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It should come as no surprise that God speaks to people today through numbers…after all every verse in the Bible comes carefully numbered, there is a book of the Bible called Numbers, and Hebrew is an alpha numeric language where words have both meanings and numeric values.  For instance the Hebrew numeric equivalent for the word father is 3, and a mother is 41, so it is intriguing that child would be the addition of the 2 for a name value of 44.

My Driver’s License number has always intrigued me for its combinations of numbers which “speak” to me and which seemed to be no mere coincidence.  The first five numbers made sense (I can’t tell you or you’d end up with my whole license), but the last two “68” made no sense to me.  One day in 2001, the year our miracle daughter CAT was born, I specifically asked the Holy Spirit to explain them to me.  We live in the foothills of CA, but my parents had bought our home in Natomas near downtown Sacramento at that time. I was also puzzling over an article I had read about anomalies in the NIV Bible version. I decide to bundle all 3 children into the car and visit Mom and Dad (Nanny and Papa).  I drag my book-loving Dad out of the house to go to a Barnes and Noble in nearby Arden Fair Mall.  Mom infant sits at home. We find the Religion section; I peruse the NIV Bibles.

Then, and I will NEVER forget this moment, I walk around just sort of glancing at other titles. There is a plain brown paperback spine with the title: THE SECRETS OF HEBREW WORDS.  ” Hmmm,” I think. I pull it out and just let it fall open somewhere in the middle.  This is what it reads: HoKHMah–WISDOM.  The number of this word is 68 — describing a wise person. I almost fall over. I feel faint. Here is the answer the day I inquire. I am bemused and humbled. I, of course, buy the book and bring it home. It is sitting on the couch with me now. It reminds me of God’s faithfulness and genuine concern over my questions. I would highly recommend you order a copy for yourself if you’ve never delved into Hebrew’s amazing properties. It is authored by Rabbi Benjamin Blech, copyright 1991.

How can we have more children if it is impossible? Well, turns out that be scraping together enough money for what Kaiser considers an “elective” surgery, you can be sent to a specialist in San Francisco (though we are told they usually do them here in Sacramento — but for us this surgeon should be used. Hmmm….).  “What if it is not successful and nothing happens?” my husband asks. I say we will have been faithful to God’s vision. We can only change what it is possible to change, then leave the rest in His capable hands. The surgery date, June 23rd, is during my summer vacation from teaching — nothing memorable — until much later.

Recovery is horrible. Much pain…swelling…I think, “How are those tiny micro highways ever going to function?” We go on with life. Time passes and I take our eldest daughter, JM, to Mother Daughter camp at Mt. Hermon in the Santa Cruz mountains for a spring weekend near my birthday.  They are the same rustic concrete floor – no bathroom – cabins I stayed in during summer camp as a child.  One of the children has brought a baby of all things staying in a bunk bed.  I’ve never seen a mom bring a baby to camp before. I feel sort of “off” that weekend and think, “Wait! Is God trying to tell me something?”  When I see the positive pregnancy test Sunday night, I tell God, “You are really amazing! You could foresee this child when I could not!” She was due January 11th which made sense to me since both her older siblings were born on the 11th.  We drove as a family to Pasadena’s Rose Parade on January 1st from our home in the Northern California foothills. Plenty of time I thought. My dad, a loving practical man, bought us a car seat for the journey back home on lonely Highway 5 — the backbone of California — just in case. I went back to work for one day, January 3rd, at the end of Christmas vacation (in order for maternity leave to begin in January not December) and bid a fond good-bye to my 6th grade class.

On my first morning of maternity leave, I had just finished cooking breakfast and settled on the couch with coffee to enjoy this delicious unexpected leisure, my water broke.  What?  I hadn’t even bought a diaper pail yet. I called Kaiser and hopefully asked if delivery could be put off for a few days. They said, “Don’t eat that breakfast. Get in here. You’re having a baby today. God chooses everyone’s perfect birthdays for us. Hers is 1-04-01.  Our first miracle child. God chooses the perfect month — January — a reward for obedience that replaces original vasectomy in January. Will this be our only miracle child? I am now 40 years old.

At 12:08 a.m., the house quiets down for the night and our miracle daughter slips off to sleep with her overnight friend as her 14th birthday begins. Eight minutes into her special day. CA is God’s child — prayed into existence by an older sister, 10 years her senior who cried out to God for a sibling.  I tell her amazing beginning to all who care to hear and believe in miracles.

There is a back story, of course. My husband CJT and I had an average American life and family.  Married in 1985…three years later we welcome a son, AC on 5/11 (Biblically 5 is the number of grace and 11 is prophetic).  Then three years later…on exactly the same day,5/11 (double grace, a double prophetic child), we welcome a daughter, JM. Without thinking to ask God’s opinion on our family planning, three years later…in a dreary Kaiser Hospital basement, during Sacramento’s foggy month of January, husband undergoes a vasectomy and that ends our family with 2.0 children, or so we think.

Time goes by. I teach public school full-time with young children. I am content being surrounded by youngsters during the day, with two of my own, a boy and girl, nights and weekends.  Then….God wakes me up one morning with a powerful vision. It is like what I imagine an angelic announcement would be like — glorious light and a future destiny unveiled.  We will have more children! How is this even possible, I think. What would you do? What would obedience look like?

God is a “gentleman.” He asks or suggests, but does not demand. Even Mary, mother of Christ, when told what will happen from the angel Gabriel in the book of Luke is given a choice. She responds with faith: “Mary said, ‘I am the Lord’s servant! Let it happen as you have said.’ (Luke 1:38) We were given a choice also. Believe with simple faith and move forward, or decline God’s vision.