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Source: SHUT YOUR DOORS! – My Hiding Place

“During the darkness, it will be the time that I will talk to the souls of men. They will be given the chance to come to Me on bended knee,” says The LORD.

Source: Prophetic Warning: 3 Days of Darkness ~by Elizabeth Marie

Source: The Sin of Justification – Cherrie Archer

 John 15: 12-14
12  This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
13  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
14  Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

My son, in these last days, My children are being RELENTLESSLY pursued.  The world and its temptations are dragging those who claim to love Me into the depths of sin.  Many in My body are lukewarm.  They do not know Me nor My Word.  They are lazy and refuse to seek Me.  Instead, they go to a building and trust the so-called man of God to feed them.  They are not RELENTLESS in pursuing ME.

The devil and his demons are RELENTLESSLY pursuing all mankind, to drag them down to hell, to their abode.  The demons will never give up, nor will they ever be soft.  They are RELENTLESS to take you with them.  In these last days, they will be given more boldness, because those in My body have allowed them into My sanctuary.  The demons are at home in My church because My children are ignorant to their devices.

My son, those that are RELENTLESSLY seeking Me will have their lamps full of oil and their wicks trimmed.  They will be hot and not cold – or even worse – lukewarm.  They are My Remnant – those who seek Me daily.  Those who yield themselves to My voice and follow Me.  THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR ALL RELENTLESSLY PURSUING ME.

My son, tell My Remnant to continue to SHOUT WAKE UP!! to those virgins who refuse to be ready.  Continue to SHOUT REPENT!! Come out of the sin you bask in!  SHOUT I AM COMING SOON!!  Are you ready?  Are you as RELENTLESS for Me as I AM for you?

REPENT NOW!  Get out of the whorehouses that twist and bend My Word to fit the world!
REPENT NOW!  And turn from your sins, the secret ones you think nobody knows about!  I KNOW!!

Be RELENTLESS for Me, and I will fill you to overflowing!  I love you, My children.  Time is short, and I AM RELENTLESS in loving you.
Lord Jesus

Source: RELENTLESS  (PART 2) – U B Ready

Source: Did I not say this in my word? – Roxanne

This is quite a lengthy write up so I’m doing it in 2 parts.

Part 1

I was worshiping the Lord Jesus in His Throne Room as I always do. I sang to Joshua Aaron’s – Hoshiana and flagged to that, as well as a new powerful song of deliverance by Nikos Politis (who was given the song by an archangel. Interestingly, he is from a church in biblical Thessalonica, Greece) and his explanation of his meeting with the angel: When I first heard it, all my hair stood on end and I immediately began speaking in tongues as I worshiped the Lord God. It was so incredible. Warning, the videos both show deliverance ministry with manifestations. Glory to God! He set them free!

 After I played this song, I heard a shofar blown and saw angels bow before the Lord and worship. I did the same. I then found myself in my armour in front of a red and white target a bit of a distance away. I asked if I was at target practice. I heard Jesus say, “Grab your bow and arrow and shoot! Aim carefully.”  So I did. Then I noticed an angel gave me new arrows to put in my quiver. They were gold tipped.  Jesus said, “Warriors need to practice to get better.” I understood that I need to continue to practice what I’ve learned. Not just study the Word and techniques but continue to use them in the ministries that I’m involved with. Also, “aim carefully” for me is to be patient and discerning; don’t just quickly pray or you might miss something. Take the time to inquire of the Holy Spirit. I asked what are the new arrows that the angel gave me? Arrows represent the power of strategic prayer. God created the spiritual arrow first.  Eg: Zech 9:14 “The Lord will appear over them and His arrow will go forth like lightning.” The enemy is a copycat. He shoots arrows at the Righteous all the time. Ps 11:2 “For, behold, the wicked bend the bow, they make ready their arrow upon the string to shoot in darkness at the upright in heart.” That’s why we need to intercede and fight back. Ps 45:5 “Let your sharp arrows pierce the hearts of the king’s enemies; let the nations fall beneath your feet.” Strategic prayer is powerful and effective. Lord, increase my discernment! Increase my patience! Thank you! Give us the strategies of heaven- Your keys that will disarm the enemy in Jesus name. 

After that, I began to pray. When I came to proclaim Ps 91, I was back at the place where I was at target practice. I walked over to my white horse that was waiting for me. I rode to join the others and continued with them until we reached the base of the mountain. We dismounted and began to climb. I noticed a battle going on as we were being heavily attacked by the enemy’s arrows. I saw we were all fighting back, shooting our own arrows in return. I noticed one of mine hit a demon and he burst into flames. Whooot! I also noticed the angels fighting with us when needed. Some of the warriors were hit by the arrows of the enemy and fell. They were attended to. I got to the top, found my eagle and off I went proclaiming the Psalm.

 I found myself mid-air looking at a battleship that was on fire and that was close to a shore. I understood I have seen this in previous visions #22, #85, #201, #358. I moved in closer and noticed many soldiers/marines were in the water. They all seemed unconscious but I sang to them and spoke to them of the love of Jesus and interceded for them hoping they had heard me.  I asked Jesus if He would visit them in their condition for those that didn’t know Him before they died. I didn’t see Him do this. But that doesn’t mean He didn’t. ( I know in part and see in part) But what I saw next was incredible and some of it very difficult to watch. I saw several souls (or their spirit) come out of their bodies. They hovered over their body that was in the water and were able to take in the scene before them. (the burning ship was in the background) I saw angels with those who had given their lives to Jesus Christ. These were bright and beautiful scenes.  I couldn’t say how many but there were several little groups of a couple of angels attending a saved soul or spirit. I have seen this before in a previous vision more specifically. #85.  The angels gathered the soul and went up. Then I noticed darkness over many bodies. There were souls that were hovering over their own body but didn’t have angels with them. I understood that they could see and were aware of the scene in front of them. Then suddenly there were evil entities pulling at them and hissing. It was so horrible. The soul/spirit couldn’t get away and was so fearful. Then in the near distance, I saw a water swirl and many of the souls were pulled down into them. It was so sad and horrible. It made my stomach sick. I understood they were going through a tunnel and into hell. The spiritual water swirl was a demonic portal to hell.  (remember, this is in the spiritual, not in the natural. Water swirls we see in the natural are not demonic portals!)

Back at the white bench, I asked Jesus about this incredible and horrific scene.  He knew it was difficult to watch. Praise God He covered me so I wouldn’t be overwhelmed from it. I asked about the soul rising and He said, “Your spirit will rise, as it is your spirit that is sealed.” (Eph 4:30) I understood that they all could see the natural scene after they left their body.  I asked about the spirit after it leaves the body and I understood that our senses are heightened so much more out of our bodies. Every sense- taste, smell, touch, hearing, seeing and even thinking becomes so much more alive. Our bodies of flesh couldn’t handle it. Regarding the demonic portals, Jesus said that “There are several around the world.” I mentioned that those who were bound for hell were very fearful. It was hard to watch that. I know people have questioned how a loving God would send people to hell. Hell wasn’t made for people. It was actually created for the fallen angels- satan, demons and evil spirits that rebelled against God. But people who reject Jesus Christ Messiah, reject the One who redeemed them on the cross to make it possible to be reconciled to God, their spirits will be condemned there as well. And if they reject Christ, they also reject God, (Jesus said I and the Father are One. John 10:30) and that is rebellion. If we could get to heaven by our own merit- being good, loving, kind and helping others Jesus Christ died for nothing. Salvation is a free gift from God, it’s not by works. You can’t earn it. (Eph 2:8-9).

“Rebellion is like the sin of divination/witchcraft, and arrogance/pride/stubbornness is like the sin of idolatry.” 1 Sam 15:23. Divination is seeking supernatural info from demonic means. It’s magical arts; sorcery and witchcraft which is all occult. Even if you have just dabbled in the occult, you will need deliverance. You came into agreement with the enemy and opened a door to them when you participated. You will need to close that door.

But I want to also warn about pride and stubbornness. That’s like the sin of idolatry. Get that cleaned up and close those doors! It begins with humbling yourself before the Lord and submitting your will to His.

 In Rev 21:8, Jesus was very clear that all those who practice magical arts; witchcraft, sorcery, divination and all idolaters and the like, will be consigned to the lake of fire of sulphur… God takes rebellion very seriously! Repent! And return to the Lord. Choose Life!

“But the cowardly, the unbelieving, the vile, the murderers, the sexually immoral, those who practice magic arts, the idolaters and all liars—they will be consigned to the fiery lake of burning sulfur. This is the second death.” Rev 21:8

Jesus said, “I Am the only way. Salvation is only through Me. There is no negotiation after you die. That’s why it’s so important to speak boldly. My heart aches for those who reject Me. I weep over them too, daughter. I have given them their own free will. It is their choice.”

After Jesus said this, I was reminded of a horrific vision I had of hell #48 in Mar/18. Jesus was with me in this vision the entire time. “The flames in the lake were high and bright orange. I could hear a lot of screaming and moaning from there. Then I saw a soul at the edge of the lake as she was trying to get out. It’s not like a shore that you can just walk in. There is an edge and an immediate drop into it. The poor soul said to Jesus, “Please forgive me! Help me Jesus! Just put one drop of water on my tongue- just one drop!” I saw Jesus turn to the soul and say, “You had many chances to repent before you died but you refused.” Jesus was so sad….”

Romans 10:9-10 & 13 “IF you declare with your mouth that “Jesus Christ Messiah is Lord” and you believe in your heart that God raised Him from the dead you will be saved. For it is your heart that you believe and are justified and it is with your mouth that you profess your faith and are saved. Whoever calls on the name of the Lord will be saved.”

[God has said through his prophets many times since the 2021 rollout, that one needs to repent. Remember, God IS TRUTH….not listening is willful ignorance/disobedient.]

WARNING: Every day is one step closer to your physical and eternal demise, if you took the series of vaccines and have not REPENTED. Oh, but you say “What do I have to REPENT for?” Child you have taken the DNA of the snake king, into your body. You are no longer My Child, but his! Do Not Doubt This Fact!

Those that refuse to REPENT of destroying their cellular allegiance and spiritual connection with their Creator Father God The Almighty and do not live to the Warning Experience/Illumination of Conscience, (their last opportunity to REPENT) but pass before it, must surely go straight to Hell. WAKE-UP NOW!

You Are Not Guaranteed Tomorrow Child!

But you say “I didn’t know!” Nothing happens by chance Child! You have made many choices and decisions, by thoughts, words, actions, looks and or gestures in your life, that placed you outside My Sheepfold. These brought you to a place where the snake king and the evil minions who run your states, countries and this world have tricked, pressured and forced you into accepting their agenda of a cull of humanity and in the meantime turn you into Slave Zombies who have abandoned their true patrimony, for one formed in Hell; this for a second time!

This replicates (the same plan) what was prevalent on the earth, just before The Flood. I AM will cleanse the world this time by Fire! Very Soon! Your God wishes no man, woman or child (above the age of reason) to be lost, to the evil one!

Many of you made this terminal decision because you were in a place to accept the murderous intent, with your eyes open. Your decision to take the Vaccines did not happen by chances, peer pressure, fear & anxiety over a so-called Plague.

You human beings have no idea how sorrowful it is going to get in the near future! It will make WWII, Vietnam and the wars in the Middle East look like a picnic! It Is Not My Desire to Do This You Have Wanted It Yourselves By so much SIN!

Oh, but you say, “I have a job, mouths to feed, bills to pay.” If you had the faith, the size of a mustard seed, you would know, believe, trust the Eternal Father will never abandon His Children. I AM can turn stones into bread and multiply loaves & fishes to feed thousands. Read My Word! I AM can turn stones into gold & silver, the monetary system I AM originally designed for My Children. It was abrogated fifty years ago, but will shortly return by My Hand! Wake Up Now!

Get into The Word. Forget your fears, turn off the Media (All lies about to be destroyed by My Hand.), your government & corporate elites and health care institutions (All about to hide in the rocks & caves and call on the mountains to fall on them.) And Trust Me, Your Creator Father God!

You who have taken the vaccines and boosters, are not even aware how you have changed physically, over the months. You disavow the death by statistics. You close your eyes to the damage done to your own bodies.

None of these satanic instruments have made you more healthy or beautiful. They are morphing you into a Hard-Wired (For your blood is not even liquefied anymore!) Machine! Some of you even relish this AI interface, of near future cell phone & computers, inside your body!

I AM Will Not Tolerate Any Hybrids Or Trans-humans, Transgenders, Super-soldiers Or Mutations Into My Kingdom! GET OVER IT! Science Fiction Has Become Science Fact! But is all evil incarnate and will be destroyed off the face of the earth, by My Hand, by Fire, Very Soon!

My Anger with your Rebellion has increased daily to a point, where you will suffer the results of your rejection of Nature, The Decalogue & your Eternal Heavenly Father, in one of the three levels of Hell, forever, if you Do Not REPENT NOW!



Note: Reading all these things is a nothing to many. They will scoff, dismiss, forget, laugh if off. God gave me a tiny slice of His Sorrow when I was finished writing this. I cried like a baby, (Have had so much of my own sins, sorrow, satanic attacks and hate directed at me, I never cry anymore maybe a tear but that is it.) in fact I wailed until it trailed off in exhaustion. No one can fathom the depth we are headed for. Not the saved but the reprobates, but even the saved will be devastated at what we see, Read Psalm 91 every day and pray/ponder the future.

Source: Message: ALL VAXED UP & READY TO GO! – Pollox

It is time for the mothers and grandmothers to arise and stand against the witchcraft that is stealing your children!

Source: Mothers Arise! ~by Jo Ellen Stevens