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“My People whose hearts are open ready and prepared, I come to you today, and in My Hand I hold a blessing so great that you are unable to contain it,” says The LORD.

Source: Eternal Destiny ~by Linda Patterson

“I AM activating you by My Spirit,” says The LORD. “For I AM not calling you to be passive in your faith, but passionate.”

Source: The LORD is Activating You! ~by June Sheltrown Reinke

The LORD is saying, “For the coming year, make wise decisions in all you do. Make connections with people who are spiritually stronger than yourself.”

Source: The Passing of a Mantle ~by Elaine Tavolacci

Let us go onto maturity. Let the great shaking bring to birth The Greatest Awakening!

Source: America: The Great Awakening ~by Veronika West

“Beloved. I know the world is a very dark place. But the Light is still shining and overcoming every evil work,” says The LORD.

Source: An Explosion of Color — a Glorious Transfiguration! ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

See the Power of The Holy Spirit being displayed through the laying of hands for Healing, Baptism of The Holy Spirit, Miracles, Worship, and Spiritual Gifts.

Source: Be Healed and Baptized in The Holy Spirit! ~by Elizabeth Marie

“The greatest among you is a servant and not a leader, for only One is your Leader, and your Father, and your Teacher.” says The LORD.

Source: The School of the Prophets — Graduation Season ~by Deborah Waldron Fry

As I began to pray, The Spirit of Revelation spoke these Words to me, ”Daughter, look — for a portal is now opening!”

Source: America: A Portal is Now Opening ~by Veronika West

“America! Watch and Pray! Be alert, vigilant and sober, for there is a groundswell rising from the underground sewers of satanic oppression…” says The LORD!

Source: A Door of Kingdom Reformation Now Stands Open Before Nations ~by Veronika West

I heard that our WORDS shall be PROPELLED like the stones in David’s hands to take down the giants facing us!

Source: Your Words Shall Be Propelled Like David’s Stones ~by Deborah Waldron Fry