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Aug 18/21 9:45 AM

My daughter write my words,

Those who have yet to know, to feel My goodness, My blessings, My love, and mercy, these are who I long to reach. So many in this world are in great need of My loving embrace. They don’t realize their salvation is ever before them, they have only to reach out and grab hold. At which point I come in and create in them a new heart, free from the bondage, the dross, and all the damage that has been done to my precious soul would be healed. I long to help them. I long to be received. I long for them to acknowledge and respond to the inspiration in their heart that was placed there by the prayers of the saved for the unsaved. They have but to call on Me to come in to them and all will change. I will remove all that has hindered and hurt them and will fill them with My love, mercy and grace, to know me, to learn that I am their biggest supporter, their greatest helper, healer and deliver.

Please My bride, please pray for those precious souls who have been beaten down by the enemy, who see themselves as unworthy to come to Me. Pray for inspiration and courage that they will take that much needed step in calling on Me and I will take over and begin My healing in their lives. So many, so so many are afraid they’ve done too much, that their sins are so many, they cannot find redemption. But I AM God and I forgive all sins that are confessed and laid out before Me. There is not one thing that man has done that I have not already forgiven in a soul. My jewels, come to me. Call My name, ask Me in and watch what I will do for you. Watch what amazing transformations will take hold of your heart and My peace, My rest, My grace, mercy and forgiveness will fill you and you will find rest from the weariness of this life, of this world you are drenched in. My love cleanses the dross and renews your soul. I restore and make new. Come, all who are heavy and longing to be rid of the heaviness and burdens you carry. Give them to Me and in exchange, I will pour out My love. I will lavish you with a love you never even knew existed. You will find the joy and peace you seek. You will find it in Me, the Author and Finisher of My beloved creation, My child.

Almighty God

Source: MY LOVING EMBRACE – Teri Henessey

The LORD said, “My Loving Hand is upon you. I AM He who shuts doors and no man can open and opens doors no man can shut.”

Source: Protection Behind Closed Doors ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Come and empty yourself before Me and let Me fill you with the fullness of My Spirit,” says The LORD.

Source: The LORD Made You Worthy ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

“I have placed a hedge of protection around you,” says The LORD. “You do not have to fear that the enemy army will encroach your space.”

Source: A Hedge of Protection ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

In the Spirit, I saw a cave. A Child of God had gone there to escape some things in their life.

Source: Life in a Cave ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry

“Listen to the sound of My still Voice on the inside of you,” says The LORD.

“Listen and obey. For I AM not shouting. Quiet the external voices that are trying to get your attention and squelch out My Voice on the inside. Be still and know that I AM God. I AM in the midst of you.

“Do not look all around for Me. I AM not far from you. I AM in very core of your being,” says The LORD, “and I want you to quiet yourself and position yourself to hear Me.

“I AM speaking, and will not fail to give you direction and instruction for your life. But you must focus your attention on me and quiet your own thoughts and turn away from the illegitimate voices in your life and fine tune My internal Voice on the inside of you so that you can clearly hear Me,” says The LORD.

“My Voice that resonates with you will bring you sustainable peace,” says The LORD.

“All other voices will cause you unrest. My Voice will still your unrest as you follow Me wholeheartedly. You know when I speak. Let My Will be your primary desire and it will come to pass,

“Do you really want Me to lead and guide you? Do you really want Me to order your steps? Do you truly desire that My will is done in you as it is in heaven?

“Then trust that I AM speaking and leading and guiding you continually and bringing you into perfect peace as you entrust Me to give you wise counsel in these turbulent times and give you My rest and peace that will abide, as you hear and obey My Voice,” says The LORD.

Source: Yes Obey! Obey HIS Voice! ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

“Stop forecasting disaster, unrighteousness, darkness and defeat,” says The LORD.

“Start pronouncing My kingdom, preach My Word, and produce the good fruits of it. Is not My Kingdom that of Righteousness, Peace and Joy in My Holy SPIRIT?

“When did I extract My Spirit from you?

When did I withhold My Peace?

When did My kingdom depart from you?

For it lives in you, but not to be hid or buried under the debris of darkness, defeat, fear, and doubt,” says The LORD.

“My Word is the GOOD NEWS, not the bad news, and My Word produces Healing, Deliverance, Miracles, Provision, Salvation, Sanctification, and is Powerful, Penetrating, Lifegiving and light,” says The LORD.

“As you pray that My Kingdom will come and My Will shall be done, do you not understand that you will be an enforcer of it?

“My Kingdom is within, and you should have righteousness, peace and Joy in My Spirit at all times and be a carrier of it. In the last days, I will pour out My Spirit, My Holy Fire, My Miracles, Healing, Deliverance, Signs and Wonders, and that is what you are to pronounce, publish, preach, proclaim, believe, and expect.

“For as surely as the sun rises, I will come in great power in the midst of My Church, and cleanse them, glorify them, beautify them, empower them, perfect them, fill them and fulfill them as they become a GLORIOUS CHURCH, spotless church that carries MY GLORY, and revival fires will be ignited, My Kingdom expanded, and the harvest will be plenteous, ripe and ready for harvest,” says The LORD.

Source: Preach His Word, Pronounce His Kingdom ~ by June Sheltrown Reinke

The LORD says, “Child of My Divine Plan, the coming darkness will cause you no fear. My Perfect Love for you will cast out ALL fear! ”

Source: Hidden In My Secret Place ~ by Mary Lindow

Word from the Lord:

My children, BE STILL!! And KNOW I AM GOD!
So many of my children are falling prey into the enemies traps. Going to and fro, getting tossed in every direction. Because they are not seeking me FULLY. And NOT anchoring themselves in me.
They are becoming distracted by the world events and trying to use their OWN knowledge for solutions . Instead of looking to me for the answers. Do you not understand how much I love my children? And WANT to keep them PROTECTED. But this can only occur when they seek me as refuge.
So much is taking place in both the Spiritual and physical realm. The enemy is trying to use every tactic to cause confusion and fear. And fear is NOT OF ME!!

It will cause one to freeze in their tracks, and prevent further movement or growth.

It is only by calling out for MY help ,can I bring you peace and comfort. It is by calling MY NAME. The MIGHTY AND POWERFUL NAME OF JESUS! Then I can move and guide you in the correct direction.
Each of my children walk on different paths that I assign for THEIR life. Every person is different.And not all are called for the same purpose and plan.
My sheep hear my voice. I am CALLING YOU OUT OF THE DARK. So you can come to my light.
The path is set. Quiet your mind from the enemies lies. And listen for my truth to lead and guide you ,to a closer walk with me.

For there you will find rest from the chaos of this world.

Much will be unfolding in the upcoming days. More upheaval amongst the people.
Come under my wings for shelter.


John 10:27-28 King James Version
27 My sheep hear my voice, and I know them, and they follow me: 28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall , neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand.

Psalm 68:33 King James Version
33 To him that rideth upon the heavens of heavens, which were of old; lo, he doth send out his voice, and that a mighty voice.

James 1:5 King James Version
5 If any of you lack wisdom, let him ask of God, that giveth to all men liberally, and upbraideth not; and it shall be given him.

Psalm 25:4-5 King James Version
4 Shew me thy ways, O Lord; teach me thy paths. 5 Lead me in thy truth, and teach me: for thou art the God of my salvation; on thee do I wait all the day.

Proverbs 3:6 King James Version
6 In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths.

Source: BE STILL!! And KNOW I AM GOD! – Victoria Ang

I heard this song waking up, “A Mighty Fortress is our God, a Bulwark never failing.”

Source: A Mighty Fortress is Our God ~ by Deborah Waldron Fry