Wanting to count his subjects
While not wanting them to riot
Tell them to do this in the dead of winter?
No, he would want to best
Achieve his goal.

It was spring when I was born.
Forward back to King Herod,
Appointed by Augustus,
Failing with the wise men,
But knew of the Messiah,
Prophesied to come.
He called the priests
And learned teachers
And discovered it was in
Bethlehem I had been born.

So Herod called a slaughter
Of every boy in Bethlehem
Two years old and younger
According to the calculations
Of the wise ones.
They killed every one.
How do you think
This made Me feel?Me and My mom and dad?

Even though My Heavenly Father
Had told Jeremiah long before.
I escaped death, they did not,
I could have blamed Myself.
I know how humans feel,
Never have a doubt.
I spent My life running for My life
So I could make it to that tree
And freely hang My life up
For everyone to see.
I had to set all of you free,
And those young boys
Were counting on Me.
Those who have ears to hear,
Listen for Me.
Those who have eyes to see,
Read about Me.
This story is in Matthew,
Chapters One and Two,
Jeremiah Thirty One Fifteen.
And I AM showing you
A picture of Me
I Love you,

Source: My Birth – Ruth Johnson