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“There are those who call themselves “worshipful master” but I AM the only MASTER you shall worship!” says The LORD.

Source: Distinct Difference ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I heard, “The Nobodies in the kingdom of this world have become the New Nobility in The Kingdom of their God!”

Source: The New Nobility ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

Source: The Sealed Servants Of The Lord! – Humbled for Service

I heard the phrase “Pennies from heaven” which means unexpected benefits, especially financial ones.

Source: Pennies and Benefits From Heaven ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

“I AM bringing you into a delightful land filled with blessings,” says The LORD.

“Yes, your promised land that you will fully possess is just ahead. My unimpeachable Glory awaits. Step up out of the dry-bed of the Jordon and onto the holy ground.

“It is holiness unto Me, for I have reserved it, I have preserved it, I have blessed it, I have sanctified it, I have hallowed it and set it aside for My Glory as I have also done with you.

“Yes, you will be holiness unto Me. The former things will have passed away, and look, I make all things new for you. I will cause you to walk on high places with Me, and the enemy will not touch you.

“I have shielded you with My Own Self, sealed you by My Own Spirit and Marked you as My Own. I have created you for My Pleasure, and you will be a delight to Me.

“I will unveil the treasures of My Kingdom unto you; the hidden treasures of My Kingdom await you. I have laid up much for you to enjoy. It will not be delayed or denied and the enemy will not extract My good Gifts from you.

“He will not be able to remove you out of My Hands. I will uphold you and keep you from falling, and you will embrace every promise and receive joy in exchange for your sorrow, and you will not be disappointed. Just ahead awaits unspeakable joy for you,” says The LORD.

“Look ahead,” says The LORD.

“The sorrow will soon be only a memory. The pain will no longer pierce your soul. I will heal every wound, bring every comfort, and meet every need. Your portion in Me is a good portion.

“For as you have entrusted your life to Me, as you have abandoned your own plans for Mine, as you have forsaken your own purposes and received Mine, you will not be disappointed.

“For what you have envisioned is far short of what I have prepared for you. Your eyes have not yet seen, your ears have yet heard, and you could not even pray or think or speak or imagine what I have prepared for you.

“It is far above, for I AM far above, and I AM bringing you out of your bondage, through the wilderness, and into the promised land.

“Trust in Me, for this is really good. It is where I AM leading you, and I say to you, come out, come forth, and come into the fullness and receive of the good of the Land that exceeds your highest heart’s desire, for it is just ahead,” says The LORD.

Source: Into Your Promised Land ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

The LORD says, “There is one whom My heart beats for. She is devastating in beauty and rare in this world.”

Source: Rare Beauty ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

I heard, “You are My Hidden Gems, shining in this world, My Humble Ones, crowned with Beauty and with a New Name only I know!”

Source: You Are His Hidden Gems! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

The LORD says, “My Beloved, It’s time! You are My Chosen One. You are My Beloved, in whom I AM well pleased.”

Source: “My Beloved, It’s Time!” ~by Heidi Bryden

My new Anointing and full Presence will come upon you suddenly, like a thief in the night,
For those that humbly seek Me, that repent quickly of any sin and spend time daily in My sight;
Chosen willing vessels, a third from the whole for the Master’s good will,
For those that walk in full surrender and in obedience, I AM here to completely indwell and fill.


Can you feel it, can you hear it? The shofar is about to sound.
O My precious Jewels all tested by fire and refined with no unrighteousness to be found;
Now receive with great excitement and rejoicing your King and Groom as you pray,
And with the fullness of My Glory make the darkness run away.

Like your Captain of hosts, in My image, now all radiant and bright,
And now strengthened and empowered with all power and authority, you will shine your light;
To complete the work begun in you and fulfill your purpose and destiny,
And help in the rescue of the lost, the broken, the sick, the weary, the lame and bring them to victory.

My First-Fruits from all twelve tribes we will be working together in harmony,
As we bring down Heaven to Earth as we raise this realm’s frequency;
For there has never been nor ever will be again such a season as this, such carnage that evil brings,
Behold, Father Yahuah, the Creator, the Infinite One has an appointed time for all things.


Now receive with great excitement and rejoicing your King and Groom as you pray,
And with the fullness of My Glory make the darkness, make the darkness,
Make the darkness run away!

From Source: With The Fullness Of My Glory Make The Darkness Run Away – Brian Ethier

Listening to worship music, I had a vision of beautiful musical notes – rainbow colors, the colors of the rainbow over the Throne of Grace.

Source: Beloved! Breakthrough Is Here! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry