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Dream 683

Source: Watch… – Cherrie Archer

2-23-23 5:17am

The convergence of All things is happening. Evil tears apart this country. The terrorists from within your own government do not hold back as destruction is not complete.

Their orders to tear apart the great Satan, America, has begun in full force.

This will not stop. America’s destruction is pivotal to world domination. All the players are in place. Instructions have been given. Some have been fulfilled.

Cripple the food supply, destroy trade and take down a nation.

The sick cannot fight. This war began long ago. The biggest accomplishment so far is the infiltration of all government offices. This leaves the people vulnerable to the heavy-handed laws, mandates and extremes to take place.

Bioweapons that scare and destroy people into being compliant in their own death. The enemy has not killed enough people although daily more fall victim. Their use of injections has not destroyed enough so more are coming.

The war within America is ongoing. The evil never rests. If the evil one cannot destroy through injectable poisons he will contaminate through spills, accidents that are designed to take out many more lives.

As the enemy fights to gain ground and destroy. I have come to give you life, hope and a future.

I Am showing Myself real around the world. Drawing All men to Me.

I Am the light in a dark place, hear Me now.

The enemy comes to kill, steal and destroy. I come to give you life more abundantly.

My presence is with you. I will never leave you nor will I forsake you.

Hear Me now, to those who labor and are heavy burdened, I will give you rest.

Continue your work for Me just a little while longer. Hold onto My promises. It is not by chance at this time of great tragedy My spirit is infiltrating your world and I Am making My presence known.

The youth have been starved spiritually. Few, very few know Me. I have come to bring hope to the fatherless and light to the darkness. Not one of My little ones shall perish without knowing My glory.

The evil one has worked against My youth so long through drugs, sex and music, teaching corruption of the soul. Now corruption of the flesh, to change physical attributes given by God.

All things are converging to destroy man. I send the comforter.

My word tells of this time. In this time, you will do greater works. I Am showing Myself real across this world. The average man will pray for healing. It will be done.

Do Not doubt this. It is written. It shall be done.

Armor Up! Know your enemy. Know your God.

Follow Jesus, I Am the truth, the righteousness, the Holy One of Israel.

I died that you might live.

Many have gone out claiming to know Me. Who do they serve? The Holy One of Israel or mammon?

Discern the truth of ALL things. Do not be deceived. I Am coming soon for a bride without spot or wrinkle.


Source: The Convergence Of All Things – Cherrie Archer

Dream 669

Introducing Synthetic Biology Horror in a New Light (Pt 1) – Celeste Solum, 2/3/23


Empowering scientific discoveries with advanced DNA manufacturing and design solutions.

We live in a day and age where man has arrogantly purged the living God from His original design.  With great hubris mankind is engineering a counterfeit.  It is an alien world where a plant looks like a plant but is synthetic.  An animal has the appearance of a particular animal, but is a fabricated monstrosity.  In this foreign landscape, humans are being reconstructed into hybrids and synthetic lifeforms.  Unlocking the genome was not about peering into the mysteries of creation but seizing the blueprint of life and modifying its entirety. Scientists determined for all of us, biology should be like engineered- revolving around designing, building, manipulating, and replicating the building blocks of life- much like a child uses blocks to build mini empires.  The only difference is that these are BioBricks the Lego’s of Synthetic Biology.

You are witnessing largest massive reconstruction project and will see the day where it is schemed, that all biological life is lab-generated under a hierarchy of manifestation gods and goddesses of old, and ancient species being resurrected from the dust.

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“Where are those who have learned to lean not on their own understanding, but have put their Hope and full Dependency on Me?” asks The LORD.

Source: Faith Must Overcome Feelings in This Hour! ~by Veronika West

Dream 666

Source: Do Not Be Deceived – Cherrie Archer