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“Pray over your children and grandchildren. Do not assume anything in this hour.

There are parents who are having their children removed from homes in the world, due to unjust practices and laws of the wicked.

The enemy is working hard to destroy the family units, and to cause pain and suffering and death.

As I pour out My Spirit on all flesh, I want you to not be afraid as I take over the lives of your children and grandchildren by the power of My Holy Spirit, will I use them in mighty ways to speak forth My Words.

You know about this happening in other times, some of you, but many don’t know, and will be shocked by what I do. You need to assure parents of My intervention being in MY PLAN, so they don’t attribute it to the enemy.

I don’t want parents to add to the suffering of their own children by attributing it to enemy forces. But it will be shocking especially to those who are back-slidden, and unbelieving.

Children will talk about me and pray for one another in the schools, and some school administrators will caution parents to shut up their children from talking about Jesus.

You will need to STAND against their control because it is not against the constitution in this nation.

Churches also need to stop just entertaining children and youth. They need to teach them spiritual warfare if they haven’t already. They soon will not need to because I WILL take over.

But they need to instruct them in all the ways of The Holy Spirit. I AM coming on the wings of the wind to mete out My justice on those wicked who restrain and confine, and persecute My people.

I will do this all over the world! You will hear stories from other nations about children and youth involved in spiritual warfare, and prophetic evangelism, doing miracles and healings and even raising the dead!

So this roller coaster ride will begin now all over the world.

Stop treating children as if they are too young to understand. As I WILL empower them, and they WILL do My will, and I will help them to understand many things some parents have no knowledge of.

Include them in your family prayers always. Listen to what I tell or show them in their dreams. Some times you will not be able to share it, so ask before you share anything publicly, or in The Church.

This “TAKEOVER” is not just for the children. I AM coming to restore and MAGNIFY My name in all the earth.

You will be talking to someone, and suddenly I will take over the conversation, to challenge them and heal their hearts and souls!!

LISTEN beloveds for the sound of My Voice. Don’t be in too much of a rush, that you miss the opportunity.

I will quicken your spirit that you know I have something to say. Great and MIGHTY things I will do in you and through you.

Hold on to ME with all of your heart, mind, and spirit. Great and marvelous things are ahead, in the midst of great darkness in the earth.

I’ll be training your senses in many ways that you do My Will.”


Source: “Forbid Them NOT to Come to Me!” ~by Priscilla Van Sutphin

The Cock crowed three times for Peter. I just heard it crow three times for us too. Have I repented? Have you repented? Have we been to the Mercy Seat of Christ?

Source: The Cock Crowed ~by Chris G. Bennett

Source: To Be An Overcomer – Roxanne

The LORD says, “I AM going to raise an Army of Wigglesworths for these last days. Fearless evangelists who will bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to millions.”

Source: Where Are the New Wigglesworths? ~by Chris G. Bennett

“Know this is the hour of spontaneous obedience and provision as My perfect Timing is revealed,” says The Way Maker and Promise Keeper.

Source: His Loving Kindness ~by Sandi Holman

The LORD said, “I tell you, My People are not ready for the shaking and wake up call they’re about to receive.”

Source: Waking up a Sleeping Giant ~by Chris G. Bennett

This morning The Holy Spirit showed me a dam breaking with a raging torrent of water gushing through.

Source: The Dam is About to Break ~by Elaine Tavolacci

Our world is changing in this day of the manifest presence of Father God and Christ Jesus with us. God is literally present in the atmosphere around us by The Holy Spirit.

Source: The Glory of God’s Presence Leads to The Kingdom ~by Ron McGatlin

In a Vision, I saw many wings. They were moving powerfully and were all positioned close to each other.

Source: The LORD is Gathering His Warrior Eagles ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

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