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 John 15: 12-14
12  This is my commandment, That ye love one another, as I have loved you.
13  Greater love hath no man than this, that a man lay down his life for his friends.
14  Ye are my friends, if ye do whatsoever I command you.

My son, in these last days, My children are being RELENTLESSLY pursued.  The world and its temptations are dragging those who claim to love Me into the depths of sin.  Many in My body are lukewarm.  They do not know Me nor My Word.  They are lazy and refuse to seek Me.  Instead, they go to a building and trust the so-called man of God to feed them.  They are not RELENTLESS in pursuing ME.

The devil and his demons are RELENTLESSLY pursuing all mankind, to drag them down to hell, to their abode.  The demons will never give up, nor will they ever be soft.  They are RELENTLESS to take you with them.  In these last days, they will be given more boldness, because those in My body have allowed them into My sanctuary.  The demons are at home in My church because My children are ignorant to their devices.

My son, those that are RELENTLESSLY seeking Me will have their lamps full of oil and their wicks trimmed.  They will be hot and not cold – or even worse – lukewarm.  They are My Remnant – those who seek Me daily.  Those who yield themselves to My voice and follow Me.  THOSE WHO HAVE GIVEN THEIR ALL RELENTLESSLY PURSUING ME.

My son, tell My Remnant to continue to SHOUT WAKE UP!! to those virgins who refuse to be ready.  Continue to SHOUT REPENT!! Come out of the sin you bask in!  SHOUT I AM COMING SOON!!  Are you ready?  Are you as RELENTLESS for Me as I AM for you?

REPENT NOW!  Get out of the whorehouses that twist and bend My Word to fit the world!
REPENT NOW!  And turn from your sins, the secret ones you think nobody knows about!  I KNOW!!

Be RELENTLESS for Me, and I will fill you to overflowing!  I love you, My children.  Time is short, and I AM RELENTLESS in loving you.
Lord Jesus

Source: RELENTLESS  (PART 2) – U B Ready

Source: PROPHETIC WARNING: the NWO……the Tower of Babel – Elizabeth Marie

Since the garden man and woman have chosen to ignore my instructions and warnings. Man’s nature is evil. There are only a few righteous and they are persecuted. I see man’s research and experiments in the name of science. Man listens to the fallen ones using their knowledge to pursue their own evil agendas. I have given you my book of life’s instructions and rules to base your societies on. I have showed you good and evil. Man’s demise will be from his own making and his refusal of me and my truth. Then he will have to answer to me, I AM. Each day I see more and more heinous behavior and utter disregard to my commandments and statutes. The apocalypse has begun; the seals are breaking. Soon the thunders will be unleashed. I will wipe clean the threshing floor. I am grieved by what I see, and the abominations must end. My Jewels shine brightly. They are light in the darkness they have been called and anointed since the foundation. They will spend eternity with me. Calamity is coming. I will destroy the ungodly and perverse as I did in the past. Repent and pray to escape the wrath. Calm always comes before the storm.

Source: Calamity Is Coming – Barbara Francis

I hear the Lord say Rome will cry and it will be a cry of shame and dishonor. Then the Lord revealed something ceremonial underneath the Vatican. Then I saw in the Spirit that it will be The Vatican vs The Church and this will be made clear soon.

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