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Over the past few weeks, I’ve seen multiple posts and articles regarding the planetary conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn, which is set to be at its closest proximity on December 21, 2020, which is also the winter solstice. Many Christians are attempting to tie this alignment to something positively prophetic, and some are even calling it the return of the … Continue reading →

Source: The Return of the Star of Bethlehem ~ by Mena Lee Grebin

Dream 459 – SparrowCloud9

Dream 453 – SparrowCloud9

God put His stars in the sky for signs and to indicate times and seasons. This year, the feast of Hanukkah and the whole month of December 2020 is a time when the heavens will be speaking volumes! But in order for a sign to be helpful in indicating what lies on the path ahead, one has to be able to read it. Think of what you do on a journey to a destination—somewhere along the way, you look at the time and work out how much longer the journey will be. If you are in unfamiliar territory, you look for a signboard which will indicate whether you are on the right road and how far it is to where you are headed. The signs in the sky must be viewed in the same way.

Firstly, you must have some sort of understanding of the times. Then, further consultation with the prominent signs along the way will give greater understanding. Everything the Lord has been speaking in the last few months has been warning that the time of Revelation 12 unfolding is speeding closer and closer. The 42 months or 3&1/2 years of persecution by the man of sin and the setup of the beast system are no longer a vague spiritual theory but a looming reality. Let’s take a look at what the heavens are saying in the month that lies ahead (or to be more specific, what I am hearing them say, as I am sure there is much more to add).

Firstly, there is a heavenly sign in the form of comet Erasmus (the recent discovery of which was announced on the 2nd day of Rosh Hashanah 5781) which comes closest to earth on December 13th 2020, the 3rd day of Hanukkah. Comets have always been harbingers or messengers announcing something significant is on the way. Erasmus means ‘Beloved’ in ancient Greek. Our Beloved Bridegroom is coming soon. Keep looking up, Bride of Christ. Keep your lamp burning.

On December 14th, there are also very significant heavenly signs in the sky. Venus is in the constellation Libra, the scales, indicating that the Morning Star, Jesus, is coming to execute righteous judgments upon the earth. There is also a total solar eclipse in the constellation Ophiuchus; the Restrainer, the one holding back the serpent. This will be seen over South America; specifically Chile and Argentina.  A solar eclipse is always a sign of trouble for the nations and a lunar eclipse is connected to Israel. I believe the position of this eclipse in the constellations is signifying that the time of the Restrainer being taken out of the way is at hand.  I just want to mention here that it is no coincidence that this eclipse passes over Argentina, as this was the place where Hitler and his mistress spent their last years (please do your own research on this, but suffice to say that the official history that Hitler died in a bunker in Germany is not accurate. There is photographic evidence to the contrary and it is common knowledge in Argentina that he fled there after the 2nd World War, as did many other members of the SS). Once the Restrainer is taken out of the way, the very same antichrist spirit that possessed Hitler will fill his final earthen vessel and rise to wage war on the Church.

Everything in its time

2nd Thessalonians 2 is very clear that our being gathered to the Lord cannot take place until the man of sin is revealed or unveiled and, for that to happen, that which has been restraining this event must be taken out of the way.

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Source: It Comes – Alan Carrico

Plug in now, precious doves of the Lord. There is an unfailing supernatural power supply available to you to navigate your way through the time of dense darkness.

Fresh Oil Releases

plugged in

Precious saints, there is a lot of info in this post. Take the time to go through it slowly and hear what the Spirit wants to say to you specifically. I am including it in the Dove Chronicles, although doves are not mentioned by name, because it deals in depth with the portals in the spiritual realm. In the week before Shavuot, I had a dream in which I witnessed white lines being drawn to portion off certain sections of the night sky. It almost looked like a sewing thread. One demarcated area was so small that I saw that in order to access it, one had to go through the eye of a needle in a sense, with the thread to attach it to the heavenly realm. The white lines had lights running along them, almost like LED Christmas lights or perhaps the lights on either side of a…

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Daughter brace for impact. There is something which has entered your atmosphere which will appear soon and be visible in the skies. It is on a trajectory headed directly towards your earth. The skies will soon be filled with numerous incoming objects – […]

Source: Brace For Impact – Cryptic1

Satan has no love for God’s people; his mission (if he were allowed to prosper) is to exterminate the church of Jesus Christ by any means possible. The CHURCH is the devil’s enemy; we are the visible manifestation of God’s presence here on earth. If we are scattered, fearful, compromised, filthy or destroyed then Heaven’s power stops flowing through us as a body and satan is free to take over. May that day never come.

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“You are the light of the world. A city set on a hill cannot be hidden;” – (Matthew 5:14)

Hello to all on The Master’s Voice. I am thankful for every visitor that makes it to this site, even when I’m not actively posting. I always ask users of the blog to keep reading- I do this a lot, especially during Bible study. I use these prophecies as a study resource because many of them are directly tied to end times scripture and events, therefore I encourage you not to only wait for new posts but study the old ones as you have time. 

I’m seeing so many disturbing ‘tendrils’ emerge in human society as the current sickness enveloping the world grows. News from Italy that older people won’t be given respirators anymore immediately reminded me of the prophecies I wrote stating that the beast kingdom’s hallmark will be deciding…

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First the dream:

I cannot say exactly whether I was looking out the window or whether I was standing outside.
The only thing that was absolutely concise and in focus
because in no way overlooked
was this dominant black planet that took almost all of the sky in view.
A kind of wreath shimmered in rainbow colors around it.
That alone was really scary.
Imagine you are looking at the sky
expects small stars and the size of the sun and moon as we know them.
Instead, just a huge black planet.
Suddenly appeared before this black planet
the moon, also in absolute oversize.
How do I know it was the moon?
I knew it in the dream.
I was really shocked by this sight in my dream.
But, in my dream I knew that this had to happen.
It was completely real to me.
I woke up with deep fear.
Turned on the light immediately …
and I had to make it clear that it was
just a dream.

Shortly afterwards I got the following word:

Beloved daughter,
hear the word of the Lord
how He speaks to you:
Thus says the Lord:


I bring together
what belongs together!

And know:

But don’t overdo it
always be humble!


I already separate the wheat from the chaff!
I separate good from evil!

Many of you now see in your life
in their families
and around things
how they come to a head and the unvarnished truth comes to light!

I now let open the curtains!
I now let LIGHT into the dark!
I now bring the mirror
in front of your own face!


Often full of pain and yet:
None of you can escape the truth!
Because it is the only way to ME!

It brings many to their knees!

Watch out and wait for the moment!

Use the time

Because this possibility never comes again to you!

And again I tell you:

you have nothing to be afraid of!

yes thus says the LORD!

Scripture – Isaiah 63:7-14 and Isaiah 3


Here the German Version

Source: Confrontation! – Kristina Heuken-Goossen